The latest landscaping trends

The economic downturn is having a dramatic effect on the way we look at landscaping. Expensive water gardens and exotic plants are becoming a thing of the past. Less wasteful, more sustainable landscaping trends are coming to the fore…

The popularity of permanent installations is on the rise. They help to add value to your home and can be enjoyed for many years to come. Today’s homeowner basically wants a colourful, vibrant, unique and sustainable landscaped property. 

Gardens in small spaces are big. Even the most humble city backyards are being converted into an outdoor oasis. And we’ve also seen a dramatic increase in the adaption of container gardens that deliver variety and flexibility.

So let Lazy Susan guide you through the minefield of the latest landscaping trends, with a few of our personal favourites…

The latest landscaping trends

From clustering multiple pots, vertical gardening, placing pots in your flowerbeds, to using a landscape professionals to design, plant and maintain a more cost effective yet stunning garden, people might be looking at ways to spend less, but they still want that outdoor wow factor.

And nothing is bigger at the moment than Irrigation Systems that use drip tubes installed below the soil to water the plant’s roots. They avoid wasting water, therefore reducing cost and impact on the environment.

They are growing in popularity and as well as saving money, they save you time and effort too. While the buzz around taking the indoors outdoors continues and shows no sign of slowing down too.

Outdoor living is in all the design magazines and we are continuing to see a myriad of new outdoor kitchen products, fireplaces, family rooms and more weatherproof furniture, sculpture and art.

Weatherproof materials and wood alternatives are in high demand and we are seeing an increasing selection of beautiful natural products, that include tumbled stones and bricks, all of which are leading the way as the latest materials for new decks and patios.

Exterior lighting extends garden enjoyment activities and hard-wired lighting is being utilised to illuminate the garden, trees and the outside of the home. Modern outdoor light fittings are designed specifically to withstand extreme weather conditions.

More and more homeowners seem to be researching garden plans on their own to create well-designed gardens that fit their lifestyles and their tight budgets. Environmentally sensitive gardens are in. Chemically dependent gardens are out.

This trend grows every year and according to one of the UK’s leading DIY chains. Organic garden sales are up 200 per cent in the last five years. 

Cultivating and maintaining a lush carpet of grass can be an expensive, time-consuming task. Simply keeping a lawn free of weeds is also challenging and oftentimes, environmentally questionable. Therefore we are also seeing many people reducing or ‘de-grassing’ their garden by creating a more low maintenance space.

Not that many decades ago, the garden was essential for providing many families with fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs. Today, many people still use the garden to grow-their-own in order to yield fantastic tasting edible rewards, as well as a a healthy outlet for staying in shape both mentally and physically.

If you lack a large place for a garden plot, try cultivating your favorite variety of tomatoes and squash in existing beds next to your azaleas or hedgerow. For gardens that don’t get a lot of sun, movable containers are the ideal solution. Growing your own fruit and veg has many positive benefits.

Another big trend we’re seeing when it comes to outdoor home improvements over the past few years has been the increase in people now prepared to go green. When buying a high-efficiency rated washing machine or energy-efficient double glazed UPVC windows, it is easy to know that you’re making a green improvement to your home.

However, what about in the garden? Do you really know if they are making a positive environmental impact when it comes to your garden? We’ve already touched on the move to de-lawn large tracks of turf and transform lawns into more sustainable landscapes… But what else can you do?

Well one good solution that is becoming more and more popular is to instal a living wall made up of green retaining wall that can replace stretches of grass with eco-friendly plants that will add both interest to your garden and save water.

Sustainable containers are another excellent method of green gardening. Look to use containers made from recycled materials, which generally you’ll find are significantly cheaper that their natural stone counterparts for example.

Green landscaping has become very popular in recent years because it saves money in the long run. By choosing proven methods of green landscaping, and in addition to cost savings, the latest green gardening trends will help make your home more environmentally friendly.

At Lazy Susan we are constantly hearing the term ‘landscape sustainability’, which basically means creating an attractive garden that keeps a balance between plant health and the resources that are used to maintain it (which is something we’ve been trying to do in our garden for the last 5 years or more).

And this doesn’t mean that you have to eliminate all fertilizers, pesticides and water, but instead trying to use fewer of these in order to create a better balance with the environment and to help save your money.

They key is to find ways to reduce the use of these things without compromising plant health. And using plants native to the UK is one such way you can achieve this, as generally they tend to cost less than other exotic plant types, but they’ll also thrive without to much effort!

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