No matter where you live, you can grow vegetables!

Gardening is regaining popularity as a pastime for all types of people, with gardens popping up in the most unexpected places. While the traditional image of a garden may not exactly fit into the reality of most urban environments, the fact is you can grow your own food whether you live on a rural farm or in a tiny London apartment.

Urban gardening is all about using space wisely to regain a closer connection with your food and beautify both your home and the wider area you live. There are a handful of different types of urban gardens, and the ones we’re going to focus on here are indoor gardening, container gardening, community gardening and my personal fave guerilla gardening.  

Perhaps you’ve got a tiny townhouse yard, a balcony, a south-facing window – or perhaps you live in a basement apartment that won’t support anything but damp mold. You can still grow vegetables or fruit and save a considerable amount of money. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the freshest, healthiest produce possible?

No matter where you live, you can grow vegetables!

Container Gardening – Growing Food on a Small Scale

Container gardening allows those of us with gardens to grow pretty much anything in pretty much anything that will hold soil.

In this video from John from, he goes on a field trip to a viewers home to share with you their backyard container garden.

In this episode you will learn exactly how you can set up a backyard container garden which is an excellent way to grow a garden if you rent or have commitment phobias about making changes to your property.

After watching this episode you will have the knowledge you need to get out and grow a organic vegetable garden today, so you can start harvesting your own fresh vegetables and fruits and tasting the difference tomorrow.

Indoor Gardening – Flat Dwellers Can Grow Food, Too!

Okay, so growing potatoes indoors probably isn’t all that feasible, but any window in your home that gets around 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day can support leaf crops like lettuce or small-crop tomatoes, peppers, root crops and even green beans.

This video shows you exactly how to grow plants indoors easily with pots soil, and light.

Community Gardening – Rent a Plot in Your Neighborhood

If you don’t have any space at all to grow plants, community gardening may be your best bet. Most towns and cities have some kind of community garden program, where residents can rent a plot of land for a small fee (it’s even free in some places).

There are an estimated 500 community gardens in the UK, allowing people who don’t have land of their own or who simply want the community experience to grow food. The scope of what a community garden can achieve varies widely.

Another video from John from and this one goes on a field trip to a new community garden in Boca Raton, Florida to share with you some best practices for growing in a community garden or at home.

In this final video, you will learn some techniques that you will want to consider when growing food at a community garden or at home. After watching this episode you will discover the #1 secret for having sucess when gardening.

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