What is a Garden Room?

What is a garden room we hear you cry? And no it is not a conservatory… A garden room is basically a fully insulated, double glazed, electrically wired building that is usually made from wood and usually built freestanding (i.e. not connected to the house like a conservatory) in your garden.

Whilst garden room is the Lazy Susan preferred description, they are also known as garden offices, studios, huts, garden buildings, log cabins or outbuildings but essentially they are all the same thing. 

And whilst a garden room can be attached to the house like a conservatory they are most often stand alone buildings situated in the back garden. 

Garden rooms have become very popular over the last ten years or so as more and more homeowners realise that there is an alternative way to add space to their homes other than a conservatory which an be a little cold and unusable during the winter, or an expensive loft conversions/extension. 

Sometimes referred to a ‘posh sheds’ the modern garden room is so much more and is actually a very sophisticated product. Constructed in a similar fashion to the timber frame houses that are popular in Scandinavia etc, many garden rooms feature high specification components such as fully insulated bi-fold doors, underfloor heating and cost effective green living roof coverings.

Jabo Tranemo 15m square Garden Room

There are countless possible uses for a garden room such as a home office, music studio, design studio, playroom, games room, home gym or teenagers den. And depending on location etc, a single storey garden room often doesn’t need any planning permission.

Garden rooms also come in a wide variety of styles to suit any home, from modern to traditional, just look at our Garden Room Collection. Plus they are quick to install and are a much more cost effective solution than a conventional brick built extension.

It can’t be coincidence that the rise in the popularity of garden rooms has coincided with the rise of self-employed people who wish to have a suitable space to work from home.

But even if you are not self-employed, and simply wish to utilise the space you have in your garden, then a garden room is the ideal investment! If you don’t believe Lazy Susan, then watch these…

In this first short film, Northern Light Media have created a short video that looks at the building of a garden room for a home office.

Whilst this video from EcoHome provides a great close up look at their fully insulated log cabin style Garden Room.

And last up we have this great video from Martyn Moore that illustrates just how, even in the middle of winter, a garden room goes up quicker than you ever thought possible.

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