What size parasol for garden table?

People are often unsure what size parasol for garden table they should purchase? And by that I mean what ratio of parasol to table do you need? I’ll be honest, a Parasol is often an afterthought for many when they purchase new garden furniture too.

In the UK we might not be blessed with the endless summers of say Spain, but when we do get a sunny day, it can still be warm, especially if your garden is a south facing sun trap like mine.

What size parasol for garden table?
A customer photo of our stone parasol over a 6 seater garden table.

For me, a garden table is simply not complete without a parasol, and I would advise every customer to purchase one. Purchasing a parasol in combination with your new garden furniture set will allow you to make significant savings, compared to buying them separately, so don’t miss out on this opportunity. Check the options when you buy!

If you want to enjoy a day in the garden or a nice al fresco meal, then it helps to have that little bit of shade. It makes things a little more comfortable for you and any guests.

2.5m Parasol in Stone
Our 2.5m Parasol in Stone

At Lazy Susan our Parasol collection is designed specifically for our garden tables. The fabric is fully coordinated with our seat cushions and the parasol itself is designed to fit through our tables, through our Lazy Susan revolving servers, and if you purchase one, into our parasol bases.

Lazy Susan Parasol Crank
The Lazy Susan Parasol Crank

Of course, it goes with out saying that is pays to be safe in the sun too. Our collection of parasols are designed to keep the suns harmful rays off you and your family. Our parasols range in size from 2.5 to 3.5 metres in diameter and feature a crank handle (pictured above) for ease of opening and closing.

The parasols themselves are made from quick-drying waterproof acrylic fabric, so if you do encounter a few showers at your next garden gathering, which lets face it is inevitable during a British summer, they’ll provide a dry place to shelter from the rain.

In addition to complementing your existing Lazy Susan garden furniture, all our parasols can be tilted to shield from the sun and come in our antique bronze and slate finishes, with a choice of blue, terracotta, stone and green fabric. Crafted from cast aluminium, they feature a fibreglass ribbed interior (shown in the photo below).

What size parasol for garden table?

If you already have garden furniture from another supplier, but are looking for a parasol, our range is a great option if it fits with the style of furniture you have and there’s a hole in the centre of table no smaller than 4.2cm.

However, if what we have isn’t suitable for your furniture, say you have a modern low sofa set for example, then you might just be asking what size parasol do you need?

Terracotta Parasol Tilted
Our Terracotta Parasol Tilted

As I mentioned above, all our parasols can be tilted (as shown above). As the sun moves, the angle changes the direction of shade. You don’t want your guests playing musical chairs, much easier to simply twist and tilt the parasol to keep the sun off them and out of their eyes.

Whats size parasol?

What size parasol for garden table?

Your parasol needs to be big enough to cover not just the table but all the chairs when guests are seated (i.e. pulled out) too.

Our larger 3.5m parasols for example are perfect for our larger 8 and 10+ seater sets (see below), while our 2.5m parasols are perfect for our 6 and 4 seater sets (see above).

What size parasol for garden table?

If any doubt about what size parasol to pair with one of our garden tables, then please speak to a member of our customer service team on 01243 71 72 44o or drop us an Email.

Parasol Base

Antique Bronze Cast Aluminium Parasol Base
Our Antique Bronze Cast Aluminium Parasol Base

Our sturdy and robust parasol bases weigh approx. 11 kg. The lattice design coordinates perfectly with our furniture and they are available in our Antique Bronze and Slate Grey finish.

The tech spec dimensions of our Parasol Bases
The tech spec dimensions of our Parasol Bases

Our parasol base is quite heavy but it is designed to secure the parasol and prevent it from blowing away in a breeze. If the wind does pick up though, please put the parasol down.

Whilst shower proof, please store indoors during heavy rain and the winter months, and keep them clean and dry to prevent staining and mould from forming.

You can shop the full Lazy Susan parasol collection here.

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