Kelly from Oh Homely Girl shares her top garden shed and greenhouse DIY makeover tips

This month we’ve paired up with Kelly from Oh Homely Girl to take a closer look at her top DIY makeover tips for a garden shed or greenhouse…

As the winner of the coveted Cuprinol Shed of the Year 2022 competition (said shed pictured below), we can’t think of anyone better to share her insight and help us take our own garden buildings from boring to wow. 

But Kelly’s blog is about more than just garden sheds, she’s a baker, gardener, keen DIY’er and Oh Homely Girl is, in her words:

“Every blog has a niche, a hook, a specialised theme that encapsulates the essence of the content readers expect to find. Is it a food blog? A gardening blog? A home and DIY blog? I find it difficult to say that my blog is primarily focused on ‘this’ or ‘that’ because from baking, gardening and DIY'ing to crafting, flower arranging, homegrown remedies and decorating – all these areas that I enjoy experiencing and sharing - co-exist under the same umbrella.”

Lazy Susan’s best piece of advice is to give Oh Homely Girl a good read and give her a follow on Instagram!

Kelly's Award Winning Shed of the Year

For Kelly and the team at Lazy Susan, a good garden shed or greenhouse comes down to 8 key components:

  1. Durability
    Be it a garden, potting shed or greenhouse, a good one should be made of the best materials your budget can stretch to. They can (and in both our opinion should) be reclaimed and recycled. However, the key is that they can withstand the not-so-great British weather and resist damage from pests and decay. This will ensure it is built to last and reduce the need for frequent repairs and maintenance.
  2. Storage
    A good shed or greenhouse should also have plenty of space to store gardening tools, equipment, or whatever else it is you like to do in there. Good organisation is essential, so we like to see options such as shelves, racks, or hooks to keep everything in its right place and easily accessible.
  3. Lighting
    To make a shed a comfortable and functional space to spend time in, then windows or skylights should allow natural light to flood in during the day. Don’t be afraid to get the saw out and add a few extra if need be! 
  4. Ventilation
    Lighting is not generally an issue in a greenhouse or potting shed but they should all have good air circulation to prevent the buildup of moisture and stale air, which can damage tools and promote mould growth.
  5. Security
    A reliable lock or security features like padlocks, cameras and shed alarms will help protect any valuable contents such as plants, gardening equipment, craft tools, etc. from theft or vandalism. Garden theft is on the rise so it pays to be one step ahead of thieves.
  6. Ease of Access
    At the same time as wanting to keep your shed or greenhouse secure, you also want to make it pretty and inviting. We know that’s a little contradictory but the entrance should be welcoming, draw you in, but also be secure, wide and accessible.
  7. Personality
    A good garden shed should most definitely reflect your personality and be customised to your needs. Don’t be afraid to pimp your shed!
  8. Good Looks
    Whilst functionality is important, it's also nice to have a garden shed that complements your outdoor space and adds to your wider garden design too. Make it fit and make it pretty!

How to give your shed or greenhouse a makeover

If your garden shed or greenhouse is looking a little unloved, then these are Kelly’s top DIY solutions for giving it some wow factor:

Clean and organise the interior

Clean and organise the interior

A clean shed and greenhouse is a happy shed and greenhouse. 

Regular cleaning and organising of your shed and greenhouse will contribute to an efficient, safe, and healthy space, whilst also helping to protect what’s in there.

You can easily find tools, equipment, and supplies when they are stored in an organised manner, making your gardening, crafting or whatever tasks more efficient.

Maintaining cleanliness is also crucial for the health and growth of plants and it will help you detect and tackle any potential pest issues.

By cleaning and organising you’re ensuring everything is kept in place, and is easy to access, so you’ll reduce the risk of injury and, well, it just looks a whole lot better too.

Paint the exterior

Paint the exterior

By painting the exterior or framework you’ll not only make it look better but it also allows you to add that all-important personal touch and style.

Don’t be afraid to pick a colour you love to make a statement or choose a colour that best complements your home and garden.

More than that though, painting the exterior will help to better protect the wood or metal from the elements, making it more durable.

It will increase the lifespan, make it easier to maintain and add an additional level of protection that will reduce general wear and tear.

Add some plants

Add some plants

You’re greenhouse should be full of them but don’t forget the outside too. Sheds are a great opportunity to hang baskets or grow vertically, for example.

Plants, will of course up the looks, but they can also act as natural screen, providing privacy and shielding your garden shed from neighbours. 

By strategically growing plants around your garden shed or greenhouse, you will frame it and shield it, creating shade in summer and shelter from heavy rain and strong winds in the winter.

Add a potting bench

Add a potting bench

A potting or workbench in a shed or greenhouse is essential. 

It will help you to streamline your activities, facilitate better organisation, maintain cleanliness, and improve overall efficiency and enjoyment while in there.

And be it a shed or greenhouse, my Rustic DIY Potting Bench should have everything you need.

You can build it from reclaimed pallet wood or old fence panels and fence posts, and this budget-friendly, cobbled-together creation is the perfect DIY way to take your shed or greenhouse from zero to hero.

Install lighting

Install Lighting

Lighting is one of the things many people don’t think to install but it can really bring it to life on an evening.

Outdoor lighting is not only great for security and safety purposes, but utilising softer lighting such as garden lanterns or string lights is a great way to highlight its best side when the sun sets.

With proper indoor lighting, you can use your shed after sunset too, which can be particularly useful if you use yours as a workspace, art studio, crafting, or hobby area.

Create a seating area

Create a seating area

Pairing a garden shed or greenhouse with garden furniture can help to create a functional outdoor living space. 

It can provide shelter from the rain or strong sunlight, so you can still enjoy your garden when it is not sitting-out-weather.

By having a place to sit in or near the shed, you will create a comfortable and shaded area where you can relax and entertain outdoors.

Choose furniture that complements the shed's style, colour, or materials for a more cohesive look.

Add personal touches

Add personal touches

This is where the fun can really start and by adding personal touches you can really make it the space you want it to be, and express your own sense of style. 

By incorporating items or decor that you love, you can create a space that truly feels like an extension of you and your home and garden.

Just remember that personal touches don't have to be elaborate or expensive too, in fact, the best ones are usually the simplest of DIY projects. 

The most meaningful additions are the ones that will make a real difference in transforming your garden shed or greenhouse into a space where you’ll get maximum enjoyment.

If you have any photos of your Garden Furniture next to your shed or greenhouse, then we’d love to see a few for our Do Some Good charity campaign. You can upload them Here or tag us @LazySusanFurniture on Instagram or Facebook.

About Oh Homely Girl

About Oh Homely Girl

Kelly is a baker, gardener, and keen DIY’er. She lives in Lancashire with her husband and 4 children. Her blog is simple, unpretentious and comforting, if a warm hug can be communicated in words and pictures, then that’s what she hopes to achieve. The food and flowers she grows on her allotment, the bakes that fill the tummies of her family, and of course her budget-friendly craft projects and DIY sheds. After winning Shed of the Year in 2022, she has appeared in numerous articles and she was recently a guest on Gardeners World.

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