A guide to patio table size

Choosing the right patio table size for your garden comes down to two simple things. The dimensions you have to work with and the number of people you'd like to seat.

Choosing the right Patio Table size for your garden comes down to two simple things. The dimensions you have to work with and the number of people you'd like to seat.

It is important that the table you choose is scaled proportionally to the patio space, ensuring you still have enough room for Garden Chairs to be easily pulled out, and that you can easily manoeuvre around the space.

Getting the right patio table can be a little overwhelming, especially if you don't know exactly what you want. The options are simply endless, and going into a store uninformed, or shopping online, can easily lead to buying something that doesn't fit.

Violet 6 Seater Set
At Lazy Susan it's not uncommon for customers who buy our outdoor dining sets to be replacing high street bought sets that are less than a year or two old.

They've bought them on impulse, half price, seems like a bargain, but they simply don't fit or work with the space they have. Nothing looks worse than a set that is hanging off your paved patio area and onto the lawn!

And it is not just patio table size...

There's so many different shapes of patio table too. Which one is right for you? Would a round or square table work best in the space you have/design scheme of your outdoor space?

The look of your table is very important, of course, but making sure it fits the space and gives enough 'workable' seating is even more important, trust me!

Careful measuring is key to getting patio table size right

The space requirements that we would recommend for Lazy Susan Patio Tables are outlined in the diagram below.

As a general rule, we advise that you should allow for at least 75cm either side of the table to allow space to sit down and get up easily from the seats.

On top of that, we would also recommend another 75cm of what we call working space. In other words, space where you can move around the table when people are seated.

An example of what our best selling June patio table set would look like is illustrated below.

Recommended Floor Space for our June Patio Table
I don't want to tell you how to measure, we can all use a tape measure. But I have got a few helpful pointers I think it is worth sharing. Things to consider when measuring for your new patio furniture...

Make sure you take measurements of any items on the patio that could obstruct the table and chairs such as planters, a gas BBQ for example.

Also think about the 'flow' of the patio, how people move around the space. Do you have some french doors leading onto the patio? You don't want people shimmying sideways past your new patio set just to get into the kitchen.

If there is anything in that space, start your 75cm chair space measurement from the edge of that, instead of the edge of your patio space.

If you have any concerns, and would like to maybe talk through the dimension recommendations in more detail with a member of the Lazy Susan team, then please don't hesitate to give us a call on 01243 717197 or drop us an email at [email protected]. We will be more than happy to help.

How to measure for a new patio set

The 'Crazy' Lazy Susan way of measuring. I think we could trademark that ha ha.

Anyway, the way we measure up - and I forget where we got this method from but I think one of the team read it in a magazine - is as follows.

To test if a patio table set will fit on your patio, grab some old cardboard boxes if you have them, old bed sheets, dust sheets, bath towels and the like will all work too.

Then measure it out to the dimensions of the set, pop it on the patio where you'd like it to go, and fold into roughly the shape and size of the table and chairs.

This will allow you to visualise the space, see more clearly how much space you'll have for chairs to be pulled out, for people to move around the patio etc.

And its not just sets that are too big, too small a set on a large patio can also look a little 'lost'. This method lets you see how it will look/work before you buy!

How many people do you want to sit comfortably on your patio?

So how many people do you want to accommodate at your new patio table? We clearly size our patio tables based on the number of people they will seat. We give full table dimensions but the website is broken down into 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10+ seater tables.

This is very much a guide, that's not to say you can't squeeze a few extra people around our tables if need be.

As a general rule, I'd estimate that you need at least 30 inches of a table per person. Any less than that and it'll start getting a little too cosy. Mind if you pull up a garden bench as many of our customers do, then maybe you can get a little cosier.

My two kids for example never seem to mind sharing a bench with their cousins. 30 inches will give you plenty of room for a place setting with cutlery, plus more than enough room for elbows. Any more than 40 inches per person and you start to lose the intimacy around the table, people feel just too far apart.

Have you thought about an extension table?

At Lazy Susan we also have a great range of Patio Extension Tables too. These offer the flexibility of being able to seat more people when the occasion arises.

Take our new Violet rectangular aluminium & glass patio extension table (pictured above). This can sit on your patio as an 8 seater set, then when you've got extra guests, open up to give you another 39 inches of table space for a couple more diners.

What shape of patio table should you buy?

Just as with size, your patio area (both the dimensions and shape), the wider outdoor space you have, and the style of the home itself should all influence the shape of the table you go for.

There are four main shapes you can go for when it comes to patio dining tables, all of which are available from Lazy Susan.

You may think a table is table, but these different shapes do have their individual advantages and disadvantages, some will work on certain styles of patio but not on others etc etc...

Rectangular Patio Tables

Brigitte 8 Seater Rectangular Extending Garden Table from Lazy Susan

I suppose rectangular, much as it is inside the home in kitchens/dining rooms, is the go to shape. It is adaptable, will pretty much work on any size patio, and is the obvious choice as the majority of patios in the UK tend to be rectangular shaped.

They follow the width of the property/garden but don't protrude from the property and into the garden as much/of equal length. Rectangular patio tables are also a good shape for sitting more than four people, especially if you go down the extending route.

Square Patio Tables

The Lucy 91cm Square 4 Seater Cast Aluminium Patio Table from Lazy Susan

If you do have a square shaped patio then the obvious choice is a square patio table too. The main advantage of a square table is that it provides intimacy and is perfect for seating a small number of people. If there is 4 people or less, then a rectangular table can space people out a little too far.

Oval Patio Tables

Gloria Oval 8 Seater Clearance Garden Tables

Oval shape tables are a big seller for Lazy Susan. No corners makes it easier to pull up additional seating such as a Lazy Susan garden bench.

In terms of the advantages, oval is similar to a rectangular table, however, it gives off the perception that it takes up less room on the patio.

Footprint wise rectangular and oval tables aren't that far apart, but the rounded corners do reduce the space a little, however, the overall effect on the eye always seems a lot greater.

Round Patio Tables

Valerie 6 Seater Round Garden Table Set

Round tables are perfect for smaller patios and gardens. Like a square table they feel more intimate, conducive to good conversation.

They're a good use of space and seem to have a more informal feel to them. The downside of the larger round tables is that while you can still see other diners the people on the opposite side can feel a little far away.

You might need to shout across your Lazy Susan to be heard but at least you can easily share the condiments!

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