Easy patio makeover ideas

New Year, new start. And what’s better than giving your patio a little makeover? Taking the time now to start thinking about what changes you’d like to make to get your patio ready for summer 2019. Be it new patio furniture, a new patio surface or just a little TLC, Lazy Susan is here to share some of our easy patio makeover ideas. Trends and the tips that’ll ensure your patio is fit for a House Beautiful photoshoot.

Alice Table Customer Photograph

Our Alice 4 seater set looks stunning on this stylish stone patio

Mind, if your patio looks like mine, it may not even be ready for Crimestoppers. I’ve just moved into new build, and whilst there is a lovely patio, landscaped garden and manicured lawn, the patio itself is currently serving as a bit of an overspill area. I need to get a skip and get it all cleared. Get it sorted for the summer.

Lazy Susan’s patio makeover ideas for summer 2019

So, if like me you’ve got a bit of a blank canvas, or your patio is looking a little tired, I thought I’d share a few simple patio makeover ideas. I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I have so much to do in our new home, that I just want to quickly get the patio sorted, so it is there ready to use when the weather picks up.

Frances Table With Jane Chairs Customer Photo

Our Frances table with Jane chairs on this beautiful (and definitely summer ready) patio.

And by that I don’t mean a quick fix or temporary solution. Just highlight some the simple things you can do to get it looking good and functioning as a patio should. Simple steps you can take to transform the space, wether it a be a little tired looking or new like mine. Apologies if that sounds a little vague, it will hopefully be clear what I mean as your read on.

New garden furniture

How could I not kick things off with this one? OK, maybe Lazy Susan and I are a little biased, but for me the most important item on a patio is the furniture. You can’t use the space without it. Yes, it might look pretty, but what is the point if you can’t get out there and enjoy it. As I said, my patio is (at least when I get it cleared) a paved slab. Admittedly, a beautifully new natural stone paved slab. But a blank canvas if you will. However, the first thing I will put on it is a patio table and chairs.

That patio set will be the starting point. I will design and layout the rest of patio around that table and chairs. For me that is the focal point. We have quite a modern property and tastes, so the Lottie set in slate grey is the one I think I’ll go for. We have grey furniture in the kitchen diner, with large doors that open up on the patio. Lottie will fit perfectly with the style and colour scheme inside, so it is the perfect way to blur those lines, bring inside and outside together.

Our Lottie Modern 6 Seater Outdoor Furniture Set

Our Lottie Modern 6 Seater Outdoor Furniture Set

What do you need on your patio?

For you own space, start by thinking about how you want to use it. Measure it carefully, and work out what you can fit on there. Do you want to eat outside, do you need extra shade? Or do you just want to create a relaxing area to sit back and have a nice conversation and a cup of coffee with friends? I’ve gone for a 6 seater as we have quite a large space to fill. A 4 seater set might look a little lost. Plus, there’s 4 of us, so it leaves a couple of extra seats for visitors.

Try and choose a style and pieces that fit with the property, how you use your outdoor space, items that will last. Go for a material that will stand up to the elements such as cast aluminium, in a classic style that won’t date. That is what we have based the Lazy Susan offer on. Our furniture will look good for many years to come, however, it is also a style that can be easily updated with different accessories etc when a little refresh is needed.

A spot of DIY

If you’re not afraid of a little DIY, then you can transform you patio with a little bit of good old fashioned graft. One of the best ways to revitalise your outdoor space is to give the patio surface a little TLC. If you have decking, give it a good clean and new coat of wood stain to protect it. If you have a stone patio, again give it a good clean with a pressure washer and a good cleaner such as Patio Magic.

Madison Outdoor Dining Table

Our large Madison outdoor dining table looking fabulous on this stylish large paved patio.

Remove any weeds and moss. Add some fresh polymeric sand between the pavers to prevent any future weeds. It’s amazing what you can achieve in just a day or two. A spring clean can really transform your outdoor space. If you’re feeling really brave, you could even lay a new patio surface altogether. Give the fence a paint and tidy up your lawn, beds and containers. Do these jobs now and your garden will be ready for the start of summer.

Lay new or repair your deck or patio

If your patio is nothing more than a back yard concrete slab, and you don’t mind a spot of DIY, then my advice would be to lay tiles directly over the concrete. It sounds like a big job, but trust me it couldn’t be easier, and it will radically transform your outdoor space. Use a thin-set mortar like VersaBond to fix the tiles, and use a spirit level to ensure the tiles are level.

Blue black Natural limestone Single paving slab

Blue black Natural limestone Single paving slab from B&Q

These natural limestone tiles (pictured above) from B&Q will give you the best of both worlds. On the one hand, they look stunning, but they also deliver superb strength and durability. You get that striking appearance coupled with a hardwearing performance. These tiles have a great shape, they’re not too thick, so are fairly are easy to lay and cut if need be.

Lay down an outdoor rug

Another option that can really lift a dull patio is an outdoor rug. Cheaper than resurfacing, and you’re able to create a new look without any hard work. This extra larger rug from Rosara (pictured below) is durable and longlasting. It is ideal for use both inside and outside the home. Guaranteed to liven up any dull patio area, it is easy to clean, and just needs a wash with cool water every so often.

