How do you style white garden furniture?

This month we’re taking a closer look at how to style our white garden furniture range, highlighting some of our customer's best looks, and sharing a few pointers on how you can successfully incorporate it on your patio...

We're often asked how do you style white garden furniture. It exudes a romantic charm that is as timeless as it is elegant but many seem to think it won't fit in their gardens.

Fashion icon Yves Saint Lauren famously said that “fashions fade, style is eternal” and that is a phrase we think also sums up our white collection to a tee. It is designed to stand up to the elements and last for many years without going out of fashion.

We see a lot of fads come and go in our industry, the large home/DIY stores are always pushing them, but white classically styled pieces are always in vogue. The fads on the other hand are on sale with 50% off to clear in the off-season.

Lazy Susan White Garden Furniture

At Lazy Susan we have embraced that and refined our white range to what our audience wants on their patios.

Our collection is focused on simple organic lines and forms. Traditionally designed useful shapes that are constructed from a material perfectly suited to our climate. 

Each piece of white Lazy Susan garden furniture is created to enhance the appearance of a patio without ever making itself an unwelcome guest in your garden.

Lazy Susan’s top 7 white garden furniture styling tips

Whilst Antique Bronze is our best-selling colour, it is maybe viewed as more of a ‘safe’ choice. Don’t get us wrong, it looks great, and works in every setting. That is why we designed it and that is why we love it. It’s our best seller for a reason.

However, our range of white garden furniture sets can be just that little bit harder to pull off. Get it right though, and they will create a wonderful focal point, and offer something a little different. 

Lazy Susan White Garden Furniture

This month we wanted to take a closer look at how to style our white garden furniture collection, highlight some of the fab customer photos of our best-selling sets, and look at how you can successfully incorporate them into your own garden.

The great thing about our white garden furniture is that it works incredibly well in both a contemporary and traditional style garden, but to really pull it off you need to sprinkle it with a little touch of chic and sophisticated.

There’s no escaping that a white set is a bold choice but it does bring a certain calmness and lightness to a patio, deck or balcony. It seems to deliver a clean and fresh look that contrasts beautifully with natural stone or wood.

Lazy Susan White Garden Furniture

When it comes to styling white garden furniture most of us have a pretty good idea of the basics of styling and decor, however, the devil is most definitely in the detail. 

Lazy Susan’s simple styling tips will hopefully just help you finish things off or help you get started if you’re a little unsure. 

Everybody's homes, gardens and patios are different, so the key is to style the space for you. Never be afraid of making a mistake, experiment and play around with the space. 

We often worry about others liking it but what’s most important with white garden furniture (and the wider patio/garden space) is that it is comfortable and fits with how you like to use it. 

Lazy Susan White Garden Furniture

Good garden furniture is always a great starting point but the styling is often the cherry on top of the cake. Just like those finishing touches make a living room more homely, the same is true on a patio. 

Start small, take things one step at a time, look at our customer photo gallery for inspiration, accept that you might make mistakes but they can always be corrected, and see if any of the following 7 styling tips will work in your garden: 

1. Pair your white garden furniture with neutral shades

Probably the biggest difference between white garden furniture and darker finishes is that it seems to bring a little more calm and a restful mood to your garden. We lead busy lives and walking outside in the summer to one of our white sets can just help melt away the stress of a busy day. 

Alice 4-Seater White Garden Table

Play with the romance and look to enhance that feeling by keeping the colour scheme in your garden muted. Pair with whites, a pale colour palette, neutral shades, different textures, and natural materials as the customer has done perfectly with our Alice 4-Seater White Garden Table (above).

Anna White Garden Bistro Set

The simple colour palette in the customer photo above of our Anna White Garden Bistro Set is a perfect example of creating a haven of cool, calm and tranquillity, the white pairing beautifully with the pale natural stonework.

2. Mix your white furniture with different finishes and materials

If working with a neutral colour palette and white garden furniture, one of the best ways to add visual interest and impact is to mix things up with different finishes and materials. 

Ella White Garden Bistro Set

Texture is your secret weapon and incorporating different natural materials and planting throughout your garden is a great way of achieving this. It helps to keep things interesting but cohesive and our Ella White Garden Bistro Set fits perfectly with the pergola and mature planting in this customer photo (above). 

