End of summer outdoor furniture maintenance routine

I’ve posted a few end of summer outdoor furniture maintenance tips on our social media channels over the last few weeks or so. The weather has certainly taken a turn for the worse recently. It feels like it has not stopped raining for weeks now, and the other morning I went out to find a frost. No deicer for the car windows had the kids and I sat there for 10 minutes while we waited for the heaters to do the job. I have since stocked up on said deicer. So I think this weekend is the weekend I give up on the chance of us seeing another Indian Summer. Weather permitting, I’ll tidy up the garden, give the grass a final cut, and give my Lazy Susan furniture a little TLC.

Lazy Susan Outdoor Furniture Autumn
The start of autumn is the perfect time to clean and maintain your Lazy Susan outdoor furniture

The Lazy Susan end of summer outdoor furniture maintenance routine

I thought it would be nice to share my routine for my own Lazy Susan outdoor furniture. Whilst our furniture is designed to sit on your patio all year round, that doesn’t mean it won’t benefit from a little attention. Much like a car… Yes, you can leave them outside all year round, but if you don’t maintain them, give them a good clean every now and again, then they’ll quickly become pretty shabby. Take bird droppings for example. The scourge of cars and outdoor furniture. Leave it on the metal painted surface of both for too long, and there is the potential it could do some damage. The same can be said for things like tree sap.

Clean your Lazy Susan outdoor furniture

First step is to give it a good clean with a soft sponge and warm soapy water. I have tried several proprietary outdoor furniture cleaning products, they all worked fine, but trust me, you don’t need them. A good car shampoo or washing up liquid, in a bucket of warm water, is all you need. With a soft sponge, you don’t want to use anything that could potentially scratch the painted finish, give it a good wash. Pay extra attention to any crevices where dirt and grime could build up. Then with the garden hose, give it a good rinse. No need for a power washer, the warm water and car shampoo will have removed all the dirt. If you do want to give it a blast with the jet wash, please make sure the hose is set to the widest setting. and do not hold it too close to your furniture. I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t use one, but some people like to. Once all pieces are washed and rinsed, dry them off with a soft towel and leave them to dry fully.

Give your Lazy Susan outdoor furniture a little extra TLC

I am lucky that just over a year ago we moved into a new house with a double garage that has a pitched roof. The rafters are the perfect place to store the top of my Lazy Susan outdoor dining table during the winter months. I have to take the legs off, however, that is a 10 minute job. Up there I know it is safe and protected. Chairs and table legs I stack up in the corner. Before the move, we just didn’t have the room, so our old set sat out in the garden. Over 6 years we had that set. When we moved we replaced it with a bigger 6 seater table as the old 4 seater set looked a little lost on the new patio. I sold the old one on eBay as it was in excellent condition, somebody got a bargain.

I had followed the maintenance steps in this post, and because I couldn’t store it indoors, I would secure it under an outdoor furniture cover we purchased off Amazon for around £35. Just make sure it has some way to securely fasten it down. Eyelets or fitted straps. I used to use our parasol base and a few old paving slabs to prevent it moving when the wind picked up. However, one thing I always do whenever I clean my Lazy Susan furniture is apply a light coat of car wax or baby oil with a lint free cloth. You don’t need too much, but as the picture below shows, it will restore the lustre of our painted finish and provide a little extra protection from the elements.

Before and after cleaning a Lazy Susan Outdoor Chair with baby oil or car wax
Before and after cleaning a Lazy Susan Outdoor Chair with baby oil or car wax

This isn’t a picture of my own outdoor chairs I must add. Lazy Susan was tagged in this photo a few months ago on Facebook. We love a good before and after shot. And to be honest we don’t see that many with our furniture. Our garden furniture is designed to sit outside, but Mother Nature can be cruel, leave it for a few years without cleaning, and it will show. Bird droppings, tree sap, and not to mention the constant exposure to wind, rain, sun and snow will all take their toll. Our cast aluminium is protected with a painted coating but that can still get mucky. The customer who sent us this photo have had their furniture outside for several years and it needed a little TLC. Mal Garrity said:

“I’ve had my lazy Susan furniture for several years and never covered against the weather! It was looking pretty sad but following the advice on the website I have given it the baby oil treatment and have to say it’s like new! Brilliant! Even after heavy rain last night”.

Their before and after photos show just what you can do with a little elbow grease. A good wash with warm soapy water and soft sponge. Rinse. Dry. And they applied a light coat of baby oil with a soft lint free cloth and this is the result. Car wax does just the same job. You don’t need too much of either, just a very light coating. The advantage of applying baby oil or wax is it will give the furniture a little added protection too. Water will bead and run off the surface.

Put it away or cover it ready for the start of summer 2020

Yes, our furniture is designed to stand up to the elements. If you leave outside it will not pit or rust. The painted coating protects it. But come on people, use a little common sense. Just like a car is designed to be left outside, you park it up clean today on your drive and leave it until next spring, I can guarantee that car won’t be very clean. There could even be marks and scratches from debris, bird droppings and trees etc. Outdoor furniture is just the same. You can leave it outside all year round but during the worst of winter when you definitely won’t be using it, store it in the shed or garage, or cover it. Saves a lot of cleaning come spring.

I also appreciate that some people don’t like to put it away. Outdoor furniture creates a focal point in our gardens and on a patio. People like to leave it outside all year round because it just belongs there. I agree with that fully, my patio looks bare without it. Plus, I love seeing all the customer photo’s of our furniture buried in snow. However, I just prefer to put it away to save cleaning. If you do plan to leave it outside without a cover, then give it a clean when you can. Apply a fresh coat of car wax or baby oil. However, the most critical part is to make sure there are no chips or scratches in the painted finish that expose bare metal. This where the real problems can start. If moisture gets in, the first thing you could see is the paint start to blister, flake off. At worst, rust could take hold of the frame.

How to touch up paint chips on Lazy Susan outdoor furniture

Make sure you give your furniture the regular once over. Regardless of what you plan to do over winter. Any chips or scratches you find, touch them up immediately with our free touch up kits. Pay particular attention to the feet on chairs and tables. This can be a weak spot. If our furniture is moved across a stone patio, then you could easily chip them. Again, touch it up. It is easy to do. Our touch up kits come supplied with a small brush much like a nail polish. You just need to make sure the area is clean and free from dirt, paint it on, and then leave it to fully dry. The video above shows how to apply to get the correct finish and you can order them for free in our Shop.

So that is my end of summer maintenance routine. If you have any tried and tested cleaning tips and tricks for your own Lazy Susan outdoor furniture, then please share them with us in the comments section.

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