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All you ever needed to know about garden furniture. From cleaning and maintenance to buying advice and the latest trends. Lazy Susan specialise predominantly in metal garden furniture, specifically cast aluminium garden and patio furniture, but we are expanding our rattan range to cater for popular demand. However, we blog about metal, timber, plastic and rattan outdoor furniture and basically everything else you can think of when it comes to the patio and garden.

A thank you from St Wilfrid’s Hospice

St Wilfrid's Hospice

You might of recently read our blog or social media posts regarding the Greenfingers charity? We’d received a letter of thanks for the furniture we donated to their Turn Old Into Gold auctions. Well, the Lazy Susan team and I were delighted to receive another letter thanking us for our generosity, this time it was from the Retail Director at St Wilfrid’s Hospice. Again, they were expressing their gratitude for the garden furniture we recently donated to them to sell on in their stores to raise some much needed funds.

Lazy Susan make donation to Greenfingers

We recently received a lovely letter from the Director of Fundraising and Communications at Greenfingers Charity, thanking Lazy Susan for our recent support. As well as donating money direct to a number of charities as part of Do Some Good campaign, we’ve also donated garden furniture to various national charities for them to sell in their stores close to Lazy Susan HQ. With Greenfingers, they wanted our garden furniture for their Turn Old Into Gold auctions, and we were more than happy to help. This is a charity doing some truly great things.

Outdoor wedding or garden party?

Lazy Susan Trade Garden Furniture Hire

We are primarily a retail business, an online retail business at that, and we sell our products directly to the end consumer. Those products, in our case garden furniture, were specifically designed for that target market. However, to meet the demands of our audience, that means we have to offer a desirable and good quality product. As a business we need to back all that up with excellent customer service. That is what we strive for. We don’t currently sell our products to any other wholesalers or distributors, all our products are currently sold directly from our warehouse to your home.

Lazy Susan and charity: water do some good

Maifen villagers using the newly constructed handpump

We could be accused of blogging and sharing on social media about our Do Some Good campaign too often. However, we do it for very good reason. We’re immensely proud of what the campaign has achieved and, with the help of our customers, we want those efforts to continue. I wanted to share an exciting update with you that we’ve just received from charity: water, our principle Do Some Good partner. All the money we raised back in 2017 has gone directly into funding a new well in Ethiopia. This is the reason why we do this. The project is now up and running. A well has been drilled, and a handpump is bringing clean water to a village called Maifen in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. Exactly 200 people live there and this has transformed each and every one of their lives.

Why you need a garden Lazy Susan Turntable

Lazy Susan Turntable

We seem to regularly post about our garden benches, chairs, tables and sun loungers. But the Lazy Susan Turntable often gets overlooked. I have to be honest here, even I often forget about them. Sometimes it is difficult to know what to say about them that hasn’t already been said. They’re like our unsung hero though. Sat there quietly on many a large garden table just doing their job. We love them so much we even named the company after these ingenious little revolving turntables. However, they truly are an integral part of our business, always been popular with our customers, and they’ve always sold well. And they continue to do so I may add. Furniture trends come and go, but for over 100 years, the Lazy Susan has retained its appeal. In fact for me, what was created for inside the home, is probably now more popular, and better suited, to the outside of our homes.

Outdoor furniture and accessory trends

Harmen Outdoor Chairs from Rowen & Wren

We had a great summer in 2018. With that came the opportunity for many of us to get outside and enjoy our gardens way more than usual. And people using their gardens means increased demand for outdoor furniture. So by virtue of all that sunshine, Lazy Susan had a great year in terms of sales. But also demand is rising for the number of pieces of outdoor furniture we are placing on our patios. A table and few chairs will no longer suffice for the more home and garden savvy of us. There’s a greater emphasis on maximising use of our outdoor spaces. Creating a space that serves a number of functions, from relaxing to entertaining. Designing that space to function as efficiently as any room inside the home.

Easy patio makeover ideas

Alice Table Customer Photograph

New Year, new start. And what’s better than giving your patio a little makeover? Taking the time now to start thinking about what changes you’d like to make to get your patio ready for summer 2019. Be it new patio furniture, a new patio surface or just a little TLC, Lazy Susan is here to share some of our easy patio makeover ideas. Trends and the tips that’ll ensure your patio is fit for a House Beautiful photoshoot. Mind, if your patio looks like mine, it may not even be ready for Crimestoppers. I’ve just moved into new build, and whilst there is a lovely patio, landscaped garden and manicured lawn, the patio itself is currently serving as a bit of an overspill area. I need to get a skip and get it all cleared. Get it sorted for the summer.

Garden furniture exhibition guide for 2019

Grand Designs Live 2019 hosted by Kevin McCloud

Home and garden shows are a big part of our business. And whilst we don’t tend to, or have felt the need to, exhibit much in recent years, it is important for Lazy Susan to attend the main garden furniture exhibitions. They’ll heavily influence our product development for the coming seasons, we can see what the competition is up to, and they keep us in touch with the latest trends. And it’s not just the garden based shows, the more general home and design shows always include garden furniture, and interior trends are increasingly influencing what is happening in our gardens and on our patios. In this post I want to focus on those home and design shows that have informed our colour and material developments and trends.