Jill 4-Seater White Garden Table Set

Our white garden furniture pairs wonderfully with timber, brick and stone, as shown in the photo above of our Jill 4-Seater White Garden Table Set. With the patio positioned at the rear of the property, a darker set could have looked a little lost against the dark fence but a white set creates the perfect foil.

3. Mix different styles of garden furniture on your patio

Style tip 2 can be taken a step further on the patio by mixing different periods and styles. Modern pieces can be mixed with classical designs to give the space an air of sophistication.  

Alice White 4-Seater Garden Table Set

When working with a white patio set, pairing it with light neutral tones will tend to give the space an effortlessly cool and timeless look. However, don't be afraid to add a pop of colour as the customer has done with our Alice White 4-Seater Garden Table Set (above).

Mia White Garden Bistro Set

The customer above on the other hand has paired our Mia White Garden Bistro Set with a rustic rattan sofa seat to create the perfect blend of classic style with modern comfort. There is uniformity but the pieces provide both interest and different styles of seating. The garden cushions and soft throw are the cherry on the top we mentioned above.

4. Accessorise your white garden table with different textures

As well as the garden and patio, the white table itself can also be styled with accessories to bring in texture and interest. This could be as simple as a seasonal table centrepiece to dressing the table with coordinating cushions, a parasol and place settings (as shown in the customer photo below of our Jill White 2-Seater Set) when hosting guests.

Jill 4-Seater White Garden Furniture Set

Texture and comfort can also be incorporated with outdoor throws and patio rugs, and again a simple neutral colour palette can help tie the space together.

Jasmine White Garden Bench with Stella Sun Lounger

The customer photo above demonstrates this perfectly. Our White Jasmine Garden Bench and White Stella Sun Lounger are paired with textured outdoor fabrics to give the space that all-important personality and comfort. Make it your own, don't be afraid to put your personal style stamp on it.

5. Warm-up white furniture by pairing it with wood

Eve White Garden Bistro Set

One way to instantly warm up a patio is to pair our white garden furniture with wood or rattan as the customer has done above with our Eve White Garden Bistro Set set on their timber decking.

Tulip White Garden Bistro Set

Natural materials allow our white outdoor furniture sets to really shine. Timber decking acts like a blank canvas whilst the white metal brings in a timeless romantic charm that darker sets maybe don’t have. The timber-slatted green wall in the photo above is the perfect backdrop for our Tulip Garden Bistro Set.

6. Bring more greenery onto your garden table and patio

Alice 4-Seater White Garden Furniture Set

Another big advantage white sets have over darker metals is they create a wonderful contrast against greenery. In fact, the more green on your patio the better as illustrated perfectly in the customer photo of our Alice 4-Seater White Garden Furniture Set (above).

Ivy White Garden Bistro Set

Go for species with larger textured leaves to create visual interest and a strong backdrop to set off your white garden table. The customer above has positioned our Ivy White Garden Bistro Set against stunning planting and a beautiful green summerhouse to create the perfect contrast.

Charlotte 6-Seater White Garden Furniture Set

Whilst the photo above sees the white walls and our Charlotte 6-Seater White Garden Furniture Set perfectly complimented with our green Seat Pad Garden Cushions and Parasol.

7. Pair your white garden furniture with complimentary colours

June 6-Seater White Garden Furniture Set

White garden furniture is also the perfect solution if you want to complement other white features in your garden. For example, the customer above has used our best-selling June 6-Seater White Garden Furniture Set to blend effortlessly with the white window frames of their home.

Jasmine White Garden Bench

If the walls/brickwork were white in the photo of our White Jasmine Garden Bench (above) it maybe wouldn’t work and our slate grey or antique bronze would offer a better solution but here there is still contrast and it brings a wonderful balance and calmness to the space.

Catherine 8-Seater White Garden Furniture Set

Another option if you did want to go white against a white wall would be to create a bold colour pop with bright cushions, parasol or bunting as the customer has done above with our Catherine 8-Seater White Garden Furniture Set. It is super simple but effective and balances the space perfectly with the beautifully planted pots and borders.

Shop our full range of white garden furniture and order today for summer 2023.

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