When are the outdoor furniture sales at Lazy Susan?

We all love a good bargain but is that end-of-season sale the best time to buy? When are the outdoor furniture sales at Lazy Susan and when is the best time to buy from us?

In the UK we love a good bargain, at the moment, more than ever. Our utility bills are rising, and the price of fuel is skyrocketing, so if we can get a good deal on quality outdoor furniture, then we are going to jump on it!

Now is the time we look to buy, summer is in full swing, and our customer service team are receiving daily emails and messages on social media asking when the outdoor furniture sales at Lazy Susan are. 

In our industry, the traditional time of year to grab a bargain is the off-season. But are you really getting the best value for money there? 

Those sales are dominated by the large home improvement/DIY stores as they need to clear shop floor and warehouse space for Christmas. Out go the patio furniture, BBQ grills and heaters, in come the Christmas trees, lights and decorations.

When are the outdoor furniture sales at Lazy Susan?

They work to a seasonal calendar but often what they’re heavily discounting is stock they need to shift and that nobody wanted. 

Now we’re not suggesting you can’t grab a bargain, far from it, we have a clearance section too, but you’re leaving it to chance that you’ll strike it lucky and find the right set. 

However, in our experience that is rarely the case. You’re more likely to get something that’s maybe OK but not exactly what you wanted. It is then replaced in a few summer's time for what you really wanted in the first place. 

At Lazy Susan we’ve created a collection that is classically styled so it won’t go out of fashion. We want our furniture to be the focal point that draws people outside to spend quality time in their gardens.

How we use and enjoy our outdoor spaces is dictated by the items we have in them. If you want to make the most of the sunshine then you need to purchase pieces that enable you to do just that. 

When is the best time to buy outdoor furniture?

We are all guilty of making an impulse buy in the sales but do a little research and think about what will fit and function best and you’ll get furniture that will take pride of place on your patio for many summer seasons to come.

Like fast fashion in the clothing industry where we’re currently seeing a lot of negativity in the press, it's fast furniture! The latest fads and trends are designed to only last a few summers. The off-season sales are there to clear that stock, maximise profit and make room for the next trend.

As consumers, we are pre-programmed to make a purchase if we perceive it to be a bargain. Even if that bargain is wrong for our patio or not what we really need. 

Some of our worst purchasing decisions are because we’re shopping in the sales. We just love a bargain. But is that not just the definition of a false economy?

More often than not, you’ll simply just spend money you wouldn’t have spent otherwise. You’ll buy that 40% off outdoor furniture set even though it's not the style you really want, or practical in terms of how you use your garden or the best material for the UK climate and so on.

The Lazy Susan Outdoor Furniture Sales

By all means, shop for an end-of-season bargain but just make sure what you buy is right for your garden and how you like to use it. Time in our gardens is often so precious, so we need to make the most of it.

Just ask yourself, why is this set such a bargain? Out of style? Why did it not sell when full price? 

Think of the old adage; “if you buy quality, you only cry once”!

The Lazy Susan Outdoor Furniture Sales

At Lazy Susan we don’t need to have an end-of-season sale. Our season never ends. OK, we’re not as busy when the weather turns but the shop is always open.

Our collection is constructed around the ethos of high-quality classically styled cast aluminium outdoor furniture, that won’t go out of style, and is competitively priced.

…Buy it today and it’ll still look good in 5+ years' time!

The Lazy Susan Outdoor Furniture Sales

We sell outdoor furniture and nothing else. That’s our specialist subject and we’re online so we don’t have the overheads of a network of large stores. 

You can purchase garden furniture from us all year round. In fact, we would always say buy in the off-season so it is there ready for the first rays of summer but that’s another article.

That’s not to say we don’t discontinue products though, we do. But much of our offer has been refined over the years. We know what sells, what works, and what our customers want for their gardens.

However, we fully appreciate that as consumers, we need to shop smarter. And while we don’t do end-of-season sales as such, there are a number of ways you can purchase our outdoor furniture and save a few quid.

Outdoor Furniture Sales & Clearance

Outdoor Furniture Sales & Clearance

First up is our Clearance section, but that’s not an end-of-season deal, it is up all year round, and in there you’ll find a selection of our beautifully crafted outdoor furniture at reduced prices.

