How to safely store metal garden furniture

We recently looked at some of our favourite storage solutions, so we're following up with some advice on how to safely store metal garden furniture in a garage, shed or garden cupboard...

Last month we looked at our favourite garden furniture storage solutions, however, good storage is only good if the items that we put in them are stored safely and correctly. 

The mistake many of us make is to just chuck it in there and drag it back out when we next need it. However, you might as well just leave it outside all year round if that’s the case.

Our garden furniture range is designed to stand up to the elements, and if you wish to do that, then that is 100%, not a problem. But many chose to store it for reasons other than the British weather such as keeping it clean or for security to name a few examples.

So, to make sure you’re safely storing, we’ve got a few simple tips to make sure it doesn’t get damaged in storage and to ensure it is in tip-top-ready-to-use condition when you next take it out.

Make sure your storage space is waterproof

Make sure your storage space is waterproof

If you’re storing your garden furniture in a garage, shed or garden cupboard, then it is important that it is fit for purpose.

Make sure that the space is clean and clutter-free (and there’s enough free space), the roof is fully waterproof, that any doors and windows are secure and it is well-ventilated.

If you’re in the market for new garden storage, then always start with a solid foundation. A good base will help keep your shed or cupboard clear of any groundwater. have some great advice in their how to buy the best shed article if you’re unsure of the type or materials.

Make sure your storage space is secure

Make sure your storage space is secure

Just as important as weather resistance is security. Did you know that 9 in 10 household thefts occur in the garden?

Garden furniture is both expensive and an easy target for thieves, so make sure that your shed, garage or storage cupboard is secure and that any padlocks are strong and in good working order.

If you feel the need, you could install a shed alarm or a Wi-Fi home security system such as Google Nest.

For further peace of mind, make sure your furniture (and any other expensive garden items) is covered by your home insurance policy.

If you need some further advice on how to ensure your shed or garage is safe and secure, then the Metropolitan Police have some great advice.

Store your outdoor fabrics such as cushions and parasols correctly

Store your outdoor fabrics such as cushions and parasols correctly

If you have our garden cushions or a parasol, then more so than our metal furniture, it is essential they’re stored correctly.

Always put outdoor fabrics away fully dry as if stored damp it can encourage mould and mildew to form.

If you plan on storing in a garden shed, garage or cupboard then pop them in a breakable storage bag.

However, if you have the space, we would advise you to store them inside when not using them.

Our can garden furniture cushions be left outside post has some great tips and advice on how to clean and store them. 

Always put your metal garden furniture away clean and dry

Always put your metal garden furniture away clean and dry

Cast aluminium does not rust or rot and our range is protected with a durable finish. If left outside though, it will get a little dirty.

Cleaning is simple, wash it down with a bucket of warm water and a capful of car shampoo. Rinse with cold water and leave it to dry in the sun. For a little extra protections apply a light coat of car wax and buff it to a nice lustre.

If you plan to store it, our advice is to always make sure you put it away clean. Summer days can be few and far between, so make sure when you next pull it out, it is ready to entertain guests.

Cover and protect your metal garden furniture when in storage

Cover and protect your metal garden furniture when in storage

This is one many of us don’t think to do but learn the hard way. Even in storage, it is important to add a little protection. We have seen the damage a falling shelf in a garage can do to a garden table stored underneath.

Garages and sheds can also get pretty dusty, so popping on some garden furniture covers or old blankets is a great way to make sure there are no chips, scratches or dust when you want to take it back out.

If you want to purchase some protective covers, then purchase a separate cover for each individual piece (table, chairs, etc) as it makes it much easier to move them around and stack.

Buy metal garden furniture that is easy to pick up and move

Buy metal garden furniture that is easy to pick up and move

One of the big advantages of our metal garden furniture range which is constructed from high-grade cast aluminium is that it is robust and won’t easily blow over in a breeze (like rattan and resin pieces) but is not so heavy that you can’t pick it up (like wood, steel and iron furniture). That’s great for those who like to move it around the garden or patio but also for those who want to store it.

The designs of our classically-styled collection are also more slender in form compared to a lot of the more modern “chunky” sets and many of our garden chairs are stackable to help save space when in storage.

Many customers will also carefully remove table tops when storing for winter, just make sure you bag all the parts and keep all bolts lubricated with a little WD-40.

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