Patio design ideas and layouts

We like to think that at Lazy Susan we know a thing or two about patios design, so we thought we’d share our thoughts on what we think we should all be doing trend-wise in our gardens for 2011.

The humble patio has become an essential component of any garden, providing you with a place to entertain, dine and relax during the summer months. They often form the transitional area between house and garden, so should be hardwearing, attractive and use materials that blend with their surroundings.

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Patio Design & Materials

If you’re planning a new patio for 2011, then the three critical elements you must consider when choosing what material to use are, its appearance, whether it will be a practical choice of surface and finally the total cost. 

The appearance of your finished patio should be your first priority. There are many choices of material available now, including natural stone flags, man made slabs, slate pavers, bricks, crazy paving, concrete pavers and granite sets.

And to make your final decision even more difficult, all of these materials are also now available in a wide variety of colours and surface finishes too! Lazy Susan’s advice is always choose a material that will complement the style and age of your house and garden.

Also, if you want to be on trend for 2011, think about a combination of two materials as this looks fantastic and is very popular right now.

Making sure that your patio is in sync with the style of your home is so important though and Lazy Susan can’t stress this point enough. For example, if your home is constructed from red brick, then ideally the surface of your patio should incorporate red brick.

Not the entire patio, go for a lighter colour and edge with red break to pull the two elements of house and patio together.

On the other hand, if you live in an period Victorian property, then you need to think about giving your patio a Victorian look and there are a variety of materials that lend themselves to this style, such as concrete, marble, brick, flagstone and sandstone.

And it is not just patio materials that are in need of an upgrade, people need to to be re-thinking about the size of their patio too, with many contemporary designs taking up a significantly greater proportion of your garden.

Combining the availability of better materials with a larger patio, more homes are also better equipping their patios for entertaining purposes. Fixed BBQ’s, fire pits, stylish planters and other accessories (even the odd hot tub) have turned the humble patio from a place to keep a few chairs to a place for relaxation and entertainment.

There’s a definite trend for making patios useable for extended periods of the year, not just the odd day of British sunshine we seem to get. Screening your patio and installing fire pits or outdoor heating units, is giving us the opportunity to enjoy our outdoor spaces when the temperature drops.

Even without screening, the utilisation of modern awnings, patio furniture covers, and heating units can allow you to make use of your patio area well into early Autumn and from early Spring too.

These are just a few of the patio and garden trends Lazy Susan is predicting (or should that be pushing) for 2011. That’s not to say that these are all the trends you’ll see next year, and patio trends definitely vary from place to place depending on climate.

Just don’t forget that you can always set your own trends too. Making your patio furniture an extension of your home instead of just a slab taking up space in your garden is a great way to increase the value of your home, both for you living and using the home and to any potential buyers if you choose to sell your property further down the line.

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