Why Lazy Susan blog?

The Lazy Susan blog has been up and running for around 6 years or so. We’ve invested a considerable amount of time in the content we publish. So I wanted to try and explain in a little more detail why Lazy Susan blog?

What started as a way to improve our position in Google has evolved into so much more. Of course search engines are massively important to our business.

We’re an online company, we need traffic. We need consumers to find our shop when they search for garden furniture.

However, sometimes you can feel a little held over a barrel by the search engines. Google have ultimate power.

Lazy Susan website and blog

The Lazy Susan blog and shop website

You must do a to z to rank well in our pages. You must not do this or we will drop your site down the rankings etc. It can be a minefield.

Content is king. So that’s the mantra we try to adhere to. The internet is awash with copy. Some great, some not so great.

So let’s stick to what we know. Let’s use our blog to offer advice to our customers, and introduce prospective consumers to our furniture.

Like many of these things, sometimes they seem to get over-complicated. Bogged down in techy jargon. People focus too much on search engine ranking, rather that just writing a good article.

At the end of the day, all Google want is to see that you’re not trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes. That you’re producing good content. You’re an authority in your chosen field. That you content delivers what it says on the tin.

Why Lazy Susan blog

The Lazy Susan blog is dedicated to garden furniture. That is what we sell. That is what we know best.

Our blog was started to share our knowledge of the industry, offer advice, and of course promote our business, our garden furniture.

The Lazy Susan Garden Furniture Blog features the latest news and views from our shop and the wider outdoor furniture industry.

From the latest garden furniture tips and trends, to care and maintenance, our dedicated editorial team try and cover it all.

If you’re looking to purchase new garden furniture, then before you buy, we like to think of this blog as the place to start.

Somewhere you can read impartial advice and make an informed buying decision. Where you can identify the right furniture for your garden and the requirements of your family.

And it is not just furniture. We use this blog to share our passion for gardening, garden design, in fact anything connected to the outside (and sometimes the inside) of your home.

But at the end of the day, it’s garden furniture that is our true passion.

Attract an audience

Blogging enables us, as a small family run business, to reach so many more people than we could with traditional (and not to mention costly) forms of advertising.

We can promote our business and our products to, well, to those online looking for new garden furniture. Blogging helps to attract new customers without asking them for anything in return.

The content is free. You’re free to read it, take our advice, but ultimately make your own choices. Click off and go elsewhere if you wish. If you feel our products are right for you based on what we’ve written, then even better.

Establish our authority

We approach the writing of our blog articles by trying to write posts that are relevant to our audience. To establish Lazy Susan as an authority on Garden Furniture.

I suppose it is a tall order for a relatively small fish in a big pond. A saying I think we’ve uses several times in recent articles, but a one I feel is very apt.

The garden furniture market in the UK is dominated by large multi-national retail chains. However, we only sell garden furniture.

We focus specifically on weatherproof cast aluminium too, a material we feel is best suited to the UK climate.

Our blogging enables us to champion that. Justify why we feel it is the right choice. It is a way for us to share the benefit of our experience, our passion for garden furniture.

Build a rapport and engage with Lazy Susan customers

We are a business at the end of the day. And like any business, we are in it to make money. We need to sell our garden furniture.

The blog can help convert traffic – those people searching Google for new garden furniture – into sales leads. Hopefully, the product itself then turns those leads into clicks to buy in our shop.

And for those who’ve purchased Lazy Susan furniture, it hopefully becomes a useful tool too. Offering advice on everything from cleaning and maintenance, to security and safe storage.

Help us grow

Blogging isn’t just one way traffic too. And by that I mean, it is not just us telling you our opinions. Yes, we share the benefit of our experience, but our blog has opened the channels of communication.

Comments can be left on all our posts, we’ve actively encouraged customers to get involved with our site through testimonials and sharing photographs of their new furniture.

It has also helped us to greatly improve our knowledge of the industry, and in turn influenced our business in terms of service and product development.

When I start writing a new blog post, I have to draft and outline of what I want to say. Often, there’s gaps in my knowledge. I’ll have to do a little research and fill them in.

Writing this blog helps us become more familiar with the subjects we’re writing about. Gain a better understanding of the wider industry, products we don’t sell etc.

Tell our story

Our blog is often viewed as news platform too, a place where we can basically be our own media company. We can share things such as our charity work, promote the charities we support etc.

We can tell you the Lazy Susan story the way we want it to be told.

We’re not dependent on traditional forms of paid media such as PR and advertising, we’re not reliant on journalists etc deciding if what we want to say is newsworthy or not.

Lazy Susan can decide what information we feel is worth sharing with our audience.

It is down to us what information we want to include. And that allows us to ensure that all information included in the blog is factual and relevant to our audience.

Connect with new potential customers

The audience we attract through the Lazy Susan blog isn’t necessarily our audience too. It is not just existing customers. It is used to attract new customers too.

Many people have purchased Lazy Susan furniture after finding us via the blog.

They might not of started their search looking for ‘Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture’ but one of the key aims of our blog is to sell the benefits of the furniture we sell.

Justify why we believe you should choose our furniture over the next companies furniture. But also, help you make the decision easily. How to choose the right style, pieces of furniture, how to measure and so on.

Stand out from the competition

We touched on the high number and incredibly diverse levels of competition in the UK furniture market in our recent UK garden furniture market 2018 post.

The UK garden furniture market 2018

It is dominated by the large national DIY stores, Supermarkets, Department Stores etc.

Competing with them on a level playing field is almost impossible. We just can’t match their levels of advertising and PR spend for example.

As the 1% rule goes, only 1% of Internet users actively create new content, while the other 99% just look at it/read it.

Lazy Susan can differentiate ourselves from the 99%. We can try and level the playing field with our larger competitors. Position ourselves as an authority in our industry, make our voice heard.

After all, standing out from the crowd is essential in an increasingly competitive and diverse market.

Make money

Let’s not kid ourselves, I’ve already said this, we’re in the business of making money. We want to sell garden furniture. But at the same time, we believe in our range.

We know it is perfect for the British garden. It is designed to stand up to the elements. We always try to be honest. We don’t sell teak furniture for example, but we often champion it on this blog.

We’ve promoted competitors, if we think they’ve got garden furniture that’s worth sharing. We’ve promoted many products such as cleaning solutions, protective covers etc that are not part of our range.

Yes, of course we use it as a platform to promote our business and our furniture, but we try to always be fair, honest and subjective. Provide information that’ll help our readers in some way.

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