Do not let the rain put you off buying new patio furniture

It has been raining cats and dogs but should we let all this rain put us off buying new patio furniture or is now the perfect time to buy?

I think it would be fair to say that 2024 has been a bit of a damp squib so far - Weather for ducks is probably more apt! The latest figures from the Met Office show that we’ve been soaked by record rainfall in the last 18 months too.

This all adds up to the highest level of rainfall over any 18 months since the Met Office began recording data way back in 1836. Last month alone saw 62% more rainfall than the March average, so it’s fair to say it has been “raining cats and dogs”.

In a recent article in the Independent, Met Office scientist Emily Carlisle stated:

“Many will remember how wet March 2024 has been, with a succession of fronts and the influence of low pressure seemingly never too far away from the UK. Coming off the back of a wet winter and what has been a wet start to the year, many areas have very saturated ground, which has increased the sensitivity to rainfall events in recent weeks.”

Here at Lazy Susan, we’re just hoping a soggy spring will make way for a sunny summer. For us, when the sun shines, people buy new patio furniture. Makes perfect sense. Relaxing in our gardens is the last thing we’re thinking of when it is bucketing down. Are we missing a trick though? Should we hold off until the rain stops? Or should buy new patio furniture before the start of summer?

When is the best time to buy new garden furniture for your outdoor space?

When is the best time to buy new garden furniture for your outdoor space?

At Lazy Susan we think the best time to buy new outdoor furniture is when you find the right type (patio sofa set, patio dining table set, etc) and style (classical, modern, colour, etc) of furniture that suits your needs and preferences. Functionality is key and the best patio sets are the ones that get us outside (when the rain stops) and make the most of our gardens.

Of course, we should also keep an eye out for a good deal. If you can get the set you love in a sale or with a promotional discount then that is a win-win. We should shop around to find the best value for our budgets. At Lazy Susan we would encourage that. We are confident that our collection offers excellent value for money. You might find it cheaper in a lesser material but will it last as long with as little maintenance?

As an industry, we tend to have a promotional calendar that we all follow, and that is linked to the seasons and the high street. Here at Lazy Susan, as an online retailer, we can go further than the end-of-season stuff and you’ll find regular Promotions and Competitions on our homepage and across our website all year round.

As a general rule of thumb though, the following are when you are most likely to find discounts and promotions across the patio furniture and wider garden sector:

  1. Off-Season
    Buying new patio furniture during the off-season of autumn and winter is often when you find some of the most substantial savings. Retailers will offer discounts to encourage sales during the slower months when demand for our furniture is at its lowest.

  2. Key Holidays
    Keep an eye out for holiday sale events such as our recent 20% off for Easter. Similar holidays such as Christmas, bank holidays and popular events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday will see many retailers, us included, offering promotions and discounts at these times of the year.

  3. Spring
    If you prefer to purchase your garden furniture before the peak summer season, then spring is a great time to buy. Even if it is raining, this is when we may introduce new ranges and we will often offer promotional incentives or discounts to attract customers as the weather starts to pick up. Buying now also means the set you like is more likely to be in stock. It can then be delivered quickly, set up on your patio, and ready to use for the arrival of summer!

  4. Clearance
    Throughout the year, retailers will also offer clearance sales or discounts on discontinued models, display pieces, etc. The selection is often limited, but you can often find significant savings on high-quality furniture. Our advice would be to make sure it is the exact set (in terms of size, style, colour, etc) you want though. Don’t compromise!

  5. Summer
    As we stated in our intro. Summer is the time many of us buy. When the sun shines we turn our attention to our outside spaces.  Buying in summer ensures you have access to a wider selection, you can take advantage of seasonal discounts (we are more active in summer than any other time of year), and of course, you can immediately start using and enjoying your furniture during the warmer months.

