Warehouse Clearance Sale

Warehouse Clearance Sale

Not only have the temperatures been high this summer but they’re also rising on our high streets and in our online stores. The summer sales are currently in full swing.

Nothing beats the feeling of grabbing a bargain. Especially when said item initially had a big ticket and was out of reach. If you can get that new garden furniture set you’ve had your eye on at a discount, then happy days.

Lucy Antique Bronze 4 seater set

Lucy Antique Bronze 4 seater set is just one of the stunning sets in our Warehouse Clearance Sale

But don’t fall into the trap of buying something just because it has that tempting reduced tag. Here’s a few tips, so you can get the most out of the summer sales.

Summer sale shopping tips

Always go for quality

Often if the price is too good to be true, i.e. ridiculously low, then there’s a chance the quality could be low too. Not always, just be careful. Try and go for premium quality products at a sensible discount.

Don’t go for garden furniture that you’d regularly look at and can generally afford

If you liked the product that much when you saw it at full price you would have bought it by now. If you do buy it now, it’s because you’re more attracted to the price tag than the item itself!

Use the sales to shop for pieces that were maybe out of budget when full price or to add additional pieces to any existing furniture you may already have, but couldn’t afford to buy in one hit.

Avoid the latest buzz and trend-led furniture styles

Go for classic styles, designed to last. If that latest fad style or material is on sale already, chances are it has not sold well, and it isn’t as ‘hot’ as they’d like you to think it is.

Decipher discounts/sales terminology

Just because the sale says ‘up to 50%’, doesn’t mean the item you want is half price. Make sure you clearly understand how much discount you’re getting, and exactly what you’ll pay at the checkout.

I must stress, this is not a practice Lazy Susan adopt. Yes we will say a sale is up to x percent off, but we’re honest about our prices, and honest about why items are on sale.

If it is reduced due to a slight defect for example, we will say and include pictures.

If buying online or in store if you require home delivery for that matter, make sure there’s no hidden costs

Make sure you know how much you will pay for shipping, as this is usually an additional cost depending how and how quick you want the items shipped.

Check the returns policy

This will usually be different with sales items. Make sure you are satisfied with what is on offer, and that you can return or replace items if they get damaged in transit for example.

Maybe even give haggling a go

Especially if you’re looking to purchase several pieces. I’m from the Newcastle and we have a saying, shy bairns (children) get nee (no) toys.

Haggling isn’t just for the local car-boot sale. Retailers have targets to meet, stock to shift etc too. You might just be surprised.

I’m not saying we’ll reduce the price of an item for you, we try to offer our best prices up front. But if you want several pieces, who knows?

It is important you try and stick to your budget

Credit cards can be dangerous, especially in the sales. All those perceived bargains, can actually add up to a large bill. So, before you start shopping for that new furniture, set yourself a budget and stick to it.

Just because it is in the sale, doesn’t mean it’s a bargain

Do a price comparison check before you buy. Check that you can’t get the same type (and quality of course too) of furniture for cheaper elsewhere.

Discover our best offers in our Warehouse Clearance Sale

Here at Lazy Susan, we’re fast approaching the end of our high-season, before long what has been a glorious summer will change to autumn.

Our warehouse team need us to free up some space. Everything must go. So, with all that in mind, we’re launching our biggest garden furniture warehouse clearance sale yet.

Daisy modern garden 4 seater set

The Daisy modern garden 4 seater set is another personal highlight of our Warehouse Clearance Sale

We need to make room in our catalogue for some new and exciting products. We’re already well underway with product development for summer 2019 and beyond. But for that, we need space in our warehouse to store it all.

It is vital that these selected lines of stunning Lazy Susan furniture find a new home. And we want to offer you the very best deals possible.

This is a mix of discontinued lines and items we’ve over stocked, but all impeccably stylish and constructed from premium materials.

So, if you’ve had your eye on one of our beautiful garden benches, been mulling over one of our fab garden table sets, or you’ve simply been waiting for the end of summer sales to come along, then wait no longer, our warehouse clearance sale is here.

It’s an advertising cliche, but these great bargains won’t be around for long and we will definitely not be repeating them. Once this furniture is gone, it really is gone.

So please, have a good look at our Clearance section, with over 60 different sets. I’m sure you’ll find that perfect piece of furniture for your patio. All at super low prices.

If you have any further questions, we’re always happy to help, 7 days a week. Please give the Lazy Susan customer service team a call on 01243 717197 or email us via our Contact Us form.

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