Patio planning advice

There is no doubt that patios are one of the most frequently used parts of the home after the living room and kitchen. In fact during the summer months it is quite often an extension of the living room and kitchen.

The patio is the ideal place to spend your time when we get a spot of decent weather. However, the greatest problems faced by most Lazy Susan customers is when it comes to making a decision about what to put on their patio…

Amelia 6 Seater Round Garden Table

Just visit any DIY of garden superstore and you’ll be confronted with a wide variety of designs for the patio. But choosing what works with your home and garden is where the problems can start.

This decision is not made any easier by the fantastic selection of designs in store, and in our case, online. So here’s a few tips I’ve cobbled together that might just help guide you to making the right decision…

Patio Furniture

Essentially the most important decision that you have to take is related to the furniture you want. I know we are biased, but it is probably the biggest purchase you’ll make, and the item you’ll use the most. Plus, there’s so many different styles and so many different materials these days, the decision can be a tricky one.

For example you can choose from a large variety of garden benches, which could be traditional or modern in style, and could be made from stone, wood, plastic resin, metal, or a combination of different materials. But good furniture is the key to a well designed patio. It will decide the whole outlook of the patio and needs to be a key part of your finished design.

Patio Accessories

Just like patio furniture you are also free to accessorise your patio with whatever you think you need. From gas grills to fire pits, you have a vast array of items to choose from.

Just try and design your patio in a logical way. For example, you don’t want seating right next to the BBQ, so a little careful planning will ensure your patio ‘works’. If you want your patio to be a comfortable place where you can spend time, then it is vital that you take some time when designing it. 

And this is personal, don’t be lead by others. Its entirely up to you how to design your patio and how you decorate it!

Patio Styling

The style of your patio is just as important as what you put in it. It should work with the style used in the rest of your home and/or garden. It should look like a part of the house.

This is why the patio style holds so much importance, it is an extension of the house. Buy items that complement that style. Don’t place a large modern stainless steel BBQ on a classically styled country patio!

Choosing the right materials

Patios are a a great way to create outdoor living space. The 3 main types of materials used to manufacture patio paving in the UK are brick, concrete and stone All of which are now available in a multitude of different shapes, colours, sizes, patterns and finishes.

When choosing the type of paving for your patio, it is important you understand the characteristics of the materials you plan to buy. This will help you decide which one is best suited for your home and how you plan to use the patio.

For example, if you love to BBQ, you don’t want a patio made from a material that will show up any grease stains (or at least is easy to clean them off)!

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