Help Us Build a School in Ghana

Lazy Susan is supporting Arms Around The Child's project to build a school for children in Ghana. We need your help!

As part of our Do Some Good initiative, we have been working closely with Arms Around The Child, a charity that aims to build a better environment for children living in extreme adversity. 

Our recent £10k donation helped to deliver clean drinking water to Becky’s Home for Children in Senya Beraku, Ghana. This incredible work is down to you, our customers, sending in photos as part of our Do Some Good Campaign.

As is our nature at Lazy Susan, we wanted to do more. Throughout our discussions with Ellie Milner, Global Director of Arms Around The Child, we discovered how we can support the charity further with an even more ambitious donation. For this one, we could use your help.

 Schoolchildren in Senya Beraku Ghana

Arms Around The Child School Building Project

12 years ago, Happy Home preparatory school was built as a temporary means of educating the children at Becky’s Home and in the local community. 

Unfortunately, over the years, the school became dilapidated and had to close for the safety of the children. This meant the children were dispersed to schools elsewhere. Some of these schools require very long journeys and devastatingly, some schools are already full, meaning a number of children are missing out on their education altogether.

Arms Around The Child are embarking on the ambitious project of building a new school. With the help of Footballer Christian Atsu, they have acquired the land and begun the building process.

Disaster struck again. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the project was delayed and is currently incomplete. Although building can now resume, funding is needed to complete works such as roofing sheets, plastering, flooring, electrics and plumbing. The cost of finishing the project will be £25k.

 The foundations of the building that will become a school in Ghana

Computer generated image of two school buildings to be built

Lazy Susan’s Match Funding Campaign

While speaking with Ellie, she stressed to us how urgent it is that the school building is completed in order to get these kids back in the classroom. So, we made a proposal.

Lazy Susan will match every donation made towards the building of the school until Arms Around The Child reaches the fundraising target of £25,000

For example, when someone donates £100 to the project, we will match it and donate £100 also. This means that we will donate a grand total of £12.5k to help complete the school.

With Lazy Susan matching the donations from kind members of the public, Arms Around The Child aims to open the school in July of 2022.

How you can help

This essential project is ambitious, and we can’t do it alone. Arms Around The Child need generous individuals to donate to the campaign in order for us to match the funds and reach the target.

If you can spare a donation to this campaign, we ask you humbly to donate. We’d also ask our customers to share this campaign far and wide with friends, family and on social media in order to increase the chances of hitting that target and providing these children with a valuable education.

With your help, we can get the children living at Becky’s Home and the local community back into the classroom this year.

Please Make A Donation Here

A graphic explaining the process of building the school, from the beginning to this new match funding campaign

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