  6. End-of-Season
    One of the more popular times to grab a patio furniture bargain is at the end of the summer season in September and October. Many retailers will offer significant discounts and clearance sales during this time to make room for new lines or to clear space in showrooms and warehouses. You can often find great deals, but again, as with clearance sales, we would advise caution and only buy what is the right fit for your outside space and how you like to use it!

Why buy new furniture from Lazy Susan in spring?

Why buy new furniture from Lazy Susan in spring?

Of course, the best time to purchase anything is not at a specific time of year but when you have the funds and all your ducks in a row. When purchasing a new patio set it is important to do your research, compare prices from different retailers, and consider factors like shipping costs and return policies, etc before you click buy. And online, that can be done all year round.

Additionally, it is always a good idea to set a budget and stick to it to avoid overspending on expensive items like furniture. That said, the weather and time of year do play a big part if you’re looking for a good deal. There’s a strong argument for waiting until the rain stops before purchasing new garden furniture but if you can get exactly what you want in say a spring promotion, then it would be rude not to.

Also worth noting, our range, like the majority in-store and online, is supplied Ready-To-Assemble, so legs will need fixing to tabletops, armrests to chairs, etc. This makes it easier and safer to store and transport. Setting up your new patio set is often best done outside though. In wet conditions that could be a little inconvenient. It's generally better to wait for a nice day to ensure a smoother, more enjoyable experience and get it set up in situ on your patio.

If you're purchasing our furniture then it is specifically designed to withstand outdoor conditions. It is a weather-resistant material, so there would be nothing stopping you from assembling it in the rain and leaving it outside at this time of year. Whilst ordering on rainy days is fine, even receiving the delivery, assembly is best done when the sun is shining.

Just something to think about. If you do have any concerns about stock levels or delivery times, then please don't hesitate to speak to our customer service team. Setting-up aside, there are several advantages to buying now...

Buying new outdoor furniture in spring offers several benefits

  1. Get ready for summer
    Purchasing garden furniture in spring will allow you to get organised and prepare your outdoor space well in advance of the summer season. This ensures that you're ready to enjoy your outdoor living area as soon as the - fingers crossed in the UK - warmer weather arrives.

  2. Beat the rush
    Spring is also typically the time when we start thinking about sprucing up our outdoor spaces for the upcoming summer months. By purchasing your furniture now, you can avoid the summer rush and any potential stock shortages that can occur in peak season when demand is higher.

  3. Extend the use
    Buying garden furniture in spring will also give you a longer period to enjoy your new outdoor setup. Buying when the rain is falling instead of waiting for the sun to shine means you can start using your patio furniture earlier in the season and continue to enjoy it throughout the summer months.

  4. Grab a promo discount
    As discussed above, many retailers offer special sales and promotions on outdoor furniture during the spring months to attract new customers. We have just recently run our Easter Promotion and we have more planned for the coming months leading up to the start of summer and beyond. Taking advantage of these deals and discounts can help you save money on your purchase and get more value for your investment.

  5. Plan and design your patio
    Purchasing garden furniture in spring also gives you ample time to plan and design your outdoor space helping you create a new look and establish how you can make the most of the space in terms of style and function. You can carefully choose the right sets or pieces that complement your landscaping, decor, and lifestyle, ensuring a cohesive and functional outdoor living area come summer.

  6. Buy what you need and want
    Many in our industry will release our latest designs and collections in spring. By shopping early, you'll have access to a wider selection of styles, colours, and materials to choose from, things can sell out fast when the sun shines, so it allows you ample time to find the perfect set that suits your taste and needs.

Buying new outdoor furniture in spring offers several benefits

Buying new garden furniture in spring when the “April showers are bringing May flowers” will allow you to prepare ahead of time, take advantage of early season promotions, and allow you to enjoy your outdoor space from the start of summer 2024. However, the best time to buy is when you can afford to do so and you have all the info you need to make an informed purchase.

If you have any photos of your new Lazy Susan Patio Set, we’d love to see a few for our Do Some Good charity campaign. You can tag us @LazySusanFurniture on Instagram or Facebook or Upload Here.

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