Why metal garden furniture is best for new build homes

This month we want to take a quick look at why we think metal garden furniture is best for new build homes. Much like new housing combines modern materials with traditional design, so too does our metal garden furniture collection…

Most new build homes in the UK, whilst modern in terms of construction techniques and materials, heavily rely on traditional architectural design cues. 

For some, this can create somewhat of an interior/exterior design conundrum. Is it modern or traditional? Does it even matter? Well, yes and no is the honest answer.

The Lazy Susan design team have a few thoughts on this subject though and we wanted to try and put our case forward for why we think our metal garden furniture is a great choice for those who have purchased or are looking to purchase a new build home.

When we think of the term new build, we often think of a cutting-edge design a la Kevin and his Grand Designs. However, much of the new housing stock from the big house builders in the UK, whilst modern in terms of say design innovation, energy efficiency or materials used, borrows heavily from classic architecture.

Of course, that makes sense too. Much of what they build has to fit in the local area they’re building in (often edge of or out of town) and tick a checklist of planning permissions and criteria, etc too. Design expression is, of course, very personal, and could be a difficult sell to the masses. 

There is a “look”. But new developments could also take in architectural features from way back to Tudor homes up to 60s modernism and everything else in between. Some would say the look is a little “safe” maybe but we would disagree with that (sorry George Clarke).

Lazy Susan Metal Garden Furniture

Our need to live in more insulated, sustainable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective ways, has led to what many in the housing industry have dubbed the “modern minimalist” style.

For homes being built today, Architects will often consider the importance of the environment, both in terms of impact on the planet and on us.

Designs will focus on sun and shade and how best to keep us warm in winter and cool in summer. They’ll focus on how the rooms within a home can be utilised and best optimised by the way we now live our lives. 

Meanwhile, modern construction techniques mean less heat loss so open-plan living is more prevalent.

Features such as timber cladding, large expanses of glass, stylish open-plan kitchens, built-in storage, etc are all high on the wish list of many buyers too. 

In the UK we're currently building close to a quarter of a million homes a year. That’s a staggering 20,000 finished homes every single month!  

And, new build homes are popular. Very popular. They sell and they sell quickly. You can move in unpack and you’re good to go, and that is a big big plus.  

Many of us at Lazy Susan has done a do’er upper and they’re great too but it is hard work. A new build is a ready-to-roll blank canvas with new fresh tiling, paintwork, kitchens and bathrooms. 

Plus, most house builders will also offer incentives, bills are significantly lower than older properties, there’s no chain of buyers and sellers and it all comes with a nice long warranty to cover any snags, etc. 

What is the current architectural style of new build homes in the UK?

Lazy Susan Metal Garden Furniture

Along with the classic 1930s semi, the current architectural style of a large proportion of new build homes we see up and down the country today has been the dominant style on out-of-town housing estates for the last 30 years or so.

From the start of the 90s to today not that much has changed really. Many will argue that they’re a little safe and boring but the house builders know what people want from a new home so why fix something that isn’t broken, looks beautiful and sells? 

Key features include red or light brown brickwork with darker bricks as an accent, stonework, timber cladding or smooth render.

Smaller front gardens are offset with a large block-paved double driveway and a larger fenced rear plot with patio. Garages are often detached or designed as storage space rather than for parking a family car.

Windows are smaller than many traditional-style properties, often featuring cottage-style Georgian or Astragal bars as a decorative feature, but all are now kitted out with double or triple-glazed uPVC windows to ensure optimum energy efficiency.

Window frames are generally a wood-effect, white, cream, anthracite or sage green colour and will often match a composite or uPVC front door with a small glass panel. Bay windows, French doors and decorative lintels also remain popular design features. 

When the house builders do construct a more modern style of home, common with the larger 4-bedroom plus detached new builds, there’ll be greater emphasis on open plan living, floor-to-ceiling windows, and greater use of mixed materials such as stone, aluminium and timber. 

What style of garden furniture is best for new build homes?

Lazy Susan Metal Garden Furniture

As anyone who’s purchased a new build home will testify, you often get very little in the way of a garden though. If you’re lucky you’ll get some fencing, some turf, maybe a patio (or part of one). 

However, as long as you factor in that extra cost, then for us that is a positive too. Again, a blank canvas, and the perfect opportunity to create the perfect outdoor living space tailored to how you like to use it.

Then, of course, there’s the soil in new build gardens. It is notorious for being, well how can we put this, poor. But don’t let that put you off too. It is nothing a good landscaper can’t quickly and easily remedy before work and planting begin. 

However, before we dash off on a myriad of garden design tangents, as is our wont, let’s get back to the crux of the matter here, and that’s what style of garden furniture goes with a new build home? 

Just out of curiosity, we fed that very question into ChatGPT. Everyone is talking about AI taking over and we thought it could help with this article.

However, one thing is for sure, it has got plenty of learning to do on the subject of garden furniture. Its response was: 

“As an AI language model, I do not have personal preferences. However, often modern and sleek furniture designs complement the clean lines and contemporary feel of a new build home. Outdoor furniture sets made of metal, concrete, or wicker can be suitable choices but ultimately, personal taste should be considered.”

That's it. That's all they had. And that, to be brutally honest, is a little "meh". We do agree with the made-of-metal part and the point about personal taste though.

You look at any new developments marketing blurb and you’ll see words such as timeless, classical, and elegance alongside the moderns and contemporaries.

However, it is that flexibility that makes a new build home such a great purchase. They can easily fit whatever your personal style. Modern or more classical. No matter if your preference is for sleek Scandinavian minimalism or a more classical English county look, a new build home will work with both.

The same is true of your garden furniture (or the wider garden design scheme for that matter). Your preference will often reflect the inside of your home.

Kitchens are another great example of this. When you purchase off plan, you have the opportunity to pick, and some will go for a modern style, others a more traditional one. 9 times out of 10 this will then be reflected throughout the home.

So, in terms of what style of garden furniture goes best with a new build home, then, generally speaking, AI is right, that will be influenced by personal taste. However, interior design is also an important factor, certainly more so than the architectural style of the property.

Why we think metal garden furniture is best for new build homes

Lazy Susan Metal Garden Furniture

The main reason we think that metal garden furniture - be it modern or traditional in style - works best with a new build home, is that many of the reasons we choose to purchase one apply to metal patio sets too.

We primarily go for a new build because it is hassle-free. No chain, no decorating needed, etc.

Metal garden furniture is much the same. It is low maintenance and will sit outside in all weather without the need to do very much at all to keep it looking good.

As for choosing a traditional style over a more modern one, well hopefully this article has given you some food for thought.

All we can say about our own collection is that if you like your home and garden to exude a classical elegance, then our classically-styled range is sure to be the perfect fit for you and your new build home.

It certainly ticks the hassle-free box. But more than that, the timeless design means it can sit on your patio for many summers to come without going out of style. Much like in architecture, garden furniture design fads come and go. But a classic is a classic for a reason.

Timeless good looks and traditional production techniques are applied to modern materials to create furniture pieces that are perfectly suited to the UK climate.

It goes without saying that we all want the patio furniture we put in our gardens to look good. But never forget function too. You want a set that fits with how you like to spend time in your garden but is also comfortable to sit on for that intended purpose. 

Whatever the style of your home, new build or Victorian terrace, if you like it and it fits with how you like to spend time in your garden, then it's a winner in our book.

However, if it also looks good, offers great function and compliments the style of your home, then you're less likely to get fed up with it and want to replace it!

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