Guide to shopping for rattan garden furniture

If you’re looking for an alternative to timber or iron garden furniture to add to your deck or patio, then rattan garden furniture, in Lazy Susan’s humble opinion, is one of the best solutions if you’re looking for a little quality and style.

Modern synthetic rattan furniture lasts a lifetime and is known for its outstanding durability. Woven over a lightweight but incredibly strong aluminium frame using the traditional ‘wicker’ weaving technique, our rattan chairs offer complete comfort so you can sit outside and enjoy the sun for many hours.

However, for me the real beauty of rattan chairs is that you can use them both inside and outside. They’re perfect for the Summer months outside, in the conservatory, inside during the winter months for indoor parties or extra bums at Christmas time, and they can also be stacked to save on storage space.

Emily Square Rattan Garden Furniture Set

To find the cheapest available rattan outdoor furniture, it’s best to shop during the winter and do your shopping online. The Lazy Susan wicker rattan furniture has been so popular this season that we’ve actually sold out for 2010, so we are now offering the chance to pre-order for delivery in February/March 2011 at a really great price.

For example, you can place an order today for our stunning Rachel 6 Seater Rattan Garden Furniture Set for just £445 (the Rachel garden furniture set is shown above) for the table, 6 chairs and 6 seat cushions and this price includes VAT and Delivery.

You will have nothing to pay until the goods are delivered next year. This set has retailed for between £595-£495 this year, but we decided to offer this extra special deal for any pre-orders due to popular demand.

Rattan patio furniture has been around for years, mainly because the use of rattan as a material has been around since the beginning of time.

Rattan is a type of long vine that grows in tropical areas, whilst wicker is the technique used to describe the weaving of the vines into furniture etc.

Most natural wicker rattan furniture that is sold in the UK is only really fit for indoor/conservatory use, however, although it can be used outside when dry, it is not a good idea to leave the furniture outside where moisture will attack the natural materials.

For this reason, wicker rattan garden furniture sold for outdoor, garden or patio use in the UK tends to be constructed from the synthetic poly-rattan’s, as they can withstand the elements.

Synthetic rattan garden furniture, also known as poly rattan garden furniture, plastic, PVC or resin rattan outdoor furniture, is ideal for the British climate. And don’t be put off by the name/synthetic aspect too… This stuff looks as good, if not better, than the real thing.

To get the best deals you generally need to buy rattan effect garden furniture in complete sets (i.e. tables and chairs together), preferably in winter time.

Individual pieces are available and depending on construction materials/sophistication of design, they can be expensive when bought individually, so try to consider buying sets in contemporary or traditional styles for the best deals.

Traditional and contemporary outdoor rattan cube furniture sets for garden use are generally either four chairs and a table (which is usually glass topped) or for conservatory use tend to be two individual chairs and a sofa arrangement all accompanied by garden furniture cushions to suit.

Many manufacturers offer side pieces to complement any garden decor ideas you have, such as coffee tables, add on chairs, foot stools and the like that can be added to your set. You should be able to find rattan furniture in all colors with brown and black rattan garden furniture sets being the most popular.

So, if you’re on a budget, but want the widest possible choice of styles at the best prices with guaranteed durability for the UK climate then a synthetic rattan patio furniture set will probably be best for you.

Lazy Susan Lily Rattan Garden Furniture Set Special Offer

Pre-Order Offer – Place an order today for just £495 for the table, 4 Rattan chairs and 4 seat pad cushions, this price includes VAT and Delivery. You will have nothing to pay until the goods are delivered next year. 

We have been selling this set for between £645-£595 this year, but have decided to offer this extra special deal for these pre-orders. The Rattan Chairs are due to be with us for Spring 2011, so reserve yours today to guarantee early delivery.

Lily is a stylish and classic metal patio furniture set available in antique bronze with 4 ultra stylish stackable rattan chairs. The Lily set includes ivory cushions and here is also a choice of a stone, apple green or navy blue 2.5m parasol with wind-up crank handle and sturdy parasol base for an £50 only. For more pictures of the Lily set, please visit our shop.

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