Lazy Susan's guide to the best fire pits for Summer 2023

A good fire pit should provide warmth and atmosphere and make a statement on your patio, so with that criterion in mind, we've selected our favourite fire pits for Summer 2023…

If you enjoy spending time in your garden and having friends and family over for a barbecue or a few drinks in the summer, then a fire pit can be a great addition to your outdoor space.

The great British summertime can certainly be a mixed bag when it comes to the folly of Mother Nature, so even on a sunny day it certainly pays for us to be well prepared for sudden showers and a drop in temperature. 

We often find that whilst the temperature is often 21 to 30 degrees or so when the sun is in the sky, once it drops, that can fall to single digits. 

If you want to keep the party going or the conversation flowing outside then, for the team here at Lazy Susan, a fire pit is the best way to do that, just as our customer has done in the photo below with the London Rose Bistro Set.

A fire pit isn’t just for the summer months though. Yes, it will keep you warm on a chilly summer's evening but it will also extend the use of your outdoor space into late spring and early autumn too.

A customer photo of our London Rose Bistro Set with a fire pit

Sure a gas patio heater might give off a little more heat but you’ll create zero ambience. A real open flame will create a laid back cosy atmosphere in your garden and can be utilised as a strong focal point on your patio.

Fire pits are also more economical/efficient and they’ll provide greater heat output and coverage. On the downside, they will require a regular sweep out but that’s a quick task and the pros definitely outweigh the cons in our opinion.

If you didn’t want to go for a real flame with convenience, then our advice would be to get a small ethanol burner. They’re more environmentally sound and more affordable to purchase and use, so for that reason, we’ve popped a few of our faves on this list too.

Many of the fire pits on our list can also be used for cooking as well. They come supplied with grates or tripods that allow you to cook over an open flame, making outdoor cooking an incredible experience where all can get involved.

To make our list, form is just as important as function though. Much like our own garden furniture collection, which must be comfortable to use, it also has to look fab in your garden too. 

These fire pits all tick that box and will create a beautiful feature on your patio when it's not in use. Plus, we’ve been conscious to select ones that will pair perfectly with our timeless Metal Garden Furniture collection.

Lazy Susan’s favourite fire pits for Summer 2023

A good fire pit should of course provide warmth but it should also create atmosphere and make a statement on your patio, so with that criteria in mind, the Lazy Susan design team have selected our favourite fire pits for Summer 2023.

1. Fireball Rust Fire Bowl

Fireball Rust Fire Bowl

We created our metal garden furniture not to rust. We selected cast aluminium for that very reason. It doesn’t rust and is further protected by a durable painted finish. However, when you introduce extreme heat as is the case with a fire pit, then it will discolour. So why not start with something that looks fit for purpose and is made from COR-TEN weathering steel? 

The stunning Fireball Rust Fire Bowl from Blumfeldt was designed in Germany to bring the campfire atmosphere to you. Here at Lazy Susan, we love the 2-in-1 tilting function, whereby you can position it horizontally as a normal fire bowl or tilt it diagonally as a heat reflector/windbreak.


2. Kadai Fire Bowl

Kadai Fire Bowl

We spoke in our intro about the benefits of a fire pit when hosting friends and family and the Kadai Fire Bowls® makes our list because it delivers on all of the above.

These beautiful fire bowls are made from recycled oil drums that are riveted together to deliver some serious patio wow factor. Perfect for entertaining outdoors, they can be used for a BBQ and then, when the sun goes down, they’ll transform into a stunning campfire-style fire pit.


3. Large Fire Pit with Log Store

Large Fire Pit with Log Store

The Large Fire Pit with Log Store from Dunelm has a more modern look but the sleek black finish will perfectly with our antique bronze garden furniture and is guaranteed to create a focal point for social gatherings and family occasions.

Perfect for providing a warm and cosy atmosphere, the large deep bowl with integrated log store is made from durable steel, so is best used with untreated wood, logs, and our personal preference, Easylogs.


4. VonHaus Round MgO Fire Pit

VonHaus Round MgO Fire Pit

This is another on our list that we’ve selected for both its good looks and the fact that it’ll withstand the test of time and take on the elements thanks to its magnesium oxide construction. 

The VonHaus Round MgO is rust, frost, and UV resistant, so no season is off-limits too, and the stylish speckled concrete-effect finish will look great on any patio.


5. Mix 600 Fire Pit Bowl

Mix 600 Fire Pit Bowl

The Mix 600 Fire Pit Bowl from Mayson burns Bioethanol Fuel, so if you want a fire pit but don’t want to burn wood, then this a great alternative. It will give you all the warmth and ambience of a traditional wood-burning fire pit but all wrapped up in a more contemporary package. 

Available in a choice of Natural, Graphite and Bone finish, you can also select a black or steel finish for the burner. Simple and elegant, the Mix 600 gives off more of a romantic flicker but still brings enough warmth to keep your garden party guests comfortable when the sun sets.


6. Cosiscoop Basket Fire Lantern

Cosiscoop Basket Fire Lantern

More lantern than a fire pit, it makes our list as it is metal garden tabletop friendly and is ideal for those with limited outdoor space such as a small terrace or balcony. That said, what the Cosiscoop Basket Lantern from Roma lacks in size it more than makes up for in style. 

We think its stylish Scandinavian looks would look great on our 4-seater garden or bistro tables. If on the other hand, you have one of our larger 6+ seater sets, then you could always purchase multiples to create maximum impact.


7. Solis Firebowl

Solis Firebowl

If we are talking about a good match to our metal garden furniture, then the Solis from Dunelm has to be up for some serious consideration too. It is as much garden decor as it is functional fire pit and this showstopper is sure to impress your guests.

The eye-catching design is UK and frost-resistant to ensure it can withstand even the toughest British weather conditions and its durability and functionality make it perfect for use all year round.


8. Artechworks Steel Outdoor Fire Pit

Artechworks Steel Outdoor Fire Pit

Another great statement piece that won’t break the bank is the Artechworks Steel Outdoor Fire Pit on Mayfair. It provides great heat whilst also looking fab with its stylish unique design.

Made from powder-coated steel, it comes with all the parts you need, including a useful fire poker that’s great for keeping the fire going and meaning you do not have to source one from elsewhere.


9. Angled Obelisk Chiminea

Angled Obelisk Chiminea

If you prefer the tall chimney style to the bowl or pit, then Terrain Angled Obelisk from Terrain gets the Lazy Susan vote. Made from a raw heavy-gauge COR-TEN (weathering) steel it is available in two sizes and two finishes.

This would make a strikingly modern addition to your patio and contrast beautifully with our furniture range's classic lines.


10. Hammered Copper Fire Pit

Hammered Copper Fire Pit

Last on our list is this beautiful Hammered Copper Fire Pit from Za Za Homes. It is actually made from a very strong and durable steel but the bowl has been hand hammered to create a stylish copper-look finish.

Great for creating warmth on cold summer evenings and that perfect ambient setting when entertaining guests, this striking fire pit, like all on our list, will make for a stylish feature that’ll up the wow factor in your garden to 10.


Looking for new metal garden furniture to go with a fire pit?


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