Lazy Susan Shopping Bag for Life

So why invest all that money in a Shopping Bag for Life? Well how about a few plastic carrier bag facts…

Fact 1 Around 600 billion plastic carrier bags are used worldwide each year.

Fact 2 Approximately 9 billion plastic bags were given out in 2013 in the UK alone.

Fact 3 Thousands of marine animals and more than 1 million birds die each year as a result of discarded plastic carrier bags.

Fact 4 Plastic bags not only litter our landscape and harm wildlife, they also block drains and pipes etc.

Fact 5 A plastic bag can take 1,000 years to decompose in a landfill site.

Bags for life are an environmentally friendly alternative to the plastic carrier bags. There are many different styles and versions of bags for life and most retail outlets now stock them at decent prices.

M&S’ food shops are a good example of a company that are promoting the bag for life, by charging for their carrier bags too. And while a bag for life is significantly more expensive, it will last significantly longer than any carrier bag. Plus you’re helping protect the environment!

If you do have any plastic carrier bags stashed in you a kitchen cupboard, then they can (and should) be recycled at plastic bag banks too. Most of the UK’s large supermarkets now have large recycling facilities where you can easily pull up in the care and dispose of them.

However, I’m afraid they can’t and won’t be recycled via your council provided blue recycling bin. You need to take them to the dedicated plastic bag banks. Alternatively you could reuse them as another bag, but how long do they last? One, two uses at the most before the handle snaps?

So what about the bag for life…

The Lazy Susan Shopping Bag for Life

Lazy Susan Shopping Bag for Life

Lazy Susan Shopping Bag for Life

So at Lazy Susan, we thought we’d try and do our little bit to help the environment…

Introducing the first of many new addition to our new Homeware category – The Lazy Susan Shopping Bag for Life!

Our new strong canvas Shopping Bag for Life features a beautiful design that was illustrated especially for Lazy Susan.

Measuring in at 37 x 29 x 21cm, this bag is perfect for a trip to the supermarket. Fill it with tins, yes it’ll be heavy, but if you can lift it, it’ll take all that weight no problem at all. You can’t say that about a plastic carrier bag from any UK supermarket!

Get yours over at our Shop for only £9.99.

Also, if you’ve not had the chance to watch it, please pop over to our YouTube channel to see the new Lazy Susan advert. It gives a nice little overview of the company and products.

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