Rosara Outdoor Rug

Rosara Extra Large Outdoor Rug in Graphite

Bring the inside out or is it the outside in?

OK the term is a bit of a media cliche. But we can’t get away from this one. It is the trend that keeps on giving, and for very good reason. Breaking down the boundaries between inside and outside, blurring those lines has many positives for both home and garden.

The web magazine Houzz recently stated that one in seven of us have a usable outdoor space that is bigger than the space inside our homes. So why not connect the two? Make that space a working part of your home? We’re far more likely to use it if we make it look good, and most importantly, make it comfortable.

To make your outdoor space as inviting as the inside of your home, you need to do more than just add some oversized outdoor sofa. Think of that patio space as you would the inside of your home, add elements such as an outdoor coffee tables, comfy seating and outdoor dining. Use outdoor lighting, cushions, rugs and throws to make it feel more like a room.

Designers Guild Outdoor Rugs & Cushions

Contemporary outdoor soft furnishings from the Designers Guild are the perfect way to bring the inside out/outside in.

Weatherproof fabrics no longer have that rough plastic feel to them, manmade material innovation has meant they not only look as good as the soft furnishings inside our homes, they also have the softness too. The Designers Guild (pictured above) have a wonderful range of outdoor rugs, runners and cushions, and whilst they’ve specifically been designed with the outside in mind, they would look just at as stylish inside the home.

Bring the inside/out tips

There are numerous ways you can better bring the inside/out and vice versa. Using a similar palette of materials outside to those inside the house is one way of blurring the lines between interior and garden. Furniture, flooring, soft furnishings, paint colours etc.

For me though, the best way to achieve this is to remove any transitional elements such as steps and conservatories. The space should flow, open up the space with large sliding doors. Combine this with a flooring that continues from the interior out onto a patio is the best way to blur the boundaries. Get this right first, and then all of the above (furniture, fabrics etc) will fall into place.

Go up

I have always been a fan of vertical gardening. Especially in the urban environment, such as on shops for example. The front of my local M&S is basically a green wall, and not only is it beneficial to the environment, it looks fantastic too. I have always admired those designers that can bring it into the garden and make it look like it has always been there. It is especially great in a smaller garden where planting space is limited.

Vertical Garden from Urbanature

Vertical Garden from Urbanature

There is some great products on the market to help you achieve this look too. Take these Vertical Garden planters from Urbanature (pictured above), they are more at the premium price point but they look stunning. Constructed like an old timber clothes horse they offer great flexibility. The variable frame can be extended so you can adjust the height and add additional containers (up to 1.40m and 4 containers max). It folds flat for storage when the growing season is over, and the containers are sturdy and light-weight. Great bit of kit.

Green Wall

   Save  Green4Air 12 Pod Greenwall Vertical Gardening Starter Pack

Green4Air 12 Pod Greenwall Vertical Gardening Starter Pack

If you wanted to go down the green wall route then Green4Air 12 Pod Greenwall Vertical Gardening Starter Pack is a great option (pictured above). Perfect for covering old brick walls and truly bringing your garden to life. Literally. Their innovative vertical garden system features a unique fish scale pattern of planting pods. The patented SkALE Pods are suitable for almost all species of plants. They allow you to still plant in a natural orientation too, ensuring the plants grow in their natural way.

DIY Indoor Vertical Herb Garden from Survival Life

DIY Indoor Vertical Herb Garden from Survival Life

If you don’t mind a little DIY, and you really want to get creative, then there is a fantastic article on the Country Living website. They have compiled 26 Creative Ways that you can create your own vertical garden. The Vertical Herb Planter (pictured above) from Survival Life is a personal favourite of mine.

Define your outdoor space

And last but by no means least in our easy patio makeover ideas is to define that space. Look at how you and your family use your patio and create distinct zones. Think of your patio like you would any room inside your home, define what spaces you need Dining, BBQ, shaded lounge area, children’s play area etc.

Clearly defining the space can help you create the perfect layout. A space that looks good but also functions and flows. This is so easy to do too. It can be as can be as simple as repositioning the furniture and accessories you already have. You don’t need to spend any money. Just spend a little time thinking about how you use the space, play with the layout.

Also think about storage and what does and doesn’t look appealing. Keep children’s toys out of sight when they’re not plating with them. Screen off the BBQ area with planting. These are inexpensive ways that you can really give the space a simple makeover that’ll deliver maximum impact.

Create a garden that looks good and works for you

Dividing the garden into different functions such as relaxation and dining helps to create a more intimate feel. By adding seating areas or a fire pit and enclosing them with a natural screen such as shrub border for example, you can make the space feel more inviting.

When it comes to designing outdoor spaces, I always think it is best to keep things simple. Go back to basics. Utilise interior design principles; create a focal point, think about furniture placement, flow onto and off the patio, movement around the space, and make use of accessories and planting to help define and soften the space.

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