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Garden clean up time

Now that the clocks have gone back, the nights have started turning a little colder and those last not-so-red tomatoes in your greenhouse don’t taste nearly as good as they did a few months back, it’s the perfect time to start your garden clean up and getting it ready for winter. By taking a few…

How to Plant a Container Garden

In the second of this month’s always excellent eHow videos we wanted to showcase on the Lazy Susan blog, Yolanda Vanveen shows us how to plant the perfect container garden.

When planting a container garden, make sure the plants get enough sun, water and heat, and that you provide adequate drainage. Keep container garden plants covered or inside during the winter and follow the great tips from a sustainable gardener in this free video.

Container gardening gives you the ability to enjoy a wide array of flora and foliage without committing to keeping the plants in the ground as part of your landscape. Container planting is also ideal for people who live in apartments and don’t have access to large areas for gardening in the ground.

Small container gardening is easy, does not require soil or bark dust and can contain different plants in the same pot for different blooming times. Although small container gardening is easy, small containers can’t hold a lot of water, so learn when to water container gardens with tips from a gardening specialist in this video on plant and flower care.

How to arrange plants on your patio

Last month we looked at arranging garden furniture, but it is also important to take a little time and carefully consider the arrangement of your plants and containers too. Simply put, flowers can transform a patio, turning it into a colourful and inviting part of your home. We always tell our customers to treat their…

Planting flowers in spring

Spring is just around the corner, we’re still seeing a little light frost in the morning but the sun is starting to shine and it won’t be long till winter is a distant memory… That also means your local garden centre is going to start getting busy and every green fingered person in the UK…

Getting your garden ready for Spring 2011

There’s no point in pretending you’re not going to be out in your garden at the first sight of Spring. While there is no harm heading out now and cleaning up any fallen branches, debris or damage caused by all the snow we’ve seen over the last couple of months, it is best to wait…

How to protect your garden from frost

We are knee deep in snow at the moment, so for some of you this blog post might be a little too late. Sorry! At least it will help you be a little more prepared for next winter. Anyway, most gardeners already know the importance of protecting their vulnerable plants against frost and we don’t…

How to build a cloche cover by Gardeners World

This is a great YouTube video from the Gardeners World team that shows you how to build a simple cloche cover for your garden.

With the weather we are having at the moment, a cloche is a great way of providing a covering that will shield your plants and vegetables from the undesirable effects of the cold and wind, and also from possible insect damage.