Tiny horses or huge furniture – Getting the right size garden furniture

The horses in the photo below really do look like they are miniature, but they are in fact full size normal horses. They’re are standing under a gigantic wooden table and two chairs while grazing in a meadow near Doellstaedt, central Germany.

According to the Associated Press, the huge garden furniture was created by local carpenter Jens Braun as a shelter for his horses.

Tiny horses or huge furniture – Getting the right size garden furniture Photo by Jens Meyer/AP 2011

On a more serious note, purchasing the right size and/or quantity of outdoor furniture to fit on your deck or patio is a problem that many people have. Getting too much, table sets that simply don’t fit or that are too small to work in the given space are all to common problems we come across at Lazy Susan.

And when it comes to choosing garden furniture you might be surprised at how many different options and styles that are available these days. From size and shape to the materials they’re made from, there’s a few clear choices that need to be made before you buy. 

Obviously the most important decision you’ll need to make is what type of material you want your garden furniture to be constructed from. Generally, at Lazy Susan we find that people already have a good idea what type of garden furniture they want, but where the real problems start is with what size table best fits their needs.

What is the right size garden furniture for your garden?

As well as determining what type of material that will best complement your patio, it is equally important to establish what size patio furniture you need to fill but not overfill that space. 

This can be easily determined by considering how large your patio is, how many people will be using the garden furniture and for what purpose you intend to use the furniture and your patio area.

Garden furniture sets can be as small as a two person Bistro style or they can accommodate as many as 10+ people… So as with any large monetary purchase, it is important you do your research first. 

Start by establishing your budget, the space you have available in your garden/on your patio for the newfurniture, how often you will use the set, for what purpose you will use the furniture (e.g. Family BBQ’s or Sunday morning coffee with the papers for 2?) and how many people you will need to accommodate.

Once you’ve answered these simple questions, you’ll find that selecting garden furniture sets will be much easier when faced with the myriad of choices online and in Garden Centres. When it comes to what size table you should buy, as a guide Lazy Susan will tell our customers if you have a 2m square patio then look at it as follows:

The majority of chairs regardless of construction take up about the same amount (ours are around 44cm deep x 63cm wide) of floor space but to be comfortable and not get a squeeze on you should allow approx. depth of 70cm x 70cm square per chair plus the length/width of the table

So if we take an oval table as an example, on a 3m x 3m square patio you want to allow 2 chairs on each side at 70cm each which equals a depth/width of 140cm allowing you enough space (160cm to be exact) for up to a 1600cm table (the Lazy Susan June Oval table is 150cm long x 90cm wide.

This would be very comfortable even if surrounded by fencing on 3 sides, however, if the patio had no boundary walls then you could allow another 10cm on to the table.

If you had a 4m x 3m patio for example, then you could comfortably get a 6 seater Lazy Susan set such as Jessica with a required floor space of 320cm x 260 cm on there, the limiting factor being the width of 3 meters on the patio.

If you havent built your patio yet you can use the same rule, if you wanted an 8 seater oval set such as Rosemary with a 210cm x150cm table then your patio should be built to a minimum of 4 meters by 3.5 meters to give you (and some) the required floor space (inc. table and chairs) of required floor space: 360cm x 305cm.

If in doubt, we publish the required floor space for all our ranges on our product spec pages, and if you have any further questions, then please don’t hesitate to contact us via our Email Form or on 01243 717 197.

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