Finding the perfect patio set to complement your garden is easy

There is nothing more relaxing than kicking back with a cold drink on a rare hot summers day or unwinding with a BBQ with all of your friends and family. When the weather heats up and the days get longer, you need the perfect patio set in your garden or on your deck in order to relax and enjoy the beautiful summer weather.

Amy 4 Seater Round Garden Table

No two back gardens or patios are the same, and fortunately, there are many different types and styles of patio set for you to choose from these days. Is your style sleek and modern? Alternatively, maybe you the rustic and classic feel lends itself to the style of your home and garden.

It could be that budget is the most important factor or you want to make sure your new patio furniture is a long term investment and don’t mind spending that little bit extra.

No matter what your main criteria is, or what your personal style is, with a little guidance from Lazy Susan (after all we know a thing or two about garden furniture) you can easily find your perfect patio set or patio furniture to suit you.

Popular types of garden furniture

There is such a wide variety of patio furniture these days and manufacturers make use of a number of different materials. And while this list is not comprehensive, it does highlight the most common types of material used in the UK garden furniture industry:

  1. Rattan or wicker furniture
  2. Teak furniture
  3. Cast Aluminum furniture
  4. Plastic furniture
  5. Pine furniture
  6. Iron furniture
  7. Oak furniture

Choose the right garden furniture to match your needs

With so many choices available when it comes to outdoor furniture, the best advice we can give is just remember to choose a patio set that will suit your needs. There is no point buying expensive wrought iron sun loungers if you do not have the time or inclination to sit down and enjoy the summer.  

If you do not plan to do a lot of entertaining, then why not purchase chairs that can be stacked. That way you can keep say 4 in the garden for day to day use and extra spare stares stacked neatly in the garage for entertaining. 

It is also important that you choose the right furniture to ‘fit in’ with the style of your home and garden as this is what contributes to the overall impression of your home. Try and consider the following when choosing new garden furniture and incorporate these pointers  into your final considerations.

Start by deciding on the overall ‘theme’ and the design you want to achieve in your garden. It is important that you know what direction you want to take from this off as this will help you to determine the design/style of furniture that’s best fit for your finished garden or patio that will be used. It will also help you coordinate all the other elements of garden decor you want to include

You can then identify all the outdoor fixtures you will need in decorating your garden and the best thing to do is to make a sketch of your ideal garden and list all the furniture and accessories that you’d like to include in it.

It is also important that you must evaluate each of the fixtures and decide if it is appropriate or not. In addition, make a clear decision on the colour, size, and function of each item of garden furniture. Consider both its form and function, but most importantly the purpose.

The design of the furniture must be relevant to the theme of both your house and the garden. I can’t stress how important it is to ensure that the furniture blends with the colour design of your home and garden, especially if you’re making a significant investment. Everything should perfectly match.

Always keep these Lazy Susan tips in mind when trying to choose the right patio furniture for your garden and I promise it will lead you to achieve the dream garden no matter what your choice is.

With the incredible variety of different styles of garden furniture and materials available, there is definitely something for everyone and something to fit in your garden.

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