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All you ever needed to know about garden furniture. From cleaning and maintenance to buying advice and the latest trends. Lazy Susan specialise predominantly in metal garden furniture, specifically cast aluminium garden and patio furniture, but we are expanding our rattan range to cater for popular demand. However, we blog about metal, timber, plastic and rattan outdoor furniture and basically everything else you can think of when it comes to the patio and garden.

Why you need a Lazy Susan Turntable

Lazy Susan Turntable

We seem to regularly post about our garden benches, chairs, tables and sun loungers. But the Lazy Susan Turntable often gets overlooked. I have to be honest here, even I often forget about them. Sometimes it is difficult to know what to say about them that hasn’t already been said. They’re like our unsung hero though. Sat there quietly on many a large garden table just doing their job. We love them so much we even named the company after these ingenious little revolving turntables. However, they truly are an integral part of our business, always been popular with our customers, and they’ve always sold well. And they continue to do so I may add. Furniture trends come and go, but for over 100 years, the Lazy Susan has retained its appeal. In fact for me, what was created for inside the home, is probably now more popular, and better suited, to the outside of our homes.

Outdoor furniture and accessory trends

Harmen Outdoor Chairs from Rowen & Wren

We had a great summer in 2018. With that came the opportunity for many of us to get outside and enjoy our gardens way more than usual. And people using their gardens means increased demand for outdoor furniture. So by virtue of all that sunshine, Lazy Susan had a great year in terms of sales. But also demand is rising for the number of pieces of outdoor furniture we are placing on our patios. A table and few chairs will no longer suffice for the more home and garden savvy of us. There’s a greater emphasis on maximising use of our outdoor spaces. Creating a space that serves a number of functions, from relaxing to entertaining. Designing that space to function as efficiently as any room inside the home.

Easy patio makeover ideas

Alice Table Customer Photograph

New Year, new start. And what’s better than giving your patio a little makeover? Taking the time now to start thinking about what changes you’d like to make to get your patio ready for summer 2019. Be it new patio furniture, a new patio surface or just a little TLC, Lazy Susan is here to share some of our easy patio makeover ideas. Trends and the tips that’ll ensure your patio is fit for a House Beautiful photoshoot. Mind, if your patio looks like mine, it may not even be ready for Crimestoppers. I’ve just moved into new build, and whilst there is a lovely patio, landscaped garden and manicured lawn, the patio itself is currently serving as a bit of an overspill area. I need to get a skip and get it all cleared. Get it sorted for the summer.

Garden furniture exhibition guide for 2019

Grand Designs Live 2019 hosted by Kevin McCloud

Home and garden shows are a big part of our business. And whilst we don’t tend to, or have felt the need to, exhibit much in recent years, it is important for Lazy Susan to attend the main garden furniture exhibitions. They’ll heavily influence our product development for the coming seasons, we can see what the competition is up to, and they keep us in touch with the latest trends. And it’s not just the garden based shows, the more general home and design shows always include garden furniture, and interior trends are increasingly influencing what is happening in our gardens and on our patios. In this post I want to focus on those home and design shows that have informed our colour and material developments and trends.

Merry Christmas from Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan Garden Furniture Snow

2018 has been another great year for Lazy Susan. We’re only a small family run business, but I like to think we have a product offer that punches well above our weight. Matching in my opinion, if not surpassing, many of the garden furniture pieces from leading high street chains and online retailers. Certainly the great summer we’ve just had played a big part in the success of 2018. Sunshine helps to sell garden furniture, it is as simple as that. The more we can get outside and use our gardens, the greater the demand for items such as garden furniture to put in them. But I think there’s a little more to it than that…

Garden gifts for Christmas 2018

Okatsune Shears

It’s a cliche. But Christmas really has come around fast. Doesn’t seem like five minutes since the last one. Maybe because my family and I moved house in the summer, the year has just flown by. Too much to do and not enough time to do it seems to be my mantra at the moment. So, when it comes to Christmas presents, I’m not one of those that leaves it until Christmas Eve for a mad dash around the shops. Nor am I super organised with all my shopping done, wrapped and ready for the big day by the start of November. Nope, end of November and I’ll make a start, with the bulk of my shopping done online these days.

Looking ahead to 2019 in the garden industry

Looking ahead to 2019 in the garden industry

It is a big part of this blog, we like to look ahead, try and forecast what myself and the Lazy Susan team think will be the hot trends in the garden industry. We don’t always get things right, but I like to think that these articles will inspire somebody. Help them decide on their next piece of garden furniture. Plus our minds are always in that headspace. We are always working on new product development, looking to fine tune our collection, identify gaps, and most importantly predicting (at least trying our best) what the market want in 2 or 3 summers time.

How to protect patio furniture this winter

Our Rosie Garden Furniture Set in the Snow

Last month we looked at the importance of cleaning and maintenance of patio furniture come the end of summer. Getting it ready to put away safe and secure for the winter, and making sure it’ll be ready to use next year. I wanted to take that a step further. We touched on protecting your patio furniture but I wanted to follow up with a few more helpful tips. Provide a little more of our wisdom when it comes to ways to protect patio furniture over the next 6 months or so. 2018 feels like we pretty much skipped autumn to be honest with you. Gone straight from summer to winter. Last week we were up around the 16° mark, as I sit and type this article it has plummeted to below 5°.