Keep your patio furniture secure

More 2018 Outdoor Furniture Trends

Our favourite garden mirrors for 2018

All you need to know about outdoor mirrors

Keep your patio furniture secure

Keep your patio furniture secure

With all the recent sunshine, sales of patio furniture have been on the rise in the UK. The recent Royal wedding and the performances so far by the England football team at the World Cup seem to have added to the feel good factor. And while Brexit uncertainty seems to loom over much of the UK economy, the sun always seems to override any negativity in our industry. The good weather of recent weeks has encouraged many of us to open our wallets, providing a boost to both Lazy Susan, and the wider garden industry. Be it BBQ grills or patio furniture, we’re spending on our outdoor spaces.

More 2018 Outdoor Furniture Trends

London Bench and Picnic Table from NBB

Last month we posted the first part of this article. We looked at a range of outdoor furniture trends, from living room style outdoors to extending patio tables. I didn’t want the article to become too long, so made the decision to follow it up this month. The Lazy Susan team and I still had several outdoor furniture trends that we felt could be big in 2018. So here we are. I like writing these articles too. We spend a number of days each year visiting the various home, garden and furniture shows in the UK and Europe. These posts are a great way to share what we’ve seen, predict what the we think will be the big trends in our industry. The outdoor furniture industry is moving fast, materials are improving, and the fashion cycle seems to be speeding up. A decade or so back, we seemed to lag behind the rest of the home industry, or at least that’s how it felt to me.

Our favourite garden mirrors for 2018

Mirrored Ornamental Stainless Steel Sphere

Last month we looked at all you needed to know about garden mirrors. Our garden mirror do’s and don’ts if you like. And I don’t really feel there’s anything to add to that, we hopefully covered it all in that article. However, I did want to follow it up. While we mentioned the different types of mirrors you can buy, we didn’t really look at any specific examples. So I wanted to share some of my favourite types of garden mirror, where you can buy them etc. Not so much a buying guide, more just sharing some mirrors that will hopefully inspire you. Ideas you can use in your garden.

All you need to know about outdoor mirrors

arallax Illusion Oak Open Window Outdoor Garden Mirror

We touched on outdoor mirrors in our recent Small garden furniture ideas post. It was the final point. I stated how outdoor mirrors are great for creating more space. Which of course is true, however, I felt it was a little throw away, just added on at the end of the post. There is so much more to outdoor mirrors. There’s many a do and don’t to incorporating them into your garden too. And just as they can transform a garden for the better, get it wrong, and they can make it look, well, a little off. And that’s me being polite. Outdoor mirrors are a great way to create the illusion of more space, but they can also make things look too fussy, confuse the eye, and highlight things in your garden that you might not want to draw attention to.

2018 outdoor furniture trends

Alessia Square Bistro Set

This is a regular feature on the Lazy Susan blog. We’ve done several of these type of posts each year since we started blogging. It’s nice to see what’s happening in our industry, especially overseas, where there’s demand for very different types of outdoor furniture. Well, different to what we have need for here in the UK anyway. Large sofa sets, daybeds, fully functioning outdoor kitchens etc, sadly we just don’t have the weather or (for many of us) the patio space for them. Our outdoor furniture choices have to be a little more multi functional, a little more suited to how we tend to use our gardens, and what ‘fits’ with/in our homes and gardens.

Send us your garden furniture photographs

Charity: Water Feature Image

Technically, it is still Spring, however, the temperatures have felt more like Summer at times. Long may it continue. And while the weather is good, it is the perfect time to send us more of your Lazy Susan garden furniture photographs! We’ve had some great weather of late, the forecast is looking good this weekend, and I know many of you will be out in your gardens making the most of it. Maybe you’ve got a Royal Wedding party or BBQ planned? Our Do Some Good charity campaign is still going strong in 2018, and with every set of pictures you send, we’re helping people in need. Take some pictures and share them with us on Facebook with the tag @LazySusanFurniture or email them to us direct at [email protected]

Why Lazy Susan blog?

Lazy Susan website and blog

The Lazy Susan blog has been up and running for around 6 years or so. We’ve invested a considerable amount of time in the content we publish. So I wanted to try and explain in a little more detail why Lazy Susan blog? What started as a way to improve our position in Google has evolved into so much more. Of course search engines are massively important to our business. We’re an online company, we need traffic. We need consumers to find our shop when they search for garden furniture. However, sometimes you can feel a little held to ransom by the search engines.

We make contribution to charity: water for Ethiopia

charity: water in Ethiopia

The fact that 1 in 10 people in the world lack access to clean water is simply shocking to us here at Lazy Susan. A staggering 663 million people in the world live without clean water. This is 2017?! Well at least charity: water are on a mission to change that. That’s nearly 1 in 10 people worldwide too. Or to put it another way, twice the population of the United States. The majority live in isolated rural areas, where they can spend hours each day just walking to collect water for their family.

Lazy Susan Charity Focus: Children’s Food Trust

Children's Food Trust

Continuing our series of posts where we take a closer look at the charities we’ve chosen to support with our 2017 Do Some Good campaign, this month I wanted to focus on the Children’s Food Trust (CFT). However, this months post will take a bit of a different slant. Sadly, a few months ago it was announced that the Children’s Food Trust will close at the end of September 2017. Based in Sheffield, the CFT has been offering cookery courses and nutritional advice to schools and nurseries in England, Wales and Scotland for more than 10 years now. Sadly, a lack of funding has forced them to shut their doors with the loss of 47 jobs, 31 of them in Sheffield.