Is your rattan garden furniture ready for Summer Use?

The approach of Summer and the excellent weather we seem to be having this Spring is most definitely renewing the urge in everybody to get out of doors and enjoy their gardens. We can only hope that many weeks of outdoor living lie ahead of us and this brings up the problem of having to get your rattan garden furniture out of storage or from under cover.

And if it is looking a little less worse for wear, then never fear, Lazy Susan is on hand. You don’t need to worry about buying new furniture (although we would recommend Lazy Susan if you do need to purchase new), with a little minor TLC and a little elbow grease you can have that rattan garden furniture looking as good as new.

Is your rattan garden furniture ready for Summer Use?

Synthetic or poly wicker and rattan garden furniture such as that sold by Lazy Susan is fully weatherproof because the furniture is constructed from an aluminum frame that is wrapped with an extra protective layer (powder coated).

A high-quality synthetic wicker thread is then woven around this coated aluminum framework, which is UV-resistant and therefore colourfast too. Our rattan and wicker garden furniture is totally weatherproof and can be kept outside all year, although during sub-zero temperatures we would still advise you to store it indoors or cover it with a cover.

This is basically because freezing temperatures make the poly weave less flexible and may cause it to snap or crack. However, if you take a few basic steps and if you clean your wicker garden furniture twice a year then it will remain in good condition for many years (and hopefully warm summers) to come.

Is your rattan garden furniture ready for Summer Use?

Make sure you clean your rattan garden furniture

You can extend significantly extend the life of synthetic wicker and rattan garden furniture by cleaning it correctly at proper intervals and by preventing damage to the poly wicker weave.

At Lazy Susan we strongly advise our customers against cleaning your rattan and wicker garden furniture with any scouring and/or bleaching agents. Also stay away from any all-purpose cleaners as they can dry it out leading to tiny cracks in the poly threads or cause it to discolour.

If you cannot effectively clean the surface with washing up liquid and warm water, then we would recommend the use of specialist plastic cleaner such as the excellent HG Plastic Garden Furniture Restorer.

When necessary or at least very few months, its a good idea to take a vacuum cleaner and give it a hoover too. If you have a brush attachment, then use this as this will get in between the weave and prevent dust and dirt from building up and causing damage.

This video from Lowes shows you how it should be done…

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