If you’re looking to update your patio with a comfortable and reliable outdoor dining set then all our discounted outdoor furniture can be found in this section. You can currently get our Catherine 8 Seater Set in White (above) with £135 off for a limited time.

All the items in our clearance sale are just as beautifully crafted as our full-price range. The only difference is you’ll get to enjoy some considerable savings as you relax and get cosy outdoors with your brand-new outdoor dining set.

If you’re looking for outdoor furniture sales, then this is the first place to start your search. 

Often many of the items are not being discontinued too. We simply have too much stock in our UK warehouse or it’s not selling as fast as we’d like it to. The price is low but there are also some popular sets in there too. 

Shop our Clearance Sale 

Outdoor Furniture Bundle Deals

Outdoor Furniture Bundle Deals

Most of the promotions we do (outside of our Clearance section) are to reward loyalty. 

For example, if you purchase our best-selling June 6 Seater Set (pictured above), you have the option to add a reduced price Garden Bench or Parasol with savings up to 60% off. 

You’ll find these deals on each of our product pages across our shop

We would rather give you a discount for purchasing multiple pieces from us... That way you can take our outdoor table and chair sets and further enhance them with accessories, outdoor cushions and parasols all with big discounts!

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Lazy Susan Competitions

Lazy Susan Competitions

Speaking of competitions, we regularly run them, and by entering you could be in with a chance to win some Lazy Susan outdoor furniture. 

You’ll find the latest activity on our Competition page and all T&C’s on our Terms & Conditions - Competition page.

Outdoor Furniture Sales & Promotions

Outdoor Furniture Sales & Promotions

On top of all of the above, we regularly run site-wide promotions. 

Full details can be found on our Terms & Conditions - Promotions page, and again these are all advertised on our emails so please make sure you sign up.

We are currently running a 10% discount code and the T&C’s for that are as follows:

  • Our 10% discount code entitles any customer to a 10% discount from the current selling price of products in their order.
  • Our 10% discount code is valid from 00:01, 20/06/2022 to 23:59, 04/07/2022.
  • Our 10% discount code can be used on all products on the Lazy Susan UK website (https://www.lazysusanfurniture.co.uk/), and cannot be used on any other sites.
  • Our 10% discount code is applied to the value of the order, excluding delivery costs.
  • Our 10% discount code can be claimed online or over the phone.
  • Our 10% discount code can be amended or withdrawn by Lazy Susan at any time.
  • Our 10% discount code can only be applied to full-price items and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • The offer must be applied at the point of sale, and cannot be applied retrospectively.
  • Our 10% discount code is not exchangeable for cash and is non-transferable. Returned items will be refunded at the discounted price paid.
  • This does not affect your statutory rights. 

The Lazy Susan Price Promise

The Lazy Susan Price Promise

Lastly, so confident are we that our outdoor furniture will deliver in terms of style and durability, we have The Lazy Susan Furniture Price Promise, where we will match the price of any outdoor furniture that is exactly the same as ours. 

We will require proof of the offer, as well as photographs to show it is exactly the same as our product. Please note; the product has to be the same as ours, as then we can ensure it is of the same high quality.

We price our furniture extremely competitively, and we are therefore confident that our prices reflect the high-quality product and the fantastic service you will receive. 

We used to go to all the Garden shows across the country for the first two years of business, however, we have now realised the best way to be competitive is to be a purely online business. 

We can therefore remain flexible, offer our products at the lowest possible prices due to lower overheads, and maintain the highest level of customer service. Our 3000+ customer reviews are a testament to this! 

If you have looked through our products online but would like to question any comparisons you may have to other products you have seen elsewhere, please give us a call on 01243 71 71 97. Our Customer Service team are more than happy to chat through any questions you may have. 

We understand that people like a bargain, and we do too. However, if you do shop in any outdoor furniture sales, do a little research and make sure it's the right set for you and your outdoor space. The right outdoor furniture set should enhance your outdoor space, making it a place you and your family can truly enjoy.

If you’ve got any photos of our outdoor furniture in situ then we’d love to see them for our Do Some Good charity campaign. You can tag us @LazySusanFurniture on Instagram or Facebook or email them to us at [email protected].

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