How do you save money on outdoor furniture?

If you want to know how to save money on our outdoor furniture, then this article has all you need to know to help you get a great deal from Lazy Susan.

There is no escaping the fact we are in a cost-of-living crisis. The triple whammy of high inflation, tax increases and the global cost of energy spiralling out of control is causing our bills to skyrocket. 

We are in the grip of a dramatic fall in 'real' income, so anything we can do to save money is, of course, definitely most welcome. 

The dilemma many of us have when it comes to our gardens is that they can be expensive to maintain but a source of escape and much joy.

There’s much we can do to save money and we have an article that looks at how we can do just that in a sustainable way coming later this month.

How do you save money on outdoor furniture?

However, when it comes to outdoor furniture we won’t make any attempt to claim it is an essential item. It is a luxury for sure. But it is a pretty important component if you want to use and enjoy your garden weather permitting.

It is also a big ticket item when it comes to the larger outdoor sets but we firmly believe you get what you pay for. Yes, you can buy cheap sets but will they be designed to sit outside and stand up to the elements? 

Buy cheap buy twice as the old saying goes. It is a false economy. If it costs you less in the short term but you have to replace it in a few years then that is money wasted not saved. 

With less money in our pockets to spend, our gardens become super important though. You need to be able to relax in them in comfort, and that requires good outdoor furniture. 

That’s where we can hopefully try and help a little. There are a number of ways you can save money on our quality metal outdoor furniture when you shop online with Lazy Susan.

The Lazy Susan End of Season Sale

The Lazy Susan End of Season Sale

We have just announced the start our end of season sale, where you could save up to £200 on a fantastic range of garden tables and accessories.

Highlights include our 13” Cozze Pizza Oven in Black pictured above. This was £199 and is now £149 while stocks last. It will pre-heat in only 20 minutes and cooks homemade pizza in just 2 minutes.

Shop our End of Season Sale

Lazy Susan Outdoor Furniture Bundle Deals

Most of the promotions we do here at Lazy Susan are to reward loyalty or promote our charity work. Unlike many in our industry, we don’t sell fad furniture, so much of our range rolls over from one summer season to the next.

The best way to save money with us is via our bundle deals. Purchasing our sets and complimenting them with other pieces of furniture and accessories to make big savings.

For example, if you purchase our best-selling June Oval 6 Seater Set in Antique Bronze (pictured above), you have the option to add a reduced price Garden Bench or Parasol with savings up to 60% off. You’ll find these deals on each of our product pages across our shop and they vary from set to set.

We would rather give you a discount for purchasing multiple pieces from us and that way you can take our outdoor table and chair sets and further enhance them with accessories, outdoor cushions and parasols all with big discounts!

Our best-selling June 6 Seater Oval Set is currently priced at £959.95. If you wanted to purchase 6 Seat Pad Cushions for the April Garden Chairs we supply as standard with this set, then they would set you back £135 for the 6. If you wanted the Curve Back Cushions (pictured below) that would be an additional £225.

However, add them as a gift at checkout when you purchase the June set, and it will only cost you £87 for the 6 x Seat Pad Cushions and £147 for the Curve Back Cushions. 

A parasol (pictured above) is normally £199.95 if purchased separately but only £89.95 if added as a gift bundle deal with our June 6 Seater Oval Set.

You also have the option with June to add a London Rose Bistro Set (normally £159.95, get it for £130 when bundled with our June Set) or Jasmin Garden Bench (normally £199.95, get it for only £120)and save up to 40% off the individual purchase price.

Our 10% Discount Code off all Outdoor Furniture

Our 10% Discount Code off all Outdoor Furniture

Also worth keeping an eye on is our Promotions page as throughout the year we run regular deals and offer various discount codes. 

At the moment you will find details of our recently expired summer season 10% discount code that entitled any customer to a 10% discount from the current selling price of all products in their order.

Unfortunately, that 10% discount code was valid from 15th July 22 to 31st September 2022 but it proved to be extremely popular, so I'm sure we'll do something similar next summer

So before you buy from us, be sure to check our Promotions page.

Lazy Susan Outdoor Furniture Price Promise

Lazy Susan Outdoor Furniture Price Promise

Not so much a way to save money on outdoor furniture but more a  way to ensure you get the best quality for your money is our Price Promise.

Our Price Promise is to match any furniture price that is exactly the same as ours. We will require proof of the offer, as well as photographs to show it is exactly the same as our product. And the product has to be the same as ours, as then we can ensure it is of the same high-grade cast aluminium. 

As an online business, we are able to price our furniture extremely competitively, and we are therefore confident our prices reflect the high-quality product and the first-class service you will receive. 

You will find full details on our Price Promise page.

Lazy Susan Competitions

At the time of publishing this blog post all our competitions are closed but we run them on a regular basis.

Lazy Susan Competitions

Details of our last competition, which ended on 2nd September 2022, are pictured above.

We love seeing how our customers style their Lazy Susan furniture, and That’s why we showcase as many photos as possible on our website to help inspire others

To celebrate that we ran a competition for the best customer photo. The winner received one of our stunning London Rose Bistro Sets in a colour of their choice.

Lazy Susan Competitions

Congratulations again to Nicola whose entry is pictured above!

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If you have any questions about our furniture, sales, promotions, competitions or discounts, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team.

If you’ve got any photos of your Lazy Susan garden furniture in situ, then we’d love to see a few snaps for our Do Some Good charity campaign.  

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