Our must have gardening gadgets for 2014

Home gardening in the UK is changing, we’re embracing new technology. Nowadays there’s no part of mother nature that we can’t help along with a rechargeable motor and a few sensors.

So embracing the future here at Lazy Susan, we’ve compiled a list of our must have gardening gadgets, widgets and gizmos for your reading pleasure.

Ooze Tube Tree Watering System

The Ooze Tube Tree Watering System

The Ooze Tube Tree Watering System

The Ooze Tube is a convenient tree watering drip system that reduces watering frequency, saves on resources and promotes deep root growth. It is great for establishing trees as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.

You can control the drip time from a few days to a few weeks, help roots to develop by slowly decreasing water output as the tube empties.

Each kit includes ooze tube, 4 hardware stakes, 4 emitters and 1 nail and the system has a hefty twenty-Five gallon capacity.

Town & Country Large Garden Tidy Bag

Town & Country Large Garden Tidy Bag

The Town & Country Large Garden Tidy Bag is available to buy on Amazon.co.uk

Pops up to full size – 69 cm high by 58 cm across (Volume 182 litres). Light and easy to carry and folds flat for easy storage. Made from a strong water-resistant material.

Greenkey Lawn Aerating Sandals

Greenkey Lawn Aerating Sandals

The Greenkey Lawn Aerating Sandals are also available from Amazon.co.uk

Aerating your lawn is really important. It creates passages that allow air, water and nutrients to reach the root system.

The long spikes of the Greenkey Lawn Aerating Sandals penetrate deep into the ground, opening up compacted soil and allowing it to breathe.

You no longer need to carry a heavy tool to aerate your lawn, with these shoes you can just walk and let your soil breathe.

Each sandal features thirteen x 45mm (2″) Spikes per shoe, they’re made from 100% recycled plastic and feature a buckle that is easy to strap on and adjust.

The Wearable Gardening Stool from Clean Air Gardening

Wearable Gardening Stool

The Wearable Gardening Stool from Clean Air Gardening

This fab Wearable Gardening Stool might look a little odd, but it’s widely used in agricultural settings for picking vegetables because it is so efficient and easy to move from one place to the next.

It features a seat made from a sturdy polymer with molded-in holes for easy adjustment or replacement of straps. It leaves you hands free to weed, pick vegetables, plant, without leaving you with an aching back at the end of the day.

Bosch Rotak 34LI Lawnmower

Bosch Rotak 34LI Cordless Lawnmower

The Bosch Rotak 34LI Cordless Lawnmower

Have you always wanted a lawnmower without the extension cable? Bosch’s new cordless rotary mower is easy to carry and manoeuvre across the lawn and has a solidly built 40-litre grass collector.

The 36V 20-cell lithium-ion battery takes 60 minutes to fuly charge and works effortlessly. The main body can be raised and lowered using a single lever to cope with long or short grass.

EasyBloom Plant Sensor

EasyBloom Plant Sensor

The EasyBloom Plant Sensor

It is only natural that one wonders which plant to plant where, when and how. The Plant sensor would help you in choosing the best plants for any location and provides plant care advice.

All you need to do is just to plant the sensor in the soil for 24 hours. And you get recorded the detailed readings of sunlight, temperature, humidity and soil drainage.

Simply connect it to the USB port of your PC and it will analyse the data quickly and matches it to a library of more than 5000 plants.

Firebox Power Plant Growing Machine

Firebox Power Plant Growing Machine

The Firebox Power Plant Growing Machine

If you want your plants to grow fast, here is a new piece of kit thatwill enable to see your wish come true. A result of pioneering NASA technology, this aeroponic device helps your plant grow indoors in all seasons, without soil.

Inside is an internal microjet system constantly sprays roots with super-oxygenated, nutrient rich water, which helps crops grow bigger and stronger.

Solar Powered Light Up Plant Pot

Solar Powered Glowing Plant Pot

The Solar Powered Glowing Plant Pot from Firebox

The Solar Powered Plant Pot Light is a cleaver alternative to the boring old terracotta pot. Using a solar panel, the plant pot charges up during the day and gently glows at night.

Depending on how much sun light it gets, it will provide anywhere from 2 to 8 hours of light before the battery runs out. Great for the patio, front steps or illuminating a pathway.

Pet Plant by Junyi Heo

Pet Plant by Junyi Heo

The Pet Plant by Junyi Heo

Or how about an indoor plant pot that tells you what the plant wants? Well, the Pet Plant by Junyi Heo does just that.

The futuristic looking pot measures soil conditions, temperature, humidity, and water – calculates those variables based on the need of said plant, and lets you know what it needs through a series of pictograms on its LCD display.

It’s also smart enough to know if you’ve over watered and will systematically drain itself into a water vessel. All this high tech goodness does mean it needs power but a simple USB interface takes care of all that.

The Rapitest 4-Way Analyzer

4 Way Soil Analyzer

The 4 Way Soil Analyzer

The Rapitest should be a must for all home gardeners. It monitors the moisture, pH, fertilizer and sunlight levels in your garden and instantly tells you the fertility of your soil.

It will help keep you on top when it comes to watering your plants by measuring the moisture level, and shows how much acid or alkaline is in your soil by measuring the pH levels.

Pop onto eBay, I picked a new one up for a very low price indeed!

The Trake

Trake Garden Tool

The Trake is available to buy from Gardenshoponline.com

And last but not least, The Trake. This has to be one of the most handy tools we’ve seen in a long time. The Trake is two essential tools in one.

A measured trowel at one end that is pointed for easy digging and the rake at the other. Made from lightweight solid cast aluminium it features a comfortable vinyl coating that provides extra grip.

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