How to get your outdoor furniture ready for a summer party

The Lazy Susan team have got our heads together and compiled our ten top tips to ensure your outdoor furniture is ready for your next summer party!

The summer season is in full swing and we want to look at how to get your Lazy Susan Outdoor Furniture ready for a garden party.

Top 10 tips for getting your outdoor furniture ready for a garden party

Be it semi-formal (can you have formal outside?) or casual BBQ, the Lazy Susan team have compiled some helpful tips to ensure you’re the host with the most and your outdoor furniture is the centre of attention.

Lazy Susan’s top 10 tips for getting your outdoor furniture ready for a garden party

We have 10 simple tips that will ensure that your outdoor furniture not only looks its best but helps you throw a party that’ll have your guests dishing out the compliments.

1. Give your furniture a clean

Give your furniture a clean

If you’ve got a summer party coming up then there’s no harm in giving your outdoor furniture a good clean. Just make sure this is done in plenty of time for it to dry.

If you’ve got Lazy Susan Outdoor Furniture, then all it will need is a quick wash with a sponge and warm soapy water, rinse it and leave it to dry in the sun.

To get it looking like new, then a light coat of carnauba style car wax will not only give it a nice lustre but also protect it from any spills.

If you’ve got out Outdoor Cushions and they need a freshen up, pop the covers off and wash them in the machine on a cool/hand wash/delicates setting.

2. Set your table

Set your table

You want the table to be the focal point and draw your guests outside, so take a little time and set it correctly. 

No matter if it’s a semi-formal or casual affair, spending a little time making sure your guests have all they need, on an immaculately set table that looks beautiful, will always be appreciated.

If you need a little inspiration, then the 180 Best Garden Party ideas for 2022 on Pinterest are a great place to start. There are also some great videos on YouTube such as the Set The Table series from Ashlyn Carter below:

3. Add some soft furnishings

Add some soft furnishings

A good garden party can run long into the evening and you want your guests to be comfortable. 

Whilst our Chairs are ergonomic, you can seriously up the comfort with our fitted Outdoor Cushions.

Add some soft furnishings with our Curved Back Cushions

Take our Curve-Back Chair Cushions (shown above in green), they're the perfect match for our Rose, April, Emma, and May chairs. 

They add a subtle pop of colour to your garden and a whole lot of comfort to your chairs. Perfect if you want your guests to feel right at home!

4. Give your guests some shade

Give your guests some shade

And whilst we’re on the subject of comfort and cushions, nobody wants their guests squinting at the sun. 

Pair our tables with a Parasol & Parasol Base and you can crank it up and tilt it to provide shade.

Plus, the parasols themselves are constructed with quick-drying waterproof acrylic fabric, so if you do encounter a few showers at your next garden party (a high chance during a British summer), then they’ll ensure your beautifully set table and guests are kept dry.

5. Add a centrepiece

Add a floral centrepiece

Just as it is with a dining table inside the home, a good centrepiece is critical outside too (if not more so).

It can be as simple or as elaborate as you want but it’s what will draw your guests to the table so it should always make a statement.

A good centrepiece should help to carry a theme (more of that in the next section) and is what will really make your table look ready for your party.

For the team here at Lazy Susan, it has to be plants or flowers though. A living centrepiece just works so well in terms of both looking and smelling great.

Add a Lazy Susan Turntable centrepiece

You can also use one of our Lazy Susans to make your centrepiece a real showstopper. Our recent Pair your table with a Lazy Susan Turntable article has some great tips.

6. Create a theme

Create a theme

A theme is a great way to reflect your personality or the objectives of the party. For example, if it's a baby shower, then your table theme can reflect the purpose of the event.  

There are no rules as such but simplicity and coordination always make for the best table themes in our opinion. Think about what colours you want and build your theme from there.

Rather than just decorating your outdoor table, look at the whole outdoor space. Pull it all together with outdoor rugs, seating zones, and other decorative elements such as bunting or festoon lighting.

The key to a great garden party theme is to keep it manageable, choose accessories that match and enhance, work with your outdoor space and make it something that’ll truly appeal to your guests.

Your House Needs This has compiled over 50 fab garden party ideas in the video below if you need a little theme'spiration:

7. Bring the inside outside

Bring the inside outside

At Lazy Susan we always say that your outdoor space should be an extension of your home and that outdoor furniture should be designed, positioned and styled with the same amount of care and attention as indoor pieces. 

You can blur the lines between the two spaces but the idea (in this instance) is to make the outdoor as comfortable as the inside. 

Use indoor accessories and tableware, vases, outdoor rugs, soft furnishings such as tablecloths, throws and cushions, candles, etc.

It’s a great way to add impact to your garden and make your outdoor furniture inviting. If it’s a garden party, you want your guests to be seated and feel as comfortable as they would inside (but outside).

8. Zone your garden/patio

Zone your garden/patio

Another great way to achieve the above is to zone your garden and/or patio. Have the table set for food, and create a separate relaxed seating area for after-dinner drinks.

Maybe position some chairs around a fire pit for example for when the sun goes down. Or, if you wanted to create the (very on trend) Boho-style theme, throw a few large scatter cushions down.

You can take the zoning even further and divide it into dining, seating, bar, kids play and outdoor cooking areas. Whatever works with your garden and the theme of your party.

9. Be prepared

Be prepared

The old Scouts' motto is worth taking heed when it comes to a garden party... 

All your planning can be easily spoilt by mother nature. Whilst our outdoor furniture is designed to sit outside whatever the weather, your guests are probably not.

Be prepared to move the party inside. Pair our tables with a parasol to protect them and your guests from any passing showers or bright sun.

If you plan on the party running into the evening, think about lighting. Table lights, LED festoon lights hung inside the parasol, etc.

Plus, the temperature will dip as the sun goes down so fire up the patio heater, fire pit or have throws available for your guests if they need them.

10. Protect your outdoor furniture

Protect your furniture

We are not suggesting your guests are wild but there are a few steps you can take to ensure your outdoor furniture is protected from bumps, scrapes and spills.

The aforementioned light coat of car wax is a great way to add a layer of protection, not that any food or drinks will harm our protective painted finish, but it will make any spills easier to wipe off.

A good tablecloth will look great (back to the theme) and provide excellent protection.

And finally, if you need or want to place your outdoor furniture on your lawn, then our article Can garden furniture go on grass? has some great advice.

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