Removing rust from iron garden furniture

These great little promotional videos from Dremel show you how easy it is to remove rust from your iron garden furniture with a rotary tool.

As nice as new iron patio furniture may look, it does tend to take a good battering from the British elements. Rust can easily form and diminish the appearance of iron outdoor furniture. Fortunately, removing rust is not as difficult as one might presume.

There are several methods for removing rust and protecting patio furniture from future damage, but Lazy Susan has found that using a rotary tool (you can pick one up for under £50 from any of the leading DIY stores) to be one of the most convenient methods to keep your furniture in top condition and bring it back to life.

Cleaning Rust Off Patio Furniture with a Dremel Rotary Tool

Removing Rust from Garden Furniture: Contoured Surfaces with the Dremel 8200

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