Choosing the right metal garden table and chairs for your outdoor space

If you like our style but you’re unsure which metal garden table and chairs would be best, then we’re looking at the different types, shapes, colours and sizes in our collection to help you decide…

We recently shared our comprehensive guide to choosing the perfect garden table and chairs and that’s a fab primer for anyone who has not purchased a metal garden table and chairs before, is new to Lazy Susan or, is a little unsure of the reasons why it’s perfectly suited to the UK climate.

However, if you’ve already decided that you like the cut of our jib, then in this post we want to look a little closer to home and discuss the different types, shapes, colours and sizes of garden table sets that we sell and how you can decide which will be best for your needs and your outdoor space.

We’ll walk you through the decision-making process, look at some of the fundamental questions you need to ask and explore how the different types of metal garden tables and chairs we sell might best fit on your patio. 

How do you decide which metal garden table and chairs are best for you?

How do you decide which garden table set is best for you?

When it comes to deciding which garden table set is best from our collection - or our competitors for that matter - the main selection criteria can be broken down into 4 questions:

  1. What type of garden table and chairs?
  2. What shape garden table?
  3. What size garden table?
  4. What colour garden table and chairs? 

Within each of those main questions, there’s a whole host of things to consider to ensure you get not only the best value for money but also a garden table that fits with how you like to use it and in the outdoor space you want it to sit. 

What type of metal garden table and chairs?

What type of garden table set?

When we talk about the “type” of garden table set, we refer to the different sets you can buy such as garden dining tables, picnic-style tables, bistro tables, low coffee tables, etc. 

In order to determine which type of table is right for you, ask yourself the following questions when doing your research:

  1. Purpose
    Establish how you plan to use your new garden table set. Will it be mainly for al fresco dining, morning coffee with friends, hosting family BBQs, or maybe even as a work or craft spot? This will help you focus on the specific features, size and seating requirements you need. Our How to buy the right type of garden table set post has some great tips if you need a little further help.
  2. Space
    The available free space in your garden or patio area is ultimately what will dictate which garden table sets you can buy. Measure the dimensions to ensure the table fits comfortably, that there is space for the garden chairs and room for people to sit comfortably and then move around safely and comfortably when in situ. Our How to choose the right size garden table set article has all the info you need if you’re unsure of how to do it.
  3. Material
    Deciding on the type of material you prefer for your garden table is a decision best made with a little research. Knowing the pros and cons of the popular options such as wood, metal, rattan, or plastic can help you decide which performs best in terms of durability, maintenance and good looks. Consider factors such as weather resistance, maintenance time and effort, and how well that material fits with the rest of your home and garden. Our Comprehensive guide to choosing the perfect garden table set covers this subject in detail.
  4. Style
    Style is often determined by the themes you have running through your home and garden and influenced by your own personal taste. You simply need to consider if you prefer modern, rustic, or classic design to ensure you purchase a set that best complements and enhances your outdoor space.
  5. Special Features
    Another factor to consider is any additional features or functionality that may enhance your enjoyment of your new garden table. For example, when you purchase from us we offer a range of fab bundles deals that include items such as Cushions, Parasols and our stylish Lazy Susan Turntables.
  6. Budget
    Our advice when it comes to how much you need to spend, set a budget, and stick to it. Prices will vary greatly depending on the material, size and who you’re buying it from. Set yourself a budget range you’re comfortable with but also look at ways you can get good value for money. And by value for money, we don’t just mean an end-of-season sale. True value for money is a garden table set that will live at the heart of your garden and get regular use.
  7. Customer Reviews
    Customer reviews, photos and recommendations are a great way to build up a picture of what you’re buying, especially if it is with an online retailer such as us. Our extensive Customer Photo Gallery will show you what our garden table sets look like in real gardens not some staged photoshoot and are TrustPilot reviews will provide you honest insight and first-hand experience of both our products and customer service.
  8. Maintenance
    One many overlook but one we think is important is how much time and effort you’re prepared to invest in maintaining your garden table set. Many materials such as wood and iron require regular maintenance like cleaning, sanding, or applying a new protective coating to keep them weather-resistant. While others, such as our cast aluminium range or plastic furniture are relatively low maintenance. Assess how much time and effort you are willing to invest in maintaining the appearance and condition. Our How to maintain and care for our garden table sets has all the info you need to know about cleaning and protecting our range.

In the Lazy Susan range, we provide a number of different types of garden table sets:

  1. Metal Garden Dining Table & Chairs
    Our large 8-Seater and 10+ Seater Garden Tables & Chairs
  2. Metal Garden Family Table & Chairs
    Our mid-sized 4 and 6-Seater Family Sized Garden Tables & Chairs
  3. Metal Garden Bistro Table & Chairs
    Our smaller 2 and 4-Seater Café-Style Garden Tables & Chairs

What shape garden table? 

The best shape of a garden table really depends on personal preference and the layout of your garden.  

