What’s the best position for your new patio furniture?

When it comes to new patio furniture, before you buy, you should always be thinking about the position. Where exactly will you put it? You don’t want to spend a considerable sum of money only to find that your newly purchased outdoor garden furniture simply doesn’t ‘fit’ with your garden or style of home. Homeowners need to first think about the choices involved and make the purchase with a little careful planning. We always advise our customers to think about what the patio furniture will be used for and the available space, before even thinking about features such as material and design.

Amy 4 Seater Round Garden Table

Start by identifying who will be using the furniture and how many guests you are likely to be invited around during the warm, summer months. If you’re lucky enough to have a large outdoor space, and you like entertaining, then you need to be looking for a garden furniture set with plenty of different seating options in order to create a relaxed welcoming feel. A city apartment or small house with a patio on the other hand, will benefit from a sleek bistro table and 2 chairs, or maybe just a bench if eating outside is not your thing.

There are a lot of choices to make when it comes to your patio furniture and I’d recommended going online when it comes to actually buying the garden furniture, do a little research and don’t just limit yourself to what’s available in the local garden centre. Choosing the right garden furniture for your garden space is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

At Lazy Susan we blog a lot about the different types of garden furniture, but with this post I wanted to try and help people choose the right garden furniture and make it last. As the garden and patio are becoming increasingly important areas of the home, so too is your garden furniture. People are now demanding stylish furniture that can withstand everything the British weather can throw at it.

It is always a worthwhile exercise to do a little research before buying any patio furniture. If you choose the right set from the off, it will bring you style, enjoyment and most importantly longevity. The first choice you need to make is between fold away furniture and solid furniture that can stay outside over winter. If you want your garden furniture to be a permanent part of your garden then it is best to go for heavy furniture made from hardwood, aluminium or wrought iron (just make sure it is protected with a rust proof paint). It is well worth spending the money on the heavier more durable materials as this will be much more cost effective in the long run.

Getting the right design and material will make all the difference. The best materials will work in harmony with the materials already present in your garden. Try to avoid any materials that will jar with the balance of your garden. You don’t want sleek contemporary aluminium garden furniture if you live in a small cottage in the Cotswolds. If you love your garden, then you’ll definitely want to ensure that you’ve got the best quality furniture available for when the summer months arrive.

Buying the right garden furniture can initially appear daunting as it is tricky to know which style you can buy or which material you need to consider choosing. Thanks to the web there are presently more places than ever to buy your garden furniture. If you look online you will usually find a considerable number of internet stores offer gardening products at a far reduced rate in comparison to their offline counterparts.

Whether you planning to entertain outdoors for a large number of people or are simply looking for a place to sit and relax with close family, choosing the right garden furniture can be a little tricky as there are so many designs and styles to choose from, especially when you start looking online. As I mentioned above… What will you use your garden furniture for? Who will be using it? Think about what you will use your garden furniture for, are you planning to have lots of BBQ’s or large parties? You may just want want a simple bistro table to sit at and drink morning coffee with your partner?

Think carefully about what and who will be using your outdoor furniture set as this will play a crucial part in the size of table and number of seats you require. If you have a large garden you can choose whether to have one large dining area or create several smaller seating areas around your garden that will enable you to catch the sun at different times of the day. If you have a young family and you want to create an outdoor dining area for you all to enjoy a BBQ during the summer, then consider a large rectangular table with stacking chairs. This way, if you can store additional chairs in the garage without taking up too much space and bring them out if you have family or friends over.

At Lazy Susan our bistro tables are extremely popular and are great for intimate outdoor dining or just sitting and relaxing with a book alone on a sunny weekend. If you enjoy having morning coffee with a friend outdoors in the sun this type of table and chairs is the perfect solution. A Bistro set is also a great option if you only have a limited amount of outdoor space.

If you plan to entertain lots of family and friends in your garden, then it is definitely worthwhile investing in a large outdoor table and chair set. At Lazy Susan you can purchase large tables with up to 12 chairs included and you always have the option of purchasing additional chairs for the set if required. If you do need to buy a large amount of outdoor furniture, then please check that you have sufficient storage space in your garage or shed to put any extra seating when it is not being used.

Once you’ve purchased the patio furniture, you have another little position dilemma… Where in the garden should the furniture go? You need to find a place to put it and he temptation can be to situate the garden chairs, garden tables and other such items next to your house. Not only is this convenient but it may also make sense from an aesthetic point of view. Be a little strategic and stop and think about the best position for your new garden furniture. Do you want sunshine, shade, a place where you can sit and watch the children play?

Whatever you do, don’t just position your new furniture next to your house by default as this may mean you fail to get the maximum use from it. If people ask Lazy Susan, we will always advise them that the best place for your garden furniture is the part of your garden that gets the most sunlight. Obviously, this only applies within reason, if there is a flower bed or garden shed in the way, then clearly you can’t pop your garden furniture there. However, if there is a flat clear space that is not occupied by other things, then you should consider creating some decking or a small patio there on which to place your furniture.

By doing this, you will ensure that you are able to get maximum use from the pieces of patio furniture. There is nothing worse than sitting outside in the shade watching sunlight stream down to another area and not being able to enjoy it. This is particularly true here in Britain, where often it is too cool to enjoy being outdoors when there is no sun. So, before you go ahead and place the products, make sure you take into account where the sun will hit your garden. For example, If you tend to use your garden furniture in the evening or for morning coffee and the papers, then position your garden furniture accordingly.

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