Preparing your BBQ for the summer

You can’t deny that one of the best things about the summer, is dragging the BBQ out of the garage and cooking outdoors in the garden or on your patio. As soon daylight saving kicks in, BBQ’s up and down the country will be wheeled from their winter hibernation and prepared for the summer.

This is also the time to do a few routine checks and preparations, which will help to keep your BBQ operating safely for many a summer to come. OK, so when I started drafting this blog we’d had several days of glorious sunshine and as I finish it, yep, it’s raining. Oh well, we’ll be ready for the next time the sun is shining!

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The first step to annual BBQ maintenance is cleaning, giving it a good old fashioned scrub. It’s not much fun as they get filthy (even more so if they’re left outside or under a cover), but I’m afraid it has to be done!

The secret to cleaning your barbecue is to do it every time you use it. You don’t need to scrub it, just a wipe down with warm water. A coat of natural food oils helps protect your grill trays from rust, so they’re not a bad thing. You don’t want them to build up too much though.

A warm BBQ is much easier to clean than cold one too. So do it after you’ve finished using it if you can, much better than leaving it and trying to tackle it the next day. As soon as the coals are cold, clean them up and get rid.

Always clean your grills with a grill scraper, they make this awful job much easier. They’re specially shaped to clean all the way around around the bars on a grill tray and reduce the level of elbow grease. You can also purchase grill stones which remove grease and burnt-on food as you go.

To give your grill trays a good clean, try scrubbing them with warm water, washing up liquid and a little white vinegar. This solution is great at removing burnt food residue. Another great product is Oven Pride, you just pop them in the supplied bag with the cleaning solution, leave for a while, and the come out like new. Zero scrubbing!

When they’re fully dry, spray on a little cooking oil and wipe it over the trays with a paper towel and this will prevent them from rusting when not being used.

However, the best thing you can do is use preventative measures and clean your BBQ after you’ve used it. This will stop the grill from building up too much grease and grime, and it makes things much easier in the long run, whilst extending the life of your BBQ.

This great video with the beautiful Melissa from Clean My Space shows you how to clean a gas BBQ properly…

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