Supporting Ukraine

£25 from every sale donated to those affected by the crisis in Ukraine

 I wanted to do something to support the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, so The Lazy Susan Group of companies have donated a total of £35,000 = 41,800 Euros.

The donation will be shared between these charities: Unicef, German Red Cross, British Red Cross, French Red Cross.

Lazy Susan is a small business of around 35 people who are proud to Do Some Good to support others.

This donation is made on behalf of every one of my 35 colleagues at Lazy Susan and represents £1,000 = 1,194 € for each colleague

I felt that it was important to make the donation as soon as possible so decided not to wait until the end of April when we will have received 1,300 orders, but to send the money immediately.

Thank you for supporting our business, we will continue to make as many donations as possible and we are all committed to Do Some Good.

Michael Scott



All the team at Lazy Susan are very concerned by the conflict which is threatening the lives of millions of people across Ukraine. The images of civilians fleeing their homes with only the items they are able to carry have been heartbreaking. It is clear that help is urgently needed to deliver aid to the Ukrainian people facing this crisis. 

As part of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) the British Red Cross are helping to provide clean water, emergency shelter, food, health assistance, sanitation, protection and trauma counselling to those in need in Ukraine. Financial contributions are currently considered the most effective way to deliver essential help to the country during this emergency. 

At Lazy Susan, we wish to support our Ukrainian neighbours. From today, for every order on our website we will donate £25 to the British Red Cross. This money will directly fund the emergency efforts and help to get Ukrainian people fed, sheltered and protected.

So, how can you help? There’s no need  to take any additional action when placing an order with Lazy Susan. Just order as you usually would and £25 of your purchase will go directly to the British Red Cross. If you wish to learn about how your money can help save lives, or perhaps make an additional donation to the cause, you can find out more here.

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