The popular shapes of garden table set on sale in the UK are oval, rectangle, round, and square, and they each have some subtle differences in terms of how they fit and function:

  1. Oval Garden Tables
    An excellent all-rounder, they perfectly balance the semi-formal seating of a rectangular with the more casual outdoor dining style of a round table.
  2. Rectangle Garden Tables
    Rectangle tables offer a versatile dining experience and can accommodate large groups of people. Great for a large garden party they can also be pushed up against a wall or fence if space is limited.
  3. Round Garden Tables
    A great social shape they encourage conversation as everyone is facing each other. Ideal for smaller gatherings whereby they help to create a more intimate and cosy setting.
  4. Square Garden Tables
    Combining the benefits of rectangular and round tables, they’re best suited to smaller family-sized groups and offer a balanced layout for conversation to flow.

Ultimately, the best shape of table for you is the one that fits with how you like to use the space and also complements the overall design of (and shapes in) your garden. 

At Lazy Susan we offer all 4 popular shapes in a range of table sizes and seating options, so we have you covered no matter what will work for you and your outdoor space:

  1. Oval Garden Table Sets
    10 Seater Oval Garden Table Sets
    8-Seater Oval Garden Table Sets
    6-Seater Oval Garden Table Sets
    4-Seater Oval Garden Table Sets
  2. Rectangular Garden Table Sets
    10-Seater Rectangular Garden Table Sets
    8-Seater Rectangular Garden Table Sets
    6-Seater Rectangular Garden Table Sets
  3. Round Garden Table Sets
    8-Seater Round Garden Table Sets
    6-Seater Round Garden Table Sets
    4-Seater Round Garden Table Sets
    2-Seater Round Garden Bistro Table Sets
  4. Square Garden Table Sets
    8-Seater Square Garden Table Sets
    4-Seater Square Garden Table Sets

What size set of metal garden table and chairs do you need?

What size garden table set?

Getting sets that are too big for the space or too small that they look a little lost on the patio are mistakes we see all too often. 

There are several critical factors to consider when deciding what size metal garden table and chairs to purchase:

  1. Free Space
    Measure the area where you plan to put the metal garden table and chairs. This will give you a rough idea of the maximum dimensions you can accommodate but as mentioned above remember to leave space to move around and use correctly. We advise around 150 cm around the table.
  2. Seats
    Consider how many people you typically entertain or how many family members will be using the table on a regular basis. If you frequently host large garden parties, then you may need a dining-style table that can accommodate 8+ guests. If space is limited then a 2-seater Bistro set might suffice.
  3. Use
    Think about how you plan to use your new garden table. If it will primarily be used for dining, you'll need a table that can accommodate the number of chairs you want to place around it comfortably. If it's more for laid-back brunches with the family, then a 4-seater might be a better option.
  4. Functionality
    Think about any specific features you want from a garden table, such as parasols, cushions, or an extension mechanism. These may only be available on a larger size set, for example.
  5. Budget
    Lastly, don’t forget your budget. A larger table is more expensive than a bistro set, so decide how much you are willing to spend before making a purchase. 

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision on the size of the garden table that will best suit your needs and preferences. 

Our collection is available in the following set sizes: 

  1. 2-Seater Metal Garden Bistro Table & Chairs
  2. 4-Seater Metal Garden Table & Chairs
  3. 6-Seater Metal Garden Table & Chairs
  4. 8-Seater Metal Garden Table & Chairs
  5. 10+ Seater Metal Garden Table & Chairs

What colour metal garden table and chairs?

What colour garden table set?

The choice of colour is often subjective and depends on personal preference, but it can have a significant impact on the overall aesthetic and theme of your outdoor space. 

Our collection is limited to 3 finishes but they each have a definitive look, other styles of garden tables will bring something different too. Still, you can generally break the options down into 3 main groups:

  1. Wood Finish
    Many people prefer the warm look of natural wood for their garden furniture. It blends well with planting and creates a timeless rustic feel.
  2. Neutral Finish
    If you want versatility, then timeless neutral colours such as our antique bronze, beige, grey, or white are excellent choices, providing a clean look that’s easy to match with any outdoor decor scheme or garden design.
  3. Bold Finish
    If you want the opposite of that, then add a pop of colour to your garden with bold and vibrant shades like orange, pink, blue, or yellow to make a big statement. Hard to pull off but it can make a real impact if you get it right.

Ultimately, what's important is you pick a colour that you think looks good and complements your outdoor space.

In our collection, we offer our garden table sets in a range of timeless neutral-painted finishes that won’t go out of style:

  1. Black
    Our eye-catching Antique Bronze garden tables and chairs have a premium black coat with beautifully flecked bronze throughout, explore our bestselling range today.
  2. Grey
    Our Grey finish puts a more contemporary twist on a classic that is both timeless and sophisticated.
  3. White
    Our white garden tables and chairs exude a romantic charm that is clean, fresh and timeless. 

Essential metal garden tables and chairs for Summer 2023

Essential garden table sets for Summer 2023

Lazy Susan can get you set for Summer 2023 with our beautifully crafted, maintenance-free metal garden tables and chairs.

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