Where to place your new garden furniture?

Purchasing garden furniture for your patio is just as difficult as choosing traditional indoor furniture such as a sofa or dining table. The patio is in itself now viewed as an outdoor room and savvy consumers are treating it with the same attention to detail they’d give to the inside of their homes. So when considering all the various factors of your purchase, why not utilise the same design and theme for your outdoor living space as you have for the inside of your home. After all, your patio should be an extension of your home. You should derive the same pride you feel in your interior design for your patio and the wider garden in general and after you’ve set your vision on what you believe is the best garden furniture for the space you have, then the next phase is always to consider ways to get them in position.

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Consider the purpose of your patio. Is it for relaxation, or will you dine and host the odd BBQ there too? Does your sound system extend outside? Will you need a large table set for outdoor dining? Will there be a walkway leading from the home to the garden? Each of these is a design component. Decide the areas of use, and plan comfortable paths between them. For example, the patio may be divided into a cooking area and a place for guests to sit and relax. This is a good starting point for your patio design plans. Just remember to keep the area around your BBQ grill out of reach of the furniture and this will also keep small children and guests safe while they enjoy your patio party and this will make certain you won’t inconvenience your guests.

There are so many different ways you can now style and accessorize your deck or patio, from the materials used and planting schemes to the garden furniture and decor. And as with the interior, placement of your garden furniture on your patio is key. When selecting your garden furniture, think about all the aspects of your garden that you love and how you use your garden. For example, look at laying your furniture at a focal point. If you have some stunning views beyond the boundary of your garden such as the sea of countryside, them you should keep your tables and chairs in a position that allows you to take in the view. Facing a garden bench towards the view can be very eye-catching and will tempt visitors to sit down and take in the scenery. You can also create a focus by getting trees or bushes from the distance and putting small plants along with other ornaments close to the area where you’ll probably place your chairs and tables.

Keep in mind the way your patio is situated with regards to your home and how you access the patio. For example, if your furniture is going to be situated close to a conservatory or patio doors that lead into a sitting or living room, you need to make sure the styles of both rooms work well with one another. The farther away your pieces will be located, the greater your opportunities you have for a little more diversity as the spaces won’t clash. Make sure doorways and windows are open and easy to access when the furniture is in situ. Consider how the space is currently used and keep any walkways, steps, doorways and traffic patterns clear as they’re unlikely to change.

Try every alternative positions before arriving at a conclusion, well arranged garden furniture will enhance the feel of your overall garden. Also, purchase patio furniture that fits the space you will use it in appropriately. Furniture that is too large for the space will not allow room to walk while furniture that is too small will make your patio space seem empty and incomplete. Alternatively, if you like to move your seating area around on a regular basis to meet specific needs such as when the family just want to relax or if you’re hosting a party, then purchase lightweight wicker or cast aluminium patio furniture. Still stylish and sturdy, but light enough to easily move around.

To start with, always set your longest piece of furniture against the longest wall or railing. Once you have this piece in place, it will make arranging the remaining pieces so much easier. You can then place your chairs close to the longest piece to promote easy conversation and create an inviting ambiance. It is also a good idea to sit small tables near any sofa style or comfy seating area to accommodate a cup of tea and your favourite magazine. Place the tables as you would place end tables and coffee tables inside your home. For us the key is to position the furniture in an arrangement that is conducive to both comfort and conversation.

To us at Lazy Susan the garden is among the most significant elements any homeowner can look to improve to make the most of their property. Yet the kind of garden you can actually have is directly determined by the quantity of outdoor space that’s available. However, if you’ve only small amount of space available to you, this shouldn’t put you off, it just means that careful placement of garden furniture becomes even more critical. In a small garden it isn’t a big problem if you’re able to smartly arrange the garden furniture.

To begin with, your plants shouldn’t be simply strewn round the garden. There needs to be some thought into their position, how they fit with the overall scheme and you need to make sure they maintain a place where they’re visible. Planting should be there to be appreciated so do not hide them, otherwise what’s the point in having them. Group similar plants together and insert them in a suitable part of the garden or in containers on your decking or patio area. Clearing up your outdoor space before you purchase new garden furniture will not help make your garden look more pleasing to visitors, but it will create additional space for the furnishings to sit.

Unless of course you want to keep the old furniture look in your garden, it’s time to get the new furnishings. Contemporary outdoor furniture isn’t just functional, it can significantly improve the feel of your entire patio and garden. You will find a vast array of types and styles to choose from. Sofa style chairs and four piece coffee table style sets for example are a great alternative towards the dining style furnishings. When selecting the best furniture, you should always measure the space you’ve got available before you buy. As we’ve said many times before, don’t choose bigger pieces if space wouldn’t permit it.

Think of your outdoor furniture as you would your indoor furniture, meaning that your outdoor furniture can be used to create an outdoor room. Plan the space carefully and regardless of where the furniture is going be it a deck, patio or on the lawn, find or create a focal point. For example, many outdoor rooms feature fireplaces, and you can position your furniture around that. Draw out a floor plan and consider each piece of furniture that you want to purchase. Include any accessories like containers, fire pits, fountains etc in the plan. Coordinate the colours and themes of your furniture so that they match any decor or planting scheme that is already in place.

Accessorize your patio furniture arrangement with extras such as lighting, floor coverings and plants. Pillows add a finishing touch to any furniture arrangement. However, it is essential that you limit the bits of furniture and accessories in your garden. This really is to prevent getting an outdoor space with an excessive amount of clutter, where walking through becomes difficult because of the improper positioning of furnishings. These may also draw attention away from your guest from really appreciating the marvels inside your garden. Make certain that the pathways will always be open. Home windows and entrance doors ought to be accessible whatsoever occasions.

Provide a container for items like blankets or pillows. These items can be draped over the furniture when in use and stored away at night. Nice options are wooden containers made from the same material as your deck. Position comfy chairs next to lush floral blooms. These create nice spaces, particularly if they are in the corner of the yard. Add a tiki torch or outdoor lamp for a romantic feel in the evening. Decide how you want to add lighting to the area. Tiki torches bring a different feeling to a space than paper lanterns do. Take a look at your outdoor furniture and ask yourself what kind of lighting accessories would go best with it.

Our perfect patio? Simple… Place four or five sofa style chairs in a circle, add a low coffee table in the center. Cluster container plants around the outside of each chair. You could also consider buying a fire pit table as this will double up as a coffee table, it keeps the chill away and is a great feature for having a few outdoor drinks on a cool British summer evening.

About Lazy Susan

About Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan is a small family business that specialise exclusively in wicker, rattan and metal garden furniture, specifically cast aluminium. Visit www.lazysusanfurniture.co.uk to find out more and view our complete product range.

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