Easy Patio Makeover Ideas

If you’re yearning for warm sunny days outdoors, but tired of the same boring patio, then these easy patio makeover ideas will give your outdoor space a major overhaul and get you ready for next summer.

We’ve done a little digging and pulled together some of the best videos that’ll help you transform your patio…

From dull to fab! This is a great patio makeover

If money is tight then this quick and easy patio makeover is for you. Bright, fun pillows and accessories make this patio so inviting!

In this next video the Garden Time TV team show you how to transform the look of your outdoor entertaining with a few simple changes.

Whilst in this video the Sackin Team do a quick patio makeover for a home in Huntington Beach, California.

Do you want patio perfection? Well Leah and Mary of Door Knock Design show you how to turn your overgrown backyard into a seasonal sanctuary, complete with a firepit, lounge area, and al fresco dining.

All it takes is an afternoon, some friends, and some spray paint! Let the ladies give you a quick overview of what can happen when you search craigslist, go dumpster diving, and beg, borrow, and steal from friends: Patio Perfection for ANY budget!

Just watch and finally, relax and enjoy the sunshine (when it eventually comes) with a glass of wine or a cold beer.

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