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How to choose the best landscape gardening plants

Planting Container Garden

How to Choose Landscape Gardening Plants on Nowcast This is a great video from Howcast that helps you to choose the best landscape gardening plants.  It offers some sound tips that can help you put together a beautiful garden that will be the envy of your neighbours.

Planting the perfect containers

You can grow almost anything in a container, from Herbs and Tomatoes to Fuchsia and Marigolds. Gardening in containers and pots gives you the ability to plant in good quality fertilized soil, experiment with colour, brighten up a concrete/paved back yard area, move your garden with the sun and raise your garden to a comfortable…

How To Create the Perfect Hanging Basket

A Hanging basket looks great in any setting and you’ll be surprised by the difference they can make to an otherwise dull brick wall. There’s no better way of bringing some outdoor colour to eye level and one of the best things about them is that you don’t even need a garden.  You also don’t…

A passion for plants

At Lazy Susan we love gardening, it’s one of the reasons we started Lazy Susan. And plant-wise, when it comes to our favorite season, you simply can’t beat springtime. Many different species of spring flowers grow from bulbs and gardeners and flower lovers alike can often overlook some of the minor bulbs in favor of…