Why is wicker outdoor furniture so popular?

If you are thinking about updating your patio then you should look no further than wicker outdoor furniture. It is incredibly lightweight, but strudy. Well-designed, low maintenance and delivering excellent value for money. What’s not to like?

If you’re concerned about the design, then you don’t need to worry. It doesn’t matter if you like the more contemporary stylings or a timeless classical look, wicker will fit effortlessly with any style of home décor.

The fact that Lazy Susan Rattan Wicker Style Furniture dates back well before Victorian times is testament to its versatility. We’ve seen a recent explosion of new wicker style furniture, due primarily to the advancements made with poly-rattan.

Wicker is more widely used than ever before and synthetic rattan has brought it bang up to date. Taking this traditional weaving technique and using modern materials to deliver great looks with a nod to classic design.

However, if you thought that wicker style furniture is a recent invention then, like me, you’d be way off the mark.

Stephanie 6 Seater Rattan Wicker Garden Table

Wicker Rattan Garden Furniture by Lazy Susan

The history of wicker furniture goes all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. They took the idea of using reeds to make furniture and baskets. And just to clarify, the term ‘wicker’ is the process of weaving and not the actual material used.

The Egyptian’s took the reeds that grew on the banks of the Nile and started weaving them around a wooden frame to make simple but functional furniture. It wasn’t long before these items became popular with the Roman’s, who then started to make their own wicker style furniture.

By the 16th and 17th centuries wicker furniture was popular in Europe and when it eventually arrived in Asia, they discovered they could use locally grown rattan, an even more versatile and durable reed.

Jennifer Rattan Stacking 2 Setaer Garden Set

Wicker Rattan Garden Furniture by Lazy Susan

The name rattan comes from the many varieties of climbing palms that grow in the tropical areas of Africa and Asia. The skin from these palms is stripped and then woven around a frame to form the furniture.

Conservatory style furniture has been around since Victorian times. They were obsessed with cleanliness. Rattan furniture offered a more hygienic alternative to upholstered furniture, as it collects significantly less dust, and is easier to clean.

To begin with the Victorian’s used the furniture for outside use, but they decided to start bringing it inside as the attractive designs made it more than just lawn furniture. In the early 1900’s rattan furniture became less popular, but by the 1960’s and 1970’s its popularity was on the rise again, along withe a return in demand for summer rooms and conservatories.

The use of synthetic plastic rattan has allowed more everyday furniture to be constructed and this in turn has raised its popularity further.

Today’s synthetic rattan is woven around a steel or aluminium tubular frames, which helps reduce the weight and production cost of the furniture. The rattan is made from a synthetic resin mixture that can be moulded at high temperatures, making it weatherproof and just as versatile as its natural counterpart.

However, the fact that synthetic rattan will not fade as easily as natural wicker furniture is the main reason it is so on trend at the moment. It requires significantly less maintenance and to clean, just give it hoover and wipe it down with a damp cloth. Plus it can be left outside.

But be it natural or synthetic, you’re guaranteed great looks with maximum comfort regardless!

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