Where to place new outdoor furniture

As those old Channel 4 stalwarts, Phil & Kirsty have been telling us for years, it is all about location, location, location! OK, so they were talking about houses and streets, but the same can also be said of garden design. And, especially when it comes to where to place new outdoor furniture.

Before you buy new garden furniture (and of course if you do, it should be Lazy Susan), you should always be thinking about location. You don’t want to spend a considerable sum of money only to find that your newly purchased furniture simply doesn’t ‘fit’ with your garden or style of home or on the space you have on your patio.

Homeowners need to first think about the choices involved and make the purchase with a little careful planning. We always advise our customers to think about what the garden furniture will be used for and the available space, before even thinking about features such as material and design.

Extending 10 Seater Oval Aluminium Garden Table

Extending 10 Seater Oval Aluminium Garden Table by Lazy Susan

Think about who will be using the furniture and how. For example, if you’re lucky enough to have a nice large outdoor space, and you like entertaining, then you need to be looking for a garden furniture set with plenty of different seating options such as our 10 seater extending table (above).

A city apartment or small house with a patio on the other hand, is better suited to something like our Jennifer Stacking set (below). Not only is it practical but it saves on space and looks the part too.

Jennifer Rattan & Wicker 2 Seater Stacking Garden Furniture Set

Jennifer Rattan 2 Seater Stacking Garden Furniture Set by Lazy Susan

There are a lot of choices to make when it comes to your patio furniture and I’d recommended going online to do a little research first. Don’t just limit yourself to what’s available in the local garden centre.

At Lazy Susan we blog a lot about the different types of garden furniture, but with this post I wanted to try and help people choose the right garden furniture. To purchase pieces that will last for many summers to come.

As the garden and patio are becoming increasingly important areas of the home, so too is your garden furniture. People are now demanding stylish furniture that can withstand everything the British weather can throw at it.

The first choice you need to make is between fold away furniture and rigid furniture that can stay outside over winter. If you want your garden furniture to be a permanent part of your garden then it is best to go for heavy furniture made from timber, cast aluminium or wrought iron.

Getting the right design and material will make all the difference too. The best materials will work in harmony with the materials already found in your garden. Try to avoid any materials that jar with the rest of your garden. You don’t want sleek contemporary aluminium garden furniture if you live in a small cottage in the Cotswolds.

Buying the right garden furniture can initially appear daunting as it is tricky to know which style you can buy or which material is best for you. However, if you look online, you’ll find loads of online stores selling outdoor furniture.

Where in the garden should you place new outdoor furniture?

You need to find a place to put it and the obvious choice is to stick it next to the house. And why not… Not only is this convenient but it may also make sense from an aesthetic point of view. Plus many patio’s lead off from the rear access to/from your home.

However, try and be a little more strategic. Stop and think about it. Do you want sunshine, a little shade, a place where you can sit and watch your children play?

Customer Photo Jessica Garden Set

This customer photo of our Jessica set shows the table has been placed at the foot of the garden to enjoy the magnificent view.

Whatever you do, don’t just position your new furniture next to your house by default. Try and pick a spot that will help you get the maximum amount of use from it. Or maybe where it will create a focal point towards the rear of the garden? And if people ask us, we will always advise that the best place for garden furniture is that part of the garden that gets the most sunlight.

Obviously, this only applies within reason. However, if there is free space, then why not consider building a new patio on which to place your new furniture? It deserves it, and by doing this, you’ll ensure you get the best from it.

There is nothing worse than sitting outside in the shade watching sunlight stream down to another parts of the garden. This is particularly true here in Britain, where often it is too cool to enjoy being outdoors when there is no sun.

So, before you go ahead and place new garden furniture, make sure you take into account where the sun will hit your garden at the time of the day you are most likely to sit outside.

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