Can garden furniture be left outside?

Garden furniture ideas from Lazy Susan

Where to buy garden furniture...

Garden Furniture 101

Garden Furniture 101

I’ll be honest, I struggled with what to call this article. I knew I wanted it to be a comprehensive…

Can garden furniture be left outside?

Can garden furniture be left outside?

We touched on this subject in our recent Garden Furniture 101 post, however, in that article we took a bit of a broad brush approach. So I wanted to focus in on our collection and answer the question of can garden furniture be left outside? Of course, anything that calls itself garden or outdoor furniture, by its very nature, should be OK to be left outside. However, that should be accompanied with a caveat.

Garden furniture ideas from Lazy Susan

Garden furniture ideas

I wanted to share a few garden furniture ideas based on some of the trends that are popular in our industry at the moment. However, I wanted to make this post a little different to our usual trend pieces. In the past whenever we’ve posted a latest trends article, I’ve tended to focus on a variety of different suppliers, and maybe included one or two pieces from The Lazy Susan Collection. We want this blog to be a source for all things garden furniture. We don’t sell wooden sets but you’ll find many an article praising the virtues of timber garden furniture for example.

Where to buy garden furniture…

Where to buy your new garden furniture?

You’ve got two options when it comes to where to buy garden furniture – online or in store. When it comes to instore, you can chose to shop on the high street, DIY superstores, Garden Centres etc. Online, you’ve got all that choice and more. The elephant in the room when it comes to shopping online, is you can’t always try before you buy. With a big ticket purchase, that can be a concern for many. However, I want to put the case forward for online shopping.

Garden Furniture 101

Hannah 4 Seater Antique Bronze Customer Photo

I’ll be honest, I struggled with what to call this article. I knew I wanted it to be a comprehensive overview of all things garden furniture. Initially, it was entitled ‘a guide to…’ but 101 just sound a little more succinct and snappy. A starter. A primer. A comprehensive introduction. Everything you ever wanted to know about garden furniture but were afraid to ask. For anybody purchasing new garden furniture there’s a number of questions we should all ask before we buy, but especially if you’re a first time buyer.

Why purchase cast aluminium garden furniture?

Alice Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture set

We recently received this lovely testimonial from a Lazy Susan customer that we feel truly highlights why you should purchase our cast aluminium garden furniture over other materials: I felt compelled to contact you after what must be 10 years to say how delighted we still are by your garden furniture. I can not remember when we ordered it but think it is probably about 10 years of rain, frost, snow and of course sun. We have left it out in all weathers and it is still as good as new…

Please help us Do Some Good!

If you purchase new garden furniture from Lazy Susan, then please don’t forget to take a few photos for our Do Some Good campaign. Our popular charity initiative has raised over £79,000 to date for great causes across the UK and around the world. So far in 2020 we’ve donated:  £10,000 to Colonel Tom’s Walk for the NHS £2,500 each to FareShare and Foodcycle (£5,000 in total) £3,000 to St Wilfrid’s Hospice £2,000 to 11 year old Ted who’s running…

Lazy Susan make big screen debut

Lazy Susan's Big Screen Debut

Lazy Susan is extremely proud to share this sneak peek of our first foray into the world of cinema. In these difficult times it is nice to share something positive too… We were recently sent some wonderful photographs of our garden furniture making its big screen debut! They were sent to us by Production Designer, Francesco Fonda, and the photographs come from the set of a film called “Qui rido io”. The scenes pictured were shot earlier this year in Rome, Italy, and feature our Tulip Bistro Set. The film is by iconic Italian film director and screenwriter, Mario Martone, and it centres around the king of Neapolitan comedians, the great actor and playwright Eduardo Scarpetta.

Update regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

Coronavirus COVID-19 Update from Lazy Susan

We are all affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Here at Lazy Susan we stand together, but of course at a distance. Our employees look after each other, and we’ve implemented safe practices for all. We are following the advice of the World Health Organization, UK Government and local authorities, and we’re taking all precautions very seriously. As we listen carefully to the guidelines, our current situation is as follows…

Lazy Susan keep Doing Some Good in 2020

Do Some Good 2020

It might be a New Year but the Lazy Susan resolution hasn’t changed… With the help of our customers, we want to continue to Do Some Good in 2020. As part of our ongoing charity initiative, as well as pledging donations for the photographs you send, we donate our garden furniture to a variety of worthwhile causes. We have 50 garden furniture sets to give away in 2020, and we are looking for new worthwhile causes to support.

Pay for Lazy Susan furniture with PayPal Credit

Pay for Lazy Susan furniture with PayPal Credit

I’m big fan of PayPal and PayPal Credit. My family and I have used it for online purchases for many year now without issue. From a personal point of view it allows me to shop with peace of mind. I can pay online with just my PayPal password and it removes the need to keep entering all my personal details for any eligible purchases.

Lazy Susan export garden furniture

Lazy Susan Export Garden Furniture

Export plays a vital role in our economy, it directly influences our level of economic growth, employment and the balance of payments. Lower transport costs, globalisation, economies of scale and reduced tariff barriers have all helped exports gain a bigger share of the UK’s national income over the last couple of decades. And while the uncertainty of Brexit, the potential of us leaving the EU without a deal is a concern, export must continue to be an integral part of the Lazy Susan business model. Whatever the future holds, in or out of the EU, hopefully the government (whoever that might be post General election) can find a positive way forward, with minimal impact on businesses such as us, so we can continue to export our garden furniture.