How to protect patio furniture this winter

Last month we looked at the importance of cleaning and maintenance of patio furniture come the end of summer. Getting it ready to put away safe and secure for the winter, and making sure it’ll be ready to use next year.

I wanted to take that a step further. We touched on protecting your patio furniture but I wanted to follow up with a few more helpful tips. Provide a little more of our wisdom when it comes to ways to protect patio furniture over the next 6 months or so.

2018 feels like we pretty much skipped autumn to be honest with you. Gone straight from summer to winter. Last week we were up around the 16° mark, as I sit and type this article it has plummeted to below 5°.

Protect patio furniture

Snow covered Lazy Susan patio furniture looks pretty but we’d always advise you protect patio furniture!

So as we fire up our central heating and pull our winter coats out of the wardrobe, now is definitely the time to pack away and protect patio furniture. Before things really take a turn for the worse.

Bad weather and patio furniture don’t mix – So make sure you protect patio furniture!

Whilst we don’t have the extreme winters of somewhere like Alaska, we do get the full range of bad conditions. Wind, rain, snow, frost, and that can all occur in one day. That harsh weather will take its toll on our patio furniture.

Lazy Susan furniture is designed to be left outside. But what we mean by that is it will not rust or rot like many other materials. You can leave it in the rain and snow, you will not need to protect it like you would say timber.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t steps you can, even need, to take to keep it looking like new. Any paint chips need to be touched up with our repair kits. Feet are especially prone where they get moved around on the patio. Don’t leave them.

A coat of car wax will help to further protect your Lazy Susan patio furniture. It not only helps to reduce the amount of dirt and grime that can build up during the winter months, but I find it makes it easier to clean come summer too. Rain runs off the surface better, so you eliminate water marks etc.

But for me, wind is the one we tend to ignore. Our furniture is metal, so it isn’t as light as resin pieces. A strong gust can move it enough to do damage though. Especially if your furniture is placed on a stone patio or near a wall. All it takes is for a chair to be blown over and you can damage it.

Put patio furniture away for winter

If you don’t have the option of storing your patio furniture in a shed or garage, then move it to a sheltered part of the garden. Move it off the lawn onto a solid surface if you can. And most importantly secure it. Instal ground anchors, chain it together, secure it with bungee cords.

Cover it with waterproof patio furniture cover. Secure that and weigh it down. Use bricks/old paving slabs if need be. I have used my parasol base in the past. Just make sure you are not placing these items directly on the furniture. Cover them and protect them first.

What I thought might help readers of this blog, those of you with Lazy Susan patio furniture, or even those of you thinking of buying it, is if I run through a sort of guide to what we would recommend you do at this time of year.

Remove and clean all cushions

The best place to start is to remove and clean all cushions. All ours should need is wipe down with a damp cloth and take them inside to dry off.

Cushions should always be stored indoors to be honest with you. A shed or garage could get damp during the winter months. It is also important that you make sure they are fully dry before you put them away, and don’t store them in any air tight container or bags too as this could encourage mildew.

Don’t put away dirty patio furniture

Next up the furniture itself. Clean off all the accumulated dirt and grime. Don’t put it away with bird droppings or tree sap on there. If left for long periods it could discolour the finish.

Just a quick wash down with warm soapy water, rinse and dry it off with an old towel. When fully dry, apply a light coat of car wax.

And if you have a parasol, wipe that down with a sponge and warm soapy water. Leave to dry and then bring that indoors too.

Put away or stack your chairs

If you can, fold away or stack chairs where possible. This will save space if you’re popping then in the shed or garage. And this is the reason we favour a stackable patio chair in our range.

However, if storing inside isn’t an option, then stacking also makes them less likely to move around in high winds.

It is also important to move them to a sheltered part of the garden and cover with a waterproof cover of suitable size. This should be close fitting but not too big or too small, and secure it in place with weights and bungee cords. You want the cover to protect from the elements, but still leave a little room for air to circulate around your furniture.

Fold away, stack and store your patio table

Again, as with chairs, if you can store your table inside then please do so. It is the best way to truly protect patio furniture during the winter months.

A Lazy Susan patio table can take up a good chunk of space, so one option is to carefully remove the legs. That way you can store it flush to the wall for example.

Just make sure you bag and store safely all bolts and washers etc. Not an option, then to store outside, again cover with a fitted waterproof cover and tie to the bottom of each table leg to secure.

Waterproof patio furniture covers

You can pick up waterproof covers to suit the size and shape of your tables and chairs from most DIY and garden centres, or online from the likes of Amazon and eBay.

Rather than trying to cover your patio set with one large cover, try and get the covers that fit the individual items of garden furniture. This way the cover is more likely to cover everything and stay on your furniture when the wind picks up.

Before you purchase your covers, check to see that they come with eyelets or some way of fastening the cover securely down so that the wind can’t blow it off too.

If you’ve already got the covers and they don’t have this feature, then look to secure them with something heavy such as some old bricks etc.

The key too a good patio furniture cover is to ensure it is fully waterproof, constructed from a durable material, that it fits the shape and size of your furniture, and that it is securely fitted to stop is blowing loose.

And even with a secure cover on, its always best to move your garden furniture into a sheltered part of the garden if you can. As we said earlier, wind is the real enemy of patio furniture not rain or snow!

Store on a solid flat surface

I feel like I tell people this all the time, and whilst it sounds like stating the obvious, you’d be surprised of how many horror stories I’ve heard…

Don’t leave your patio furniture on the lawn or wet ground. Our furniture would probably be OK, but it won’t keep it very clean, and not to mention the damage to your lawn.

Keep checking your patio furniture

Last but by no means least, if you do need to store furniture outside, then keep an eye on it over winter months. Make sure the cover is still secure, make sure that water has not gathered under the cover after any particularly bad weather, and dry it off if need be.

Also, make sure you brush any snow or leaves etc that will inevitably build up on and around your furniture at this time of year. Again this will just stop it from getting damp and dirt building up.

I appreciate when reading this some of it sounds a little like stating the blooming obvious, but you would be surprised how many of us are guilty of failing to protect patio furniture. I know I have been in the past.

It is expensive to replace a full patio furniture set, and I have paid that price before, so a little proactive cleaning and maintenance will ensure it is in tip top condition for many a summer to come!

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