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Garden Tables: A Buying Guide

Lazy Susan Garden Tables

In many cases, our garden tables are the heart of the garden, or at least our patio area. They create a place where friends and family can come together, sit down and enjoy some food when the sun is shining. Throughout this article I’ve included some of the wonderful photographs we’ve been sent by customers for our Do Some Good campaign. They illustrate how great our garden tables look much better than I can. And maybe at Lazy Susan we are a little biased, but whilst all of the patios and gardens featured here are beautiful, the garden table is the star. OK that’s what they’re focussing the camera on but I do truly believe no patio is complete without them…

Can I paint my garden table?

Lately I have been trying to write pieces that tackle some of the regular questions we get asked in the comments of our blog and on our social media. Can I paint my garden table? is one that cropped up on Instagram a few weeks ago, and it was one I felt I could impart a little wisdom after recently painting a vintage garden bench. Now that was done in chalk paint and I looked at that particular method in more detail in our Can you use chalk paint for outdoor furniture? post. However, I did a little research before I opted for chalk paint, and there’s a few other options I wanted to discuss in a little more detail. Try and provide a little choice, share a few more tips and videos etc.

What size parasol for garden table?

People are often unsure what size parasol for garden table they should purchase? And by that I mean what ratio of parasol to table do you need? I’ll be honest, a Parasol is often an afterthought for many when they purchase new garden furniture too. In the UK we might not be blessed with the endless summers of say Spain, but when we do get a sunny day, it can still be warm, especially if your garden is a south facing sun trap like mine.

Can I put an ordinary table in garden?

Our Alice Table with Emma Chairs shows that you can put a garden table inside your home

Not a question that comes up too often but one that does get asked – Can I put an ordinary table in garden? Now this got me thinking about the opposite of that – Can I put a garden table in my home? I suppose the honest answer to both is you can do whatever you think works and looks good. However, back to the indoor table outside. This is something a good family friend of mine had been doing for a number of years. Dragging his wooden kitchen table and benches out into the garden. Now it had a picnic table look to it but it was most definitely not painted/protected from the elements, as he found out the hard way. But as crazy as this all may sound, his reasoning was (even for me) quite hard to argue against.

How to keep cushions on outdoor furniture

A cushion can make all the difference to the comfort of your Outdoor Furniture. Here at Lazy Susan we take our relaxation very seriously and have developed a range of cushions to suit your needs. Specifically designed for our chairs, they’re a must have accessory. Our Outdoor Cushions are made from a hard-wearing acrylic with a low-stress wipe-down surface. If you do need to wash the cushion covers, they all have a side zip for easy removal of the foam pad. Extremely strong, they require very little in the way of maintenance and will last for many years to come if looked after.

Can you use chalk paint for outdoor furniture?

Garden furniture ideas

There’s definitely a big trend in our homes and gardens for chalk paint. On stone, brickwork, fencing and especially furniture. So, can you use chalk paint for outdoor furniture? Good question, and one I wanted to explore a little further. Our garden furniture is designed to stand up to the elements, and it has a protective painted coating that protects the cast aluminium from the rain and snow. If kept clean and protected, it should last a decade or more.

How to keep cats off outdoor furniture cushions

At first this might seem like a bit of an odd thing to post about, however, I was recently asked on social media if we had any tips and tricks with regards to how to keep cats off outdoor furniture cushions and what do you do if they’re scratching them? This blog has been running for a number of years but I know this is a subject we’ve not covered before. Now let me start by saying I’m more of a dog person, I have a little Cavapoo, and she’s trained to not jump up on furniture. That said, I love cats too.

Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide

There’s many articles on the internet and in books and magazines giving us advice on how to purchase new Outdoor Furniture. How to get the right type or material for your garden. We’ve written many ourselves. So, I wanted to come at it from a slightly different angle. Use our industry expertise and experience to highlight some of the common mistakes that shoppers make when buying new outdoor furniture. A sort of guide to the wrong way to go the right way if that makes sense?! As the old saying goes “good judgement comes from experience and experience comes from poor judgement”. Many of these are mistakes that myself and many of the Lazy Susan team have made over the years…