Winter Container Gardening Advice

Just because the weather is getting a little cold, in fact we had our first frost this morning, doesn’t mean we need to stop enjoying our garden.

If you want to keep a splash of colour and interest, then winter container gardening will help to brighten thing up, even through the British Winter.

The following tips from the Lazy Susan team will help you protect your containers from the British winter and encourage them to thrive.

Plant Mature Plants

Plants only grow a little during the, you want instant colour and impact, so plant a number of mature. And make sure you get enough plants to fill the containers you have.

Mature plants will also be better suited to the colder conditions than young tender plants too.

Water Your Containers

The key to healthy containers is to make sure the soil is kept moist, they dry our very quick even in Autumn/Winter. Plus soil that is moist will hold in significantly more heat than dry soil.

Plants have a better chance of surviving colder conditions if they aren’t parched. But whatever you do, don’t overwater… This do as much harm as leaving them thirsty!

Move Your Containers

As long as they’re not too big and heavy, then the best thing to do is simply move your containers inside at night. If you do have large containers, then maybe scale them back to three smaller pots?

This way, you can avoid the coldest snaps, then bring then back outside when the temp warms up. Plus you can move them around the garden to get a little extra sun if you’re so inclined.

In the Lazy Susan showroom garden we load our containers onto a flatbed trolley, then wheel them into the warehouse in the evening and back out in the morning.

I appreciate this is a little time consuming, and that we have to keep things looking tip top all-year-round, but it really does help plants to flourish.

Cover Your Containers

When the sun goes down, your soil will release some of the heat that’s built up during the day. To keep it in and protect your plants from the frost, cover them.

It’s not always possible to bring your plants inside for the winter and if that is the case, then you must cover them. A quick search online, will bring up a variety of different solutions. Heck you can get creative and make your own.

We tend to go for the fleece style frost covers and cloches. They’re easy to pop on and will offer protection right down to -10°C.

The fleece material allows air and light to penetrate, which basically creates snug protective micro climate inside for your containers.

Buy The Right Containers

And the final piece of advice the team here can impart, always go for frost-proof terracotta pots or containers made from plastic, fibreglass or timber.

These materials are perfect for absorbing heat through the day and retaining it at night.

Winter Container Gardening Ideas

This video from eHow has some great tips for what veg will grow in a winter container garden:

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