Winter gardening tips

Are you gardening in freezing temperatures? Check out some of Lazy Susan’s favourite winter gardening videos… Winterizing your garden can save you lots of time in the Spring.

The first video (below) from John at Growing Your Greens takes you on a field trip to Tonopah Community Garden and the Spring Preserve in Las Vegas, NV to see what is growing in the desert during the winter time.

The daytime temperature was 37 and the nighttime low was 26 degrees… Okay not as cold as the UK in winter, but Lazy Susan still enjoyed the video and you have to admire John’s passion for veg.

The video below from Green Talk show’s you what is still growing in their winter garden.

Next up is a great (see below) video from Yolanda Vanveen that shows you how to plant a winter vegetable garden, choose plants that can withstand the colder climate, such as spinach, broccoli, kale and different types of lettuce.

Stagger the vegetables throughout the season to enjoy them all winter long with helpful information from a sustainable gardener in this free video on growing food.

How could we forget the UK? Well, as the government reveals its plans to launch a ‘grow your own’ revolution, allotment tenant and Gardeners’ World presenter Alys Fowler (who we love at Lazy Susan) explains how to use the best of the winter weather to compost common weeds and plant next year’s garlic crop (see video below).

This video from David at the Burleydam Garden Centre on the Wirral, explains how you can force grow rhubarb and how to select plants for colour in January…

And the final video (below) is also from John at This time he takes you on a tour of what he is growing in his harbor freight 10×12 greenhouse. He also talks about the advantages of growing in a greenhouse and why you should purchase one if your serious about growing food all year round.

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