How to style your garden table for summer

Summer is one of our favourite seasons, it's the time of the year where we can really make the most of (and show off!) our fabulous gardens. Here's our tips for styling a summer garden table!

Summer is one of our favourite seasons. It's the time of the year where we can really make the most of (and show off!) our fabulous gardens. Impress your guests and create a beautiful outdoor setting for all your dinner parties with sophisticated, summery garden table décor, perfect for entertaining in style. Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

Upgrade your garden furniture

The most important part of styling your summer garden table is choosing one that’s big enough for all your guests. It should also be sturdy enough to cater for multiple people, whether you’re planning a small catch-up or a big gathering.

We have a range of garden tables in various shapes and sizes to suit your garden and dinner party plans.

Whether you need a smaller 6-seater or something that holds 10 guests or more, such as our Victoria garden table (shown below), you can create the dinner party of your dreams with our stylish furniture range.

Victoria 10 Seater Garden Table in Antique Bronze 

You'll also need seating to match...

Our garden chairs are crafted from rot and rustproof aluminium in the UK, meaning they'll last for years to come. Just pop a couple of cosy garden cushions onto them, and they'll keep your guests comfortable for hours.

Choose your perfect colour palette

When it comes to a sophisticated table setting, less is more. Choose two colours that blend perfectly together and use them as a base for your accessories and decorative features.

Summer is all about leafy greens, peaches, and soft pinks. Gold and silver also work perfectly with these colours, which you can accent through your cutlery and dinnerware.

Garden Table dressed with soft gold colour palette

Ultimately, the colours you choose are up to you, but going for something light and subtle is a great place to start when entertaining this summer, as it creates the perfect backdrop for warm, laidback days.

Set the scene with key pieces

A neutral linen tablecloth provides an excellent base for your summer table, allowing the colours of your food and accessories to pop. We tend to eat with our eyes, so this will make the food and wine taste even more delicious.

Try to find furniture and accessories in your house that you can incorporate into your table.

Serving trays are an excellent way to separate and present your food while keeping the mess to a minimum.

Candles are also a great addition as they add elegance and class – especially when you light them once the sun goes down.

Garden Table with Candles

A statement vase or statue makes a fabulous statement piece and pulls the entire table together.

For an extra special touch, why not create homemade place cards that fit into the theme of your dinner party?  They don’t have to be too fancy or intricate, but they could become a lovely little keepsake for your guest to take home at the end of the evening. 

Add style with finishing touches

By now, your table will be looking elegant and sophisticated.

To create that final piece of interest and texture, integrate freshly cut flowers, plants and herbs into your table setting. Not only do they add colour and detail, but the natural perfumes will create a sensory delight that your guests will enjoy throughout the evening.

Flowers will always make your garden table pop

If you’re not keen on having flowers on the tablecloth itself, pack them into jam jars and tin boxes so that your guests can experience the flowers without them getting in the way of your food.

Biodegradable tabletop confetti is also a fun way to add a touch of texture, giving your guests something to talk about when they first arrive.

Light up the party with a touch of sparkle

Add some magic to your surroundings by draping a selection of warm fairy lights around your fence, gazebo or parasol. As soon as the sun starts to fade, the lights will transform the ambience of your outdoor space into a dusky oasis, allowing the celebrations to continue well into the night.

Garden lights will help to extend your party into the evening

If you have a path or patio in your garden, light it up by placing a few solar lanterns on either side, which will extend the magic beyond the table. Now that’s a dinner party to remember.

We’d love to see your sophisticated summer table...

Take a picture, be sure to squeeze your Lazy Susan garden table in, and we’ll donate money to charity.

Simply send in your snaps to [email protected] or tag us on Instagram or Facebook @lazysusanfurniture.

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