Customer Photo Gallery

We really do appreciate our customers sending through photographs of their furniture sets in situ. We feel others that visit the site really want to know what the furniture will look like in different settings, and having now collected over 2000 images, we hope you agree they all look great!

In 2016, we have launched with our staff a fundraising appeal,, and raised over £15,000 in the past 12 months to help provide essential clean water to some of those 663 million that don't have it.

We aim to do even better during the next 12 months, so please help us now and take a snap of the table in the Winter Sunshine or with a sharp frost and you will be helping us all to 'Do some good'.

It takes just a few minutes to take some photos of your Lazy Susan garden furniture and then simply email them to us [email protected]
We will immediately donate on your behalf £20 for a set of photos showing family and friends using the furniture, or the furniture all dressed and ready to be used. You can track our current campaign with Charity Water here

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