Patio & Garden Design

Over the last decade, at Lazy Susan we’ve seen first hand how British homeowners have started to embrace the concept of ‘outdoor living’ and the patio has become synonymous with the creation of stylish outdoor spaces that flow with the home. We know about good patio and garden design and we use this platform to share our experience and offer a little advice. From the latest trends to the fundamentals of good design, we are strong advocates of the outdoor room.

Our favourite garden books from 2019

Monty Don

The team and I love a good gardening book. We’ve stockpiled quite the library at Lazy Susan HQ. We pick them up on a regular basis, they make for great inspiration, they influence our product development, and they help to keep us in touch with garden design trends that could directly influence our business. Plus we are passionate about what we do. We love our gardens as much as you do. So at the end of the day, we enjoy reading them. A good book also makes for a great gift for any green fingered friends and family members.

Designing your own patio for 2016

Lazy Susan Garden Furniture

This month I wanted to follow up our ‘Planning a new patio for 2016’ article and try to take things a step further. Looking at how you could actually go about Designing your own patio. Or at the very least getting some ideas down on paper that’ll help you to get the professionals on the same page as you. After all the patio needs to ‘work’ for you and your family, as well as enhancing the outside of your home.

Planning a new patio for 2016?

Valerie Cast Alu Outdoor Furniture by Lazy Susan

Fancy giving the outside of your property a bit of makeover? How about replacing an old patio or maybe you’re planning a brand new patio for 2016? Well now is the time to start researching what you’d like, set the wheels in motion. That way it can be designed, built, and ready to use for…

Space saving garden tips and accessories

Lazy Susan Space Saving Garden Tips

It’s always being said in the media that gardens have now become an extension of our homes, but many of the people who throw this cliché around don’t really tell us much more than that. Pick up any gardening magazine and experts will tell you that you should be embracing the ‘outdoor room’ concept. That…

Our top 5 garden books of 2013

Garden Books

2013 has seen some great garden books published. From tips on Japanese garden design to low cost eco gardening, picking our top 5 was a bit of a challenge. This could of easily become a top 10 or even a top 50 to be honest with you. However, after much back and forth in the…

Get your garden in shape for spring 2014

Garden Dig Soil Spade

The weather is definitely changing, summer is drawing to a close. We can’t complain, we had a pretty good summer by UK standards, and its only since the kids have gone back to school that the winter coats have come out. However, for me anyway, now is the perfect time to get your garden in…

Planning a new patio?

Lily Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture Set

Planning a new patio can be a little daunting, especially if you plan to roll your sleeves up and do the work yourself. The difficult part for many people is knowing where to start and how to relay the vision in your head to a builder or landscaper. If you are planning a new patio…

The key principles of small garden design

Jennifer Rattan Stacking 2 Setaer Garden Set

Small garden design can be a bit of a challenge, even for the most experienced garden designer. Many of us in the UK have limited outdoor space, from small urban backyards, to the modern builds that seem to have almost given up on giving us a garden altogether. However, small gardens, if designed well, will…