Lazy Susan helps the British Heart Foundation to fund life saving research

Lazy Susan's donations to the British Heart Foundation will help fund research to save lives

Lazy Susan has successfully helped to raise over £64,000 for the British Heart Foundation through donating our furniture to sell in their home stores.

For our team, giving back to those who need it most is a core part of who we are. Through our Do Some Good campaign, we are always looking to see how we can help charities to the best of our ability.

Back in 2020, COVID-19 had wreaked havoc on many charities. The British Heart Foundation was one of them, facing the closure of their retail stores from which millions of pounds worth of funds are normally raised each year. According to the BHF website, the COVID-19 pandemic has cut their ability to fund new research in half.

During a time when the population’s heart health was at a bigger risk, this funding was more needed than ever before. At Lazy Susan, we had never directly supported the BHF before, so we figured out a way to help.

On the 21st December 2020, we made our first donation of stock to the BHF. This was a large donation of 150 chairs and 33 tables with a net value of £4,625 to be sold in their BHF Home Stores across the UK.

We didn’t stop there. The initial donation was a success, and since then in just under a year and half we’ve donated countless amounts of stock with a net value equating to the grand total of £64,852.

 Lazy Susan support the British Heart Foundation

From reselling Lazy Susan furniture sets in their home stores, BHF managed to generate £64,103 of funding for their charity.

This money is put towards literally saving lives. The £100 million worth of vital research funded by the BHF every year spans across all heart and circulatory diseases and the causes behind them. This includes heart disease, stroke, vascular dementia and diabetes. 

The work the BHF has funded over the last 60 years has transformed heart health for the better. At Lazy Susan, we are proud to support a charity that creates such a profound positive change in the lives of many.

You can find out more about the BHF’s work here.

If you’d like to get involved in our Do Some Good initiative, visit our charity page.

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