Protect garden furniture from mother nature

I like to draft this type of article every so often. Plus we’re discovering new tips and cleaning products etc all the time.

Our furniture is designed to sit outside all year round but there’s still a few simple things you can do to help further protect garden furniture.

Alice Table Customer Photograph

Our Alice 4 seater 120 cm Round Cast Aluminium Patio Table Set

And its not just mother nature. Birds, trees, stone patios. There’s many things that will cause problems when it comes to trying to keep our outdoor furniture looking good for many years to come.

I recently read an article on the Daily Echo website that showed a gallery of photos to illustrate why you should secure loose garden furniture when it gets windy.

The images showed a family’s trampoline that had been picked up by the wind, blown over their property and on to their car.

As I sit and type this we’ve just had a battering from Storm Eleanor’s 100mph blasts – although that was probably a few weeks ago by the time this is published.

But if a trampoline can go, then there’s a possibility that a sturdy metal garden chair could move in winds that strong.

OK I’d very much doubt it would be lifted over a house, but it could be blown into a greenhouse, fence or simply toppled over on a stone patio chipping or scratching the finish for example.

Be it rain, wind or snow, we’ve seen some pretty severe weather in recent years. As I said at the start, our garden furniture is designed to be left outside, it will stand up to the wet, cold and hot stuff.

It should even stand up to the wind. But 100 mph gusts? It’s just not worth risking your beautiful new garden furniture to find out.

Protect garden furniture from the British weather

Using the storage solutions suggested in this post will help to keep it secure, and keep it clean so it can be pulled out looking like new come summer.

If you’ve got the space, then the best thing to do is store it inside. Garage or shed, they’ll be perfectly safe in there. However, this isn’t always an option.

So what can you do to protect garden furniture?

Clean it

First things first. Before you store it, give all your furniture a good clean. Even if they’re going in a dry garage or shed, clean them before you put them away for any period of time.

Any moisture or dirt left behind can cause mould or mildew to quickly take hold.

It won’t damage our furniture as such, but the idea of storing it, is so that you can pull it back out when the sun shines.

I know I’d prefer to not spend an hour scrubbing mould off when you can just spend half that time cleaning/drying it before you put it away.

Protect your metal garden furniture with car wax

Once you’ve cleaned your furniture is clean and completely dry, give it a light coat of car wax to further protect it.

Doesn’t matter which brand, just always test first. Underside of a table or chair is your best bet.

Personally, I really like Bilt Hamber’s double speed-wax(pictured below). It’s easy to apply, but leaves a good protective coat with a nice sheen.

Bilt Hamber's double speed-wax

Bilt Hamber’s double speed-wax will give a nice protective coating on your metal furniture.

You simply rub a light coating over your Lazy Susan furniture, leave it to ‘haze’ for five minutes or so, and then buff with a microfibre cloth.

The buffing requires a little elbow grease but once you get it shining, it will not only protect garden furniture in storage, you’ll see the benefits for months after you pull it back out again.

Check for scratches & chips

Whilst you’re cleaning and waxing, also look out for any chips or scratches that are through the coated finish. If bare metal is exposed, then that’s when problems can start.

Antique Bronze Touch-up Paint

The Antique Bronze Touch-up Paint from Lazy Susan is perfect for small chips and scratches.

The feet on chairs and tables are particularly susceptible to chips if they’ve been moved around on a stone patio.

You can easily repair them with our touch-up paint. It has been specially formulated to match the finish on our furniture.

For the antique bronze finish, you’ll receive 2 pots of paint with brushes; 1 black for the undercoat, and 1 bronze for the finish.

The video below shows you how to achieve the best results:

Protect garden furniture with a tarpaulin or garden furniture cover

If you can’t store your furniture inside then a waterproof furniture cover is essential. And not just in winter too.

Pop them on when not in use and your furniture is always clean, dry and ready to use when the sun comes out.

The key is to find covers that best fit your set. So if its a round table, make sure the cover is too. And in terms of size, make sure you go for a cover that will fit over table and chairs.

If you have a larger set though, say 6+ seater, then the temptation can be to go for one large cover. However, in this instance, I would suggest multiple smaller covers and separate the tables and chairs out.

Look for garden furniture cover with some sort of tie fastening

Always go for a cover that has some sort of fastening loop or tie cord too. That way you can secure the cover in place, otherwise when the wind gets up, it’ll be off like that trampoline.

Protect garden furniture

A good cover with a tie fastener will help protect garden furniture if you can’t store in a shed or garage.

And if there is no way to fasten the cover down, then weigh it down. I used to use my parasol base carefully placed on the top of the table before I replaced my covers with some Glorytec covers I purchased from (pictured above).

If you’re just weighing it down, you’ll probably find you have to tuck it back in every now and again like I used to, but at least it won’t end up in a neighbours garden.

A secure cover is only part of the protection though. Move your furniture to a sheltered part of the garden, and if you can try and always place your furniture on flat surface.

Preferably a stone/concrete surface too. Don’t leave it on the lawn. Our furniture would be OK, but it’ll not do your grass much good, and it’ll definitely get mucky.

Secure large items with a ground anchor

If you do store your furniture outside on a stone or concrete patio, then our advice would be ground anchors.

Some items, such as one of our large 10+ seater tables for example, are pretty big, you might not want to move them. Plus they’ll take up a good chunk of space in any garage or shed.

Paired with a good garden furniture cover, the ground anchor is the perfect solution.

Plus it’s a double win. Not only will it secure the furniture in position, you can also lock them down for added security from possible theft.

Master Ground Anchor

The Master ground anchor range is available from the likes of B&Q, Amazon etc.

DIY/hardware retailers such as Screwfix, B&Q etc have a good range of Master heavy duty ground anchors (pictured above).

They’re constructed from hardened steel and feature security bolts and shields for additional strength.

Make sure you install them somewhere safe, edge of the patio, against a fence for example. You don’t want to create a trip hazard in the middle of your patio!

It all comes down to garden space. Try and protect your garden furniture as best you can. You might not be able to do all of the above, but hopefully this article has given you a little food for thought in terms of future storage/protection.

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