Unique garden furniture design

Unique garden furniture designs from around the globe… I promise this won’t be like an episode of one of those cheesy American wackiest animals, car chases, etc etc. But check some of these out. And when I say unique, weird or crazy, I mean it in a good way. From the ground-breaking designs, to some truly different materials, each and every one of these unique garden furniture pieces is fantastic!

Grow your own garden furniture

Grow Your Own Outdoor Sofa

Grow Your Own Outdoor Sofa by ReadyMade

We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees… But unique garden furniture can! Well, in the ground, anyways. That’s right, you can literally grow your own grass garden furniture. ReadyMade has instructions on how to grow an outdoor couch, which requires little more than some dirt, sod, and a few wooden stakes. Forget green sofas and mattresses, this couch will literally produce oxygen! Just don’t try to have it recovered in five years, your upholsterer might get a little freaked out. Oh, and please note that this sofa may require mowing.

Wave Hammock

The Wave Hammock by Royal Botania

The Wave Hammock by Royal Botania

Leave your troubles behind, and be overwhelmed by a wave of wellness, hovering halfway between heaven and earth, while simply doing nothing. The new Wave Hammock is a suspended cocoon in which to curl up with a good book this summer.

The Wave is made of stainless steel and perforated fabric which blocks out 86 percent of the sun’s rays and is semitransparent. Part chair, part sunshade, part swing, it’s a bit of an expensive piece of summer fun. It costs around £15,000 and that doesn’t include the base or the cushion which add another couple thousand onto the price.

Spartan Daybed

Spartan Daybed by Restoration Hardwear

The Spartan Daybed by Restoration Hardwear

I think crazy is a little unfair for this piece. It is stunning. I simply picked it due to the monolithic size. The Spartan Daybed from Restoration Hardware is a utterly modern and sculptural. Designed by Neoteric Luxury™, it is a constructed from a sturdy steel frame, wrapped in a hand woven cocoon of all-weather wicker, while the canopy overhead offers filtered sun protection and allows air to circulate.

The Wicker Leaf Lounge

Wicker Leaf Lounge Chair

Wicker Leaf Lounge Chair by Dedon

How better to impress your friends than with a sunlounger shaped like a leaf! Apparently this design was European inspired and is very popular in Germany. I love it!

The graceful shape of elegantly curved leaves is the spin-off for this unique beach chair and matching side table. Two sizes – single or double bed – encourage sensual high spirits and enable us to be one with nature.

The Outdoor Wicker Dog Bed

Igloo Outdoor Dog Bed

Igloo Outdoor Dog Bed by Lifestyle

Why shouldn’t man’s best friend get in on the action too? Give your dog their own enclosed space while on your open deck. The Indoor/Outdoor Igloo Dog Bed gives your dog a hide-a-way you can place in or outside your home.

The Igloo is made of waterproof plastic rattan material and includes a comfortable outdoor cushion. It is 25″ in diameter, 20″ high, large enough for your medium size dog to crawl into and nap.

The Wicker Outdoor Apple Daybed

Iglu Apple Daybed

Iglu Apple Daybed by Skyline

Transform your outdoor space with the Iglu “Apple” wicker daybed by Skyline. This majestic daybed is seriously comfortable, with plump scatter cushions, perfect for lounging and relaxing. Sink into its depths with a good book and watch the world pass you by.

Skyline has covered the upholstery with a weather-resistant Sunbrella fabric so its remains looking good no matter what the elements throw at it. The top of the Iglu Apple is also removable, so you can let the summer sunshine flood in, warming you with its rays.

Formed with an aluminum frame and woven by craftsmen in synthetic wicker and cane, this daybed is luxurious, big enough for two and stunning to look at. On the practical side, it is washable, maintenance free and will not fade thanks to the UV color fast finish.

Skyline furniture is also 100% recyclable. Be the envy of your neighbors with the Iglu Apple daybed.

Butterfly Garden Bench

White Metal Butterfly Garden Bench by Plow & Hearth

White Metal Butterfly Garden Bench by Plow & Hearth

For many people, a relaxing garden bench is the first piece of furniture most gardeners buy for their little plot of land. With its large, butterfly-shaped back rest, the butterfly garden bench adds an elegant look to your garden.

It’s also equally at home in a sunroom or entry, with a butterfly shaped backrest that’s sure to be a focal point of any space. Crafted of metal and finished with a weather-resistant, antique white powder coating for outdoor durability.


The Dedon Nestrest Hanging Lounger

The Dedon Nestrest Hanging Lounger

Which is best described as an over-sized bird’s nest offering you a secluded, suspended sanctuary and unusual meeting place. It’s the perfect place for relaxation, meditation and open-air conversations. Designed by Daniel Pouzet & Fred Frety for those crazy cats at Dedon again, this hanging lounger is a great piece. Plus we love the photography shown above!

The Ying & Yang Garden Furniture Set

B-alance Outdoor Furniture

B-alance Outdoor Furniture

Blending East and West, Swiss company B-alance lets Yin and Yang dictate the easy, organic style of the Fiore patio furniture collection. This modern Asian inspired patio furniture set features sofas, footstools and coffee tables, each boasting delicate, gentle curves suggestive of the cherry blossom.

B-alance Outdoor Furniture

B-alance Outdoor Furniture

Black frames and topped with soft, white cushions, lending a lush, plush look and feel to the contemporary collection. Individual pieces let you arrange the set as desired – in intimate groups of two or three, or as one large focal point for lounging, listening and laughing. In the shade on your deck, or in the sun by the pool, this Asian inspired patio furniture completes your outdoors with flair.

The Happy Chaise Longue

The Happy Chaise Longue by Dima Loginoff

The Happy Chaise Longue by Dima Loginoff

Dima Loginoff is a young and highly respected designer from Moscow. Her Happy Chaise Longue has a modern and an original touch due to its unusual shape and bold color. It was especially designed so two people can fit perfectly with plenty of space. Place it on your terrace and it will be quite the eye-catcher that’s for sure.

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