Is our relationship with outdoor furniture changing?

End of summer garden furniture maintenance

Lazy Susan charity work update

How to incorporate a garden side table

Is our relationship with outdoor furniture changing?

Customer photograph of our Amber cast aluminium garden lounger in antique bronze

As Paul Weller once sang in The Style Council “the long hot summer just passed me by”. It certainly feels like a distant memory as I sit and type this article. The temperature has dropped and the weather forecast is filled with warnings of 14 day storms and 80mph winds. The start of Autumn may be upon us, however, one thing that does feel a little different, is that we’ve actually had a summer this year. A long hot summer at that I may add. A prolonged period of rain-free sunshine. And with all that great weather, it feels to me like there’s been something of a shift in our relationship with our outdoor furniture.

End of summer garden furniture maintenance

How to maintain cast aluminium garden furniture

The end of summer is the time to think about any garden furniture maintenance you need to do. Give it a good clean, make any necessary repairs now, and it’ll be ready to use next year. Put it off, and you could find when you come to use it next summer that a minor repair has become a major problem. Garden furniture can suffer badly from the cold and wet. Even furniture designed to stand up to the elements such as ours can end up covered in dirt over the autumn/winter months. There’s temptation just to leave it until next summer…

Lazy Susan charity work update


Donating to a good cause you care about not only benefits the charities themselves, it can be deeply rewarding. As a business, we have found that our charity work has had a positive impact on both staff and customers. In 2017 a survey of 1,100 people from the UK by Forresters identified that most consumers think businesses should support charities. And when faced with a choice between two companies offering products/services for the same price, 82% said their decision would be based on who engaged with charities and the local community. However, at Lazy Susan, we wanted this to be more than just some PR exercise. We really wanted to do some good, and that is why we aligned ourselves with charities that were close to our heart. Charities we believed in, and to which we felt some affinity.

How to incorporate a garden side table

BBQ Side Table

Our garden side tables are probably the most versatile piece of furniture we have in our collection. Pair them with seating to create a relaxed informal bistro style setting, perfect for an evening G&T or Sunday morning cup of coffee. Utilise them as an ancillary to a larger table to free up space on the main table. Place them alongside you BBQ as a chef’s table. They’re a multi-functional solution that will give you a little bit of extra table space. I feel like I’ve written this before. A touch of bloggers déjà vu if you like. But it’s important you don’t just leave the layout of your patio to chance. Don’t just buy random pieces and hope they’ll fit and flow. By adopting a few simple design principles, you can create a space that not only looks good, but functions.

The perfect garden party

Garden Party

According to a quarter of us Brits see our patios as the perfect place for a garden party, while 60% of us have tried to spend more time improving our outdoor space rather than the inside of their homes this summer. With the recent spell of great weather, I bet we’ve all turned our attentions to our outdoor spaces in one way or another. For me, a new BBQ was long overdue, so I upgraded to a Weber Summit® Charcoal Grill. I’ve always wanted one but I was put off by the price. My only regret is I didn’t purchase it sooner. Incredible! Over the last couple of months, we’ve all pulled the patio furniture out of the garage, wiped down the garden table, and fired up our BBQ’s.

Lazy Susan on ITV’s Love Your Garden

Donation to ITV's Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh

We were recently approached by ITV’s ‘Love Your Garden’ to see if we could donate garden furniture for an episode featuring a local lady who lives close to our head office. Betty, is a 90-year-old lady from Fareham, who is partially blind from macular degeneration, and spends her time volunteering to help others who suffer from the same disease. She can often be found abseiling to raise funds and awareness for the Fareham Macular Society. Yes, you read the right, abseiling at 90, simply incredible. Betty is one remarkable lady!

Warehouse Clearance Sale

Lucy Antique Bronze 4 seater set

Not only have the temperatures been high this summer but they’re also rising on our high streets and in our online stores. The summer sales are currently in full swing. Nothing beats the feeling of grabbing a bargain. Especially when said item initially had a big ticket and was out of reach. If you can get that new garden furniture set you’ve had your eye on at a discount, then happy days. But don’t fall into the trap of buying something just because it has that tempting reduced tag. Here’s a few tips, so you can get the most out of the summer sales.

New Lazy Susan furniture for summer 2018

Jill Garden Table with April Chairs in Slate Grey

Product development is the life-blood of most businesses. More so in an industry so heavily driven by fashion, the latest home and garden trends. Customers demand it. We need it. Without new products, Lazy Susan furniture would simply wither on the vine, finding ourselves left behind by our many competitors. And whilst the design of many of the pieces in our collection would be best described as classically styled, timeless pieces that won’t go out of date if you like, we’ve chosen to innovate in other ways.

Send us your garden furniture photographs

Charity: Water Feature Image

Technically, it is still Spring, however, the temperatures have felt more like Summer at times. Long may it continue. And while the weather is good, it is the perfect time to send us more of your Lazy Susan garden furniture photographs! We’ve had some great weather of late, the forecast is looking good this weekend, and I know many of you will be out in your gardens making the most of it. Maybe you’ve got a Royal Wedding party or BBQ planned? Our Do Some Good charity campaign is still going strong in 2018, and with every set of pictures you send, we’re helping people in need. Take some pictures and share them with us on Facebook with the tag @LazySusanFurniture or email them to us direct at [email protected]

Why Lazy Susan blog?

Lazy Susan website and blog

The Lazy Susan blog has been up and running for around 6 years or so. We’ve invested a considerable amount of time in the content we publish. So I wanted to try and explain in a little more detail why Lazy Susan blog? What started as a way to improve our position in Google has evolved into so much more. Of course search engines are massively important to our business. We’re an online company, we need traffic. We need consumers to find our shop when they search for garden furniture. However, sometimes you can feel a little held to ransom by